He Keeps Me Happy, He Loves Me…


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“I believe in love and lust and sex and romance. I don’t want everything to add up to some perfect equation. I want mess and chaos. I want someone to go crazy out of his mind for me. I want to feel passion and heat and sweat and madness…..I WANT IT ALL”

~ Barbara Streisand~

From the very first time I heard this amazing song “I Want To Thank You” I was awestruck…..here a beautiful sister has the nerve to sing about how happy and blessed she is because she has a man who loves her and keeps her happy.

If the truth were to be told, then I agree that this is something to be happy about.  Just think about it for a minute… imagine being the feminine womanly recipient of a strong man’s sweet, gentle yet hard, warm and nurturing kind of love whose care and devotion make you feel so happy to be alive because of it.

I tell you these “old skool” kinds of songs are one of a kind… they just don’t make that kind of music anymore. You know the kind of words in a song that speaks volumes on its own, imagine a story being told in a song which is amazing as this one!

So I smile and sing it because I can’t help myself as I get to thinking all sorts of (devilish things, lol!)

Thinking about those loving happy moments, the good times spent automatically cause humming, singing.

So listening to this song gives me goosebumps cause then I start thinking about…

the moments when it’s so good that your body is shaking so…….

or think about…

the times that you were so very sore the next morning… you could hardly walk… losing your balance and all, lol!

and you shyly smile to yourself… thinking these amazing thoughts… of just you and him… resurfacing in your mind, getting caught up remembering why

or even about…

that slight gasp of air you take within your soul seconds after you feel him entering into your body, soul and inner being

so being the type of feminine woman that I am….. this song makes me wanna think about those passionate moments and to cherish them every second, every hour, every day

now just IMAGINE a love that is so, so sweet like this one…

that it provokes you to want to get down on bending knees, to take a few moments to say thank you God above for sending him to me.  Now that’s hot!

I love love, love singing this song. If you listen to it you’d agree that the tune, the happy beat makes you want to sing it to the top of your lungs practically all day long like me.

Especially knowing how blessed and fortunate you are…


“I Want To Thank You”

Alicia Myers | Black Girls


Alicia Meyers



“I Want To Thank You”


I want to thank you, heavenly father, for shining your light on me

you sent me someone who really loves me and not just my body

He keeps me happy, so very happy

he loves me…

I don’t know how to be

its been a long time since I had someone who loves me

I owe my thanks to thee


I know it could not happen without your love

ooh without your love


it took a long time for it to happen

but I knew those nights I prayed

that you would send me someone who’s real

and not no one for play

I kept the faith and didn’t worry

my nights grew longer than my days

until one day it really happened

you sent true love my way


I know it could not happen without you

ooh without you


when the time is right he’ll fill your life with love and care

believe and he’ll be there

just do all right don’t do no wrong and keep the faith

for love will shine his light your way

thank you Father for shining your light on me

I prayed a long time for it to happen

I did cause I believe

he makes me happy, so very happy

I don’t know how to be

it’s been a long time since I had someone who loves me

I owe my thanks to thee


I know it could not happen without you

ooh without you


I know it could not happen without ya love

ooh without ya love


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