Week Two, My Saving Ways: Prepping

Rose, RT96138, バラ, RT96138,

Rose, RT96138, バラ, RT96138, (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

Once again “Prepping” for me has become such a joy. I absolutely love it. I’m always trying to find new and better ways to be ready for the worst while hoping for the best to happen.

So here I go again sharing more of the ways in which we are either planning to or are already saving in one way within each of the five categories below:

1. Everyday Items:

Rechargeable Batteries

2. Groceries

Buying Wholesale & In Bulk Rice and Pasta

3. Electricity

Surge Protectors and/or Unplugging

4. Gas Heat

Good Insulation And Covering Windows

5. Water

Save and Conserve Water During Showers

1. Everyday Items: Batteries

On Using Rechargeable Batteries:

We used to spend a lot of money on batteries since it seems like everything in our house needs batteries, from the remote on our beds to the television remotes. So we go thru lots and lots of batteries. Even when we used to buy our batteries from those whole sale stores like BJ’s, Costco’s and Sams Club. The price of batteries is really ridiculous plus they only last but for so long and then in the garbage can they go.

English: Solar AA battery charger. Manufacture...

English: Solar AA battery charger. Manufacturer recommends 2 to 3 hours for one battery, and up to 10 to 14 hours for 4 batteries. “Times will vary depending upon the strength of sunlight or the depth of discharge of the batteries.” Made in China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I happily found that I can save on our battery purchases by buying rechargeable batteries instead. OMG! I am so in love with our purchase of rechargeable batteries and the solar battery recharger. I like the solar charger because we get to use God’s beautiful sun instead of using our electricity. It’s amazing! Just pop the batteries needing a charge in the charger and sit it in the window sill for a day or two and you have fully charged batteries. Amazing right! How I love modern technology!

Plus we still have the option of plugging them into the wall socket too which is quicker to recharge. But look at how much you save this way. So we purchased at least “ten triple A’s” and “ten A. A’s” and it feels so good to not have to keep spending money unnecessarily on batteries all of the time. Hooray! So we have already reused them twice over plus we are doing a good deed by saving the landfill of unnecessary batteries. You cannot go wrong with that! LOL!

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice (Photo credit: cookbookman17)

2. Save on Groceries: Rice and Pasta

On Buying Rice and Pasta in Bulk:

As far back as I can remember I always worked our meals around our bulk buying meat purchases so why should I pay more for the starches.

So we like to buy the largest size bags of rice and box sets of pasta available so that we get a cheaper price overall. Plus so that the rice doesn’t go bad by buying in bulk we put the bags in the deep freezer until ready to open. Once opened we store the rice in a bunch of clean 2 liter plastic soda bottles. We haven’t had to buy any oxygen absorbers as of yet and I guess because we use the rice within a certain amount of time but I am really starting to consider buying some oxygen absorbers as well just in case.


Pasta (Photo credit: Christian Cable)

Some of our preferences in rice are basmati, jasmine or yellow rice. We also prefer to buy and store lots of spaghetti, macaroni, lasagna and zitti since they are they are the kinds of pasta’s we like to eat. But the only type of pasta I like to eat but we don’t buy in bulk is pasta shells because I am the only one who likes spinach and ricotta stuffed pasta shells only every once in a blue moon and they are delicious too.

One of my old church girlfriends used to buy one gigantic bag of Uncle Bens rice, spent one hundred dollars on her meats, buy bags and bags of different types of beans and she claimed her food lasted her family of three for three to four months at a time. I used to think that was amazing. But later I found out the way she stretched her meals was to make stews from her meats (which required very little meat) and she would make rice and beans on the side with a small side salad. She also grew a lot of her own vegetables in their back yard and would buy only one huge bag of frozen mixed vegetables to add to her stews along with her garden vegetables. Oh man that lady was an excellent cook and I learned how to make lots of mouth watering stews from her.

So over the years we buy good quality bags of rice in bulk and pasta at as close to whole sale prices as possible by shopping at clubs like BJ’s, Sam’s Clubs, Costco’s or catch a good sale at the super markets.

