Gopi And Ahem Knows That Gauri Is Their Daughter Meera! On Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


The wonderful day has arrived on my most favorite show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.

The Modi family gets to find out the truth about Gauri, that she is their little Meera baby.

Gauri is just such an adorable, loveable and tenderhearted child. So who in their right mind cannot love this little adorable child. She is as sweet as her mother Gopi.

Sweet Beauty...

Sweet Beauty… (Photo credit: -Reji)

I tell you, thank goodness for the two boxes of Kleenex tissues by my side because this was the day I had been waiting for all year and so I could not hold back the tears. All of the emotional moments had me blowing my nose in my tissues and tearing up for the past two episodes. When I saw how Ahem cried and started running right away to Gauri when he learns the truth, that Meera is his long lost daughter, his baby Meera. When Rashi so happily and lovingly revealed to her sister Gopi about the paternity test being positive and how immediately Gopi fell to the ground thanking her God above and was so overcome with happiness and relief to know her baby was still alive after all of these years. How when the Modi family finds out the truth and they are all gathered by Gauri’s hospital bed. Ah…. it was so beautiful to watch this moment finally arrive…….

I could not stop my happy tears from flowing and my heart from rejoicing, loving this very moment. It was so great to get to see little Gauri, that sweet adorable child finds out her truth…..I could not stop crying as Gopi and Ahem told Gauri that they were her parents, that they were her Momma and Papa and that her real name is Meera.

Surely I must have used up a whole box of tissues by now!

I watched as there wasn’t a dry face in that hospital that day!

The Modi family crowded around Gauri’s bed and sweet little Gauri is elated and so happy to know that Gopi and Ahem turn out to be her real parents. I have been tearing up for two days now and I am so extremely happy for the whole Modi family.

But then, on one hand, you have Kokila running around after poor Rashi and Jigar, trying to keep them apart, giving them a hard time and missing out on the wonderful, wonderful, amazing news. I have been keeping my eyes and ears glued to my Television set the last two days so sure as not to miss any details of the recent episodes.

So now Kokila has fainted and she is still struggling with her memory. It is my hope that she soon gains back her memory so she can be a part of all the wonderful amazing news and rejoice fully with the rest of the family.

Oh, it’s such good news knowing our baby Meera is back home. She is now at “home sweet home” and the Modi family can now recover their long lost happiness and get back all of what was stolen from them for all those years due to the unfortunate tragedy of losing Meera in the first place.

I am so happy for them I just don’t know what to do with all this joy I am feeling inside…..I cannot wait to see what happens next…..oh gosh I love this family, this is such an amazing show!

Rejoice (The Emotions album)

Rejoice (The Emotions album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



“You Got The Best of My Love”



Doesn’t take much to make me happy

and make me smile with glee


never, never will I feel discouraged

cause our love’s no mystery


demonstrating love and affection

that you give so openly

the way I feel about you baby, can’t explain it


I like the way you make me feel about you baby,

want the whole wide world to see


oh, oh you got the best of my love

oh, oh you got the best of my love

oh, oh you got the best of my love

oh, oh you got the best of my love


going in and out of changes

the kind that comes around each day


my life has better meaning

love has kissed me in a beautiful way


oh, in my heart your all I need

you and me, me and you

oh yeah it’s growing every day





roses (Photo credit: ** RCB **)


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