Our Tornado Experience via Tex-ting


Betty Boop revisited

Betty Boop revisited (Photo credit: gwilmore (I HATE THE NEW LAYOUT!))I thought it would be kinda cute to blog about our real first tornado experience this year so far as the summer is coming in.

I thought it would be kinda cute to blog about our real first tornado experience this year so far as the summer is coming in.

So this is what our texts conversations were like with family and a friend as the tornado activity passed us by.


(Betty) Here we go again!

(family #1) Hi, another storm? Or heavy winds.

(Betty) the tornado is over us now!

(family #2) Hey Betty, I tried to call you back and I can’t get through be safe I’ll keep trying…

(family #1) is it visible?

(family #1) heavy rains for you!

(Betty) we r locked up in the main bathroom. It’s pouring down raining and thundering and whistling now!

(family #2) whaaaat I’m about to check the internet weather for the footage!

(family #1) be safe, because there are people looking for shelter and they might try to come in, so lock up good…


about 2o-30 minutes later…


Betty Boop - I  Have A Large Betty Boop In My ...

Betty Boop – I Have A Large Betty Boop In My Apartment (Photo credit: infomatique)

(family member #3) are you OK?

(family member #2) Betty, how far is “blank… blank city from you guys… that town is devastated.

(Betty) about blankety… blank miles and nowhere near us.

(family #2) that’s good to know.

(Betty) It has passed on now. We r safe. Whewww I never thought I would see the day I had to go for cover in a bathroom. Haha… I really gotta get back to New York! Haha…

(family #3) tornadoes can cause a lot more. Thank God ur OK.

(family #1) the tornado is moving in another direction.

(family #1) that’s good.

(family #2) okay good.

(family #3) glad it’s passed & you guys are safe. Do I need to call someone?


(Betty) I just have the hee bee gee bees, LOL!

(Betty) this stuff is exciting! LOL! Though…

(Betty) the fierce wind and the rain make u want to go outside with no shirt on! LOL!

(family #1) LOL! Keep your shirt on!

(family #4) Now Betty, LOL! U are too much, haha… the bathroom is for your safety. Thank God you all r OK. Have a glass of wine and relax.

(family #2) I’m about to bounce… I’m heading home… hit u later.

(Friend #5) I am glad to know that you guys are safe. I was praying for you all to stay safe, love you all.


A few minutes before the touchdown, as reported by the news, I had my husband to risk his life to go get an extension cord so we could keep our cell phones charged up while in the bathroom because we were lucky that we didn’t lose electricity. Plus we turned the TVs to the weather channel and left them blaring loud so we could hear it for as long as possible while locked in there.

I also called my neighbor/friend to make sure and check that she and her cousin were in a safe room yet, so she said they were both about to head into her bathroom at that moment too.

Finally, after the tornado’s passed, and the warning was lifted… we left the bathroom. I asked my husband to look out the window to see whether our neighbor’s house was still standing there and not gone somewhere else and so he says… We would have heard her screaming as her house went by… LOL! My husband is such a nut… lol!

We really were cracking jokes and trying to remain light and so by the way we had so much fun in that bathroom alone together, chatting each other up. We brought inside with us a blanket, a radio, some nutria bars, raisins, some candy bars, the laptop computer so we could play a computer game while waiting for how long we did not know. We also brought in some soft drinks and two comfortable chairs to sit on as we waited it out.

Français : Rose Betty Boop

Français : Rose Betty Boop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So afterward I called my neighbor again and she just went crazy bragging saying “I had been out of the bathroom” and my husband said good for her. LOL!

She said “I’m used to this” “if anyone could go thru the Katrina storm they could go thru anything.” And I said, “well I heard that.” Then my husband said she just bet-ta be glad the tornado didn’t pick her up.

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  2. YIKERS! So glad you are safe and that there is a sense of humor to deal with those crazy twisty storms.

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