English: Surge and noise protector. Most hV6.

English: Surge and noise protector. Most hV6. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3. Save On Electricity: By Using Surge Protectors and/or Unplugging Things

On Surge Protectors, Unplugging Everything Not In Use and Shutting Out Lights:

I read somewhere that even when appliances are turned off electricity is still being used if they are plugged up. One lady told me she goes around her home unplugging every single appliance, lamp and television that is not in use except for the refrigerator before she leaves for work each morning or before going away on business trips and she said that from the moment she started doing it she noticed a big difference in her electric bill, it was much lower. Well when she told me that immediately I wanted to try it.

So we took it one step further and purchased at least one surge protector per each bedroom and two for the living room and kitchen and so we only have to flip one or two switches in each room at bedtime and before leaving the house. Plus whenever we leave a room we turn off the lights anyway. Even while sitting in a room if we are watching television then we don’t need to have any lights on right. And if we wake up during the night to go to the rest room then we carry flash lights so as not to turn on any lights all night long.

I started to notice a ten to twenty five dollar difference in our electric bill right away. Ten and Twenty dollars does not seem like much to some people but I am cheap and would rather keep that little money in my pocket or put it in our emergency savings fund each month rather then giving it away to the electric company as before due to our own ignorance.

I find it amazing that by just doing this one particular thing we have saved between $120 and up to $300 dollars a year. So when it comes to saving any amount of money I am all for it.

My husband and I divide up what needs to be unplugged or shut off between the two of us each day. He is responsible for switching off the television surge protectors in the two back bedrooms and his man cave at bedtime and the kitchen toaster in the mornings. I am responsible for unplugging everything in my sitting room and the kitchen refrigerator before bedtime and he re plugs the refrigerator back up in the morning because I tend to forget oops. So we have a little routine here and it works for me! There is not anything plugged up to a socket that cannot be switched off and that includes the washing machine too when it’s not in use.

So the less we spend on our electric bills the better because the electric company is already rich anyway.

We used Greenfiber Coccoon™ cellulose insulati...

We used Greenfiber Coccoon™ cellulose insulation on the walls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Save On Gas: Good Insulation

On Getting Good Insulation Installed And Covering Windows:

So we went ahead, bit the bullet and had extra insulation installed in the one side of the house that was poorly insulated. That one side kept the house freezing cold in winter and extremely hot during summer. I have to tell you that just putting in the insulation alone made a huge difference. So now when we heat up the house up it stays warm longer and in the summer stays cooler for many hours before we have to turn the air conditioner back on again for an hour or so. When we were told that we were basically throwing away our dollars because the heat and/or the cool air was going up and out of the house just as soon as it came in we knew we had to do something better.

In addition to the installed insulation, we covered some of our windows with plastic and covered all of the windows in the house with light white fleece blankets and then hid the blankets by covering them with insulated curtains and we used a double rod to do this. That one thing made a huge difference as well especially when this past winter has been the coldest winter we had yet.

It was so cold this winter that my neighbor was complaining a lot about how all of her flowers and plants died leaving her with only two out of the bunch in her yard. She says this type of thing has never ever happened before. So I know she’s been talking about building a green house for some time so I know she wished she had done it. Because it will be costly to replace all the flowers she lost.


Easy-Eco-Blog-Water-Efficient-Shower-Head (Photo credit: EasyEcoBlog)

5. Save On Water:

Save Gallons Of Water While Taking Showers:

I read somewhere that if all shower heads and faucets in your house is replaced with water efficient ones you can save gallons and gallons of water over time. So this is something we have not done as of yet because I am still researching. I want to get good quality ones for my money. I’m just not too sure which ones I should get and whether they will fit these faucets or not. I guess Super Walmart and Home depot will be the best places to start looking because if by chance I get the wrong sizes I guess we could always bring them back to get the right size or a refund.

So this is the next thing to get done as soon as possible…..times a wastin….LOL!

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