Week One/My Saving Ways: Prepping


Roses Roses Pink Roses 4230

Roses Roses Pink Roses 4230 (Photo credit: casch52)

Since prepping has become a major part of my life, I find myself having big dreams of living in a house that is run by solar energy and I especially dream of having a kitchen that’s run by solar energy instead of gas stoves or having to pay for electricity. Just imagine not having to pay utility bills but living off of the God given sun.

So although I thoroughly enjoy prepping……in the process I have become more conscientious about ways in which I can save more and more money. Blogging has really opened my eyes a lot about saving too because I used to feel literally helpless when it came to paying my utility bills each month, especially during the times when the bills tend to go up in the hottest time of summer and during the coldest months of winter.

Truthfully, I could hardly stand it as we had to hand over so much money to our utility companies. So I wanted to find ways to save on these bills in big ways and every time we have to go grocery shopping, it irritates me when I think about how we are spending more and more money and getting less and less groceries and produce. There has got to be a way to get around all of this other than starving. LOL!

So I decided to write weekly about what I am doing about getting some of my money back until I run out of ideas.

Feeling powerless is a thing of the past because although I always considered most of these things as necessities (we need lights, food to eat and gas to cook and heat our homes.) I now feel good as I learn and do all that could possibly be done to lower our bills.

So here’s my first top five (5) categories and ways we are planning or are already saving.

Save Money

Save Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

1. Everyday Items:

Foam Dispensers

2. Groceries

Buying Wholesale & In Bulk Our Meats

3. Electricity

CLF lighting

4. Gas

Crock Pot Meals

5. Water

Save and Conserve Water on Toilet Bowl Flushes

Foaming hand soap dispencer

Foaming hand soap dispencer (Photo credit: cote)

1. Everyday Items: Foam Dispensers

On Using Foam Dispensers:

I happily found out that I can save on dish liquid and liquid hand soap by purchasing a couple of foam dispensers. So I went ahead and purchased a 6 pack of foam dispensers that came with the liquid soap in them for under $20 dollars and since have reused them over and over again.

Here’s some recipe’s I found at these links here:


and here too.


I have two foaming soap dispensers in each bathroom for hand washing and two in the kitchen, one to wash dishes with and the other for hand washing.

I am so amazed at how much I am saving on dish liquid because we used to go thru a large bottle of dish liquid every couple of weeks, whereas now the same large bottle can last a couple of months instead. I find that so amazing! I am so happy and feel so empowered.

All I do now is put a couple of Tablespoons of dish liquid in the foam dispenser then fill up the dispenser with water and what’s so amazing is that it still has it’s same effectiveness as if I were squirting out just straight liquid soap.

American Bulk Warehouse Shopping

American Bulk Warehouse Shopping (Photo credit: kenteegardin)

2. Save on Groceries: Meats

On Buying Meats in Bulk:

I work all our meals around our meat purchases and so buy lots of plastic wrap and baggies to wrap up our meats to be put away in the deep freezer. I really don’t feel as much pain when I know I’ve done all I could do to save money on my meat purchases.

So over the years we buy good quality meats in bulk at as close to whole sale prices as possible. So shopping at whole sale clubs and stores like BJ’s, Sam’s Clubs, Costco’s is a blessing and I recently found out about Zaycon foods. So I am so excited and look forward to the savings.

Light Bulb

Light Bulb (Photo credit: CraftyGoat)

3. Save On Electricity: CLF Bulbs

On Swapping out regular light bulbs with CLF bulbs:

We switched out the majority of the regular light bulbs we were using and converted to Ecosmart 14 watt daylight compact fluorescent (CLF) light bulbs (Equivalent to standard 60 watt bulbs) and I am feeling so satisfied that I am doing something that will help the environment and save me a few bucks over time.

Crock Pot Convention?

Crock Pot Convention? (Photo credit: Tabbymom Jen)

4. Save On Gas: Crock Pots

On Using Crock Pots:

Over the years I very rarely use the oven or top of the stove as much as I used to because I switched to using crock pots instead. Crocks are well known for their low energy use so they will not run up your electric bill as much. I like to think of or find easy one dish recipes for all three meals of the day. And what’s so great about it too is I can always make enough food to last for a few days which is good for me because the less I am in the kitchen the better. LOL!

Plus I love to make healthy nutritious homemade soups which are so much better than the ones in a can and everyone knows that crock pot food is water based instead of oily or salty. Also having a meal cooked at home is better for health and keeps the pockets full instead of spending too much on take out. So ingraining this change in our life has really helped us make ends meet.

Hello Kitty WC

Hello Kitty WC (Photo credit: damiengabrielson.com)

5. Save On Water:

Save gallons of water over time as you flush:

I read on a blog that by placing a pint sized bottle (that is filled with water and sand or rocks) inside of the side of your toilet bowl tank helps to conserve on the gallons of water being flushed away and that the savings add up over time.

So we did just that too and cannot wait to reap the benefits.


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2 Responses to Week One/My Saving Ways: Prepping

  1. I can’t wait to use some homestead type practices and growing some food. Of course this will be after I move to Idaho. Also, check out the documentary “Garbage Warrior” to be amazed at the self sufficient house that this guy builds in New Mexico.
    Check out this site for fuel free cooking http://www.solarcooking.org/PLANS/funnel.htm

    • Your moving to Idaho? With this information you just gave me I can just guess your homestead will be amazing! Thanks so much…..I am going to YouTube to see this documentary. And for the link to solar cooking. I hope when you get started you will blog about it. I love this kind of stuff. LOL!

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