Thakur Sajjan Singh (Anupam Shyam) Is Back! He’s On Doli Armaano KI

Rose Noblesse バラ ノブレス

Rose Noblesse バラ ノブレス (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

Here’s the good news…… Thakur Sajjan Singh is back!

Yes, it’s been quite a while since the very last time I enjoyed watching Anupam Shyam as he portrayed Thakur Sajjan Singh, Krishna’s father from one of my old Hindi Serials, Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya on Star Plus. He is on this week’s Doli Armanno KI a new exciting Hindi Serial on Zee TV portraying the role of uncle Garjan to Samrat Singh Rathore (Mohit Malik) and of course, he is once more just as outstanding and amazing. He is excellent as he always plays a negative role to the hilt. I don’t want to miss an episode and so I’m looking forward to seeing what he will be up to on this show now.

Rose,Country Dancer,バラ,カントリー ダンサー,

Rose,Country Dancer,バラ,カントリー ダンサー, (Photo credit: T.Kiya)

Now the bad news is that…..

I am feeling so bad for Urmi Samrat Singh Rathore (Neha Marda) who is in this horrifying marriage to Samrat Singh Ratore who by the way is a very wealthy tyrant who has to have everyone dance to his music. While the man is good looking I must admit he makes such a horrible husband. So this marriage is a living nightmare for Urmi and I just wish that she had followed her heart while she had the chance and not return to this man but due to the pressures of the family and her society she caved in and went back to Samrat.

Samrat is way way over the top, too serious, insensitive and harsh to sweet, gentle and kind Urmi and I feel he in no way deserves Urmi at all. This man needs a true dose of reality I say.

Although it’s nice to see that sometimes Urmi is strong and is becoming more assertive and will stand up for her self when it comes to him and her in-laws. It’s still so horrifying to watch her as she has to handle her circumstances in the best possible way as her family stands on the sidelines allowing this marriage to continue.

And now that Urmi has given birth to her son this child is being terrorized at such a young age by his father, poor little kid. I don’t know how things are going to turn out for Urmi and this poor little baby boy, this man won’t even let Urmin chastise her own son when he does something wrong. It’s really a sad predicament but I am willing to watch, wait and see.



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