How To Get Rid Of A Guy In Five (5) Days: Ek Veer Ki Ardaas

Veera’s (Digangana Suryavanshi) school chum Amirit has been constantly skyping her crying with her mouth full and complaining about how she has broken up with yet another one of her boyfriends again. And just before Amirit skyped her Baldev (Vishal Vashishtha) was calling her again on her cell phone. The fool has it in his mind to get Veera to marry him at all costs.

Pretty Veera cannot seem to get rid of Baldev who seems to have fallen head over heels for her. Baldev is constantly hounding her to marry him and Veera is not mistaken at all for she wants no parts of Baldev with his childish pranks and immature ways, much less want to have a guy of his character for a spouse. It was just the other day, late in the middle of the night that he did sneak into her bedroom carrying an engagement ring suggesting that they should get engaged immediately because he is going to be too busy to have time for her once he becomes the village head. The village head? Well that’s another story. So he wind up blackmailing Veera into agreeing to discuss the possibility of marriage with her mom Ratan (Sneha Wagh) and her brother Ranvijay Sampooran Singh (Shivin Narang.)

Rose Chaucer バラ チョーサー

Rose Chaucer バラ チョーサー (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

Veera’s Girl Friend Has A Hard Time Keeping a Boyfriend For Longer Than 12 Days

So as she was chatting via skype with her friend Amirit and trying to calm her down once again, Veera asked “Why are you crying? Did you have a break up again.” Amirit answers “Yes, Veera. But this time it was not my fault” and Veera responds “Yes, of course! Like always! How long did the relationship last this time? and Amirit says “Just 12 days, Veera, you know what Veera, this time I thought that he is my man, I’ll live my life with him. But it didn’t happen” So Amirit starts cry whining again. So Veera says “Come on Amirit! Come on, after every 12 days you say the same thing about a different boy, enough now! You know what others take 12 days just to know the person, but your love story reaches the climax. Amirit tell me something, what do you do that compels the boys to leave you?

At the asking of that question, a light bulb went off in Veera’s head. Yep, the old mischievous ways of Veera has risen once again on Ek Veer Ki Ardaas. So watch out! LOL! So Veera asked herself the same question a second time. What does she do that a boy leaves her? Hummmm.

Then Amirit says “I told you, I haven’t done anything. You know what, I was so conscious those 12 days that I didn’t have my food properly.”

Veera says “okay! Chill! Relax! I agree that you haven’t done anything.” at the same time mischievous Veera reaches for a pad and pen and starts to take notes, because unknown to Amirit she is about to give Veera a new revelation! LOL!

Then Veera says “tell me everything in detail from the beginning to the end. How did you trouble him? I mean to say…… you know…. what was the reason behind the breakup? So that I can tell you whether the boy was worthy of you or not. So, tell me. Tell me.

Amirit lays it all out for Veera and says “Okay, I’ll tell you from the beginning. We first met at a coffee shop. We met through a mutual friend. He was the one who first started flirting. I wasn’t even interested. You know, right? ………..

So the whole time Veera is nodding like a psychiatrist (LOL!) agreeing with her friend, writing down every detail as to why this girl is so successful in running guys off.

Rose,Country Dancer,バラ,カントリー ダンサー,

Rose,Country Dancer,バラ,カントリー ダンサー, (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

Veera Puts The Techniques Of Getting Rid Of A Guy Within 12 Days To Practice

So my girl Veera did not waste any time, LOL! She immediately landed outside the door of Baldev’s office as he and one of his buddies were watching a game of sports. It was so hilarious to watch as Veera called him on the phone at the most inconvenient of times. You could easily see the annoyance on Baldev’s face as his phone was ringing. He was engrossed in this game and so once he saw who the call was from he went on ahead and answered it but halfheartedly. He asked “what is it? and to tell him quickly.” She told him that he should come outside and meet her.

He tried hard to get her to agree to meet him after the game but Veera insisted she needed him to come to meet her at that very moment. Then he once more painfully begged that she wait for another ten more minutes. (LOL!) But Veera said, Nay Nay! (LOL!) You need to come now. Then he asked if it something serious and wanted to know what exactly happened. This guy did not want to leave but he went on and agreed to show up right away.

So as Baldev was about to leave his buddy pulled on him telling him he is missing the best part of the game. That only four runs were needed. But Baldev said “somethings are more important than a game match and that he needed to go” He then went on to tell his buddy that he should keep watching and that he would return soon. Baldev began walking fast to meet Veera so I guess he thought it was going to be quick so he could get back to his game.

Finally, Veera is standing in front of him and he asks if she was ok and whether or not she was hurt. Because the logic is that she had better be seriously hurt or had a huge need to interrupt his game.

Veera said when did she tell him she was hurt because she was fine. (LOL!) Baldev started looking around and saying well why the hell did you call me. (LOL!)

Then Veera says that it was very serious, she needed his opinion about the outfit she was wearing. She wanted to know if the outfit matched her shoes. (LOL!) I swear I could not stop laughing at this point because Veera said this with such conviction, she’s my kind of girl!

What was even funnier was to see how Baldev responded. He said, “have you gone crazy!” (LOL! Ha….ha….ha….ha…..) I tell you that little Veera is still in there because it was so funny to watch her in action. So although she is grown up now she is a real trip! I just could not stop laughing at this part of the show.

Baldev then began to say “the interesting match game was going on and you called me for this!” (LOL!) He started crying about how she was too much because he left the game for her and how he thought she was in some serious trouble and whatnot.

He asked if her outfit had not been matching would the dogs have been after her? Because this was serious for him. I tell you… Baldev is such a guy! (LOL) So as he turned to walk away because he was pissed! Veera grabbed onto his wrist, stopping him dead in his tracks. Ha…ha…ha! As she was about to pour it on really thick. (LOL!)

Rose Roulette バラ ルーレット

Rose Roulette バラ ルーレット (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

She then told him that she was feeling something more for him as she began batting her eyelashes at him and being oh so coy (LOL!) Poor Baldev when he heard that he didn’t seem to care about how upset she just made him nor did he care about missing his game anymore because in the back of his mind he still wanted Veera to be his wife and that was still his aim for now anyway. He has no idea about what just went down nor does he know what Veera has up her sleeve for him now. He’s just thinking about how good this news sounds. If he could only know that Veera has just put into action her new plan to get rid of him. So she rubbed it in even more so telling him that she was ready to accept him and how much she has started liking him. The fool jumped up and down with joy thinking Veera will marry him now.

So Veera was thinking about how she is going to have him eating out of her hands after a while. She vowed that she will pester him so much that he will be glad to get rid of her in five (5) days. (LOL!) And that the idea of getting married to her will seem like a nightmare by the time she gets through. Thanks to the practices of girls like Amirit, Veera will finally be able to get rid of guys like Baldev.

I tell you that I cannot wait to see all the strategy, work, and fun that mischievousness Veera has in store for poor Baldev. I am sure to watch this week’s upcoming episodes. They will prove to be the funniest yet.


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