What Does It Take To Win Your Love For Me? Time Travel


What Does It Take”


Although I was a little tiny something of a girl when Junior Walker made this song, I wish I were much older and had the opportunity to have met him because I do declare if there was such a thing as time travel or living a second lifetime all over again and again, I’d “will” myself to meet this amazing man on at least one of those lifetimes. LOL! Because I am such a huge fan.

Well it’s another weekend for music, so………………..

this has to be the worlds most sexiest song and sexiest man. From the very first moment I heard the music of this song “What Does It Take” I fell in love with it’s sexy, cool and silky smoothness. Junior Walker has what I’d like to call a “mean sexy style”

…….he looks amazing as he moves, grooves, dances and sings while performing this song. If you don’t believe me watch the video, watch it I say…lol!

Not only that but whenever I hear him sing this song and watch him perform on this video, for some reason it always triggers something for me….

I tend to take a step back in time…… this smooth beat sort of brings me to revisit so many, many sweet memories of my past.

One of which is sweet memories of living back at home with my parents and siblings as a child and then back to my college days while living away from home for the very first time.

sax fifth ave....

sax fifth ave…. (Photo credit: daystar297)

I like to remember my old college boyfriend back then who was an amazing musician who loved to play the Sax and believe me I just thought he was so wonderfully sexy.

There were times when we’d sometimes leave the college parties and our friends behind and disappear into his dorm room as he would serenade me……. playing his Sax for me all thru the night long. I would sit there with him, groove there, sway and move there, listening, never wanting the night to end.

I remember how I would get all so excited and be so very much into him and his music as he played his heart out. I loved all the attention he gave to me too as I felt he was so into me. I loved when he’d be singing and playing jazzy tunes of love to my heart. So there are times I even wonder what ever happened to him and where this still fairly young man may be today?

But it wasn’t till years later that I met and married my husband who also happens to be a musician too….. I’d ask him to play this song for me sometimes. My husband’s instruments of expertise are the drums and the sax and he is an amazing musician. I guess you can say that musicians have seemed to have gravitated to my life since I love music so very much….ha..ha….

Well my husband never serenaded me with his sax like my college boyfriend used too but he came very close to it because he used to play some amazing good music whenever we would get together and he’d romance me right off my feet.

I remember the moment I’d realized that I’d lost my heart and soul to him….. it was the night as we held each other close and watched the moonlight from the balcony of his high rise apartment and as he slowly planted multiple soft wet kisses all the way down my bare back. So at that very moment I could have sworn I heard and saw fireworks and saw a star falling from the sky.

Français : 2 roses

Français : 2 roses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This song is short and sweet but then it’s way too short for me, I somehow wish it could be a bit longer. It’s such a cool, smooth, silky and classy slightly slow jam. It’s sounds so amazingly perfect and is among one of my favorite songs. I mean I could listen to this song all day long and never ever tire. But I have to say that there is just something so amazing about the sounds coming from a saxophone.

As Junior Walker sings and plays his sax in this song the music has such a nice beat to it that just makes you want to move your hips in a slow sway from side to side or stretch back in a chair and snap, snapping away with your left finger. Ha..ha…ha…..Plus take a look at the man, I mean Junior Walker was so fine! I tell you, he was a good looking man back then.

Roses Roses Pink Roses 4230

Roses Roses Pink Roses 4230 (Photo credit: casch52)


Junior Walker is the stage name for Autry Dewalt Mixon, Jr. born June 14, 1931-November 23, 1995) He was an amazing R& B musician who played saxophone and was a singer too. He and his group called Junior Walker and the All Stars were with Motown too. Here’s a link to more information about this amazing man. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junior_Walker


What Does It Take”


What does it, what does it take,

to win your love for me?

How can I make

this dream come true for me?

Whoa I just got to know

ooo, baby cause I love ya so.

Gonna blow for ya.


(Instrumental Interlude)


I tried, I tried, I tried, I tried

in every way I could,

to make you see how much I love you

Ooo, I thought you understood


So you gotta make me see, make you see

what does it take to win your love for me?

Gonna blow again for ya


(Instrumental Interlude)


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  1. one of my faves also….thanks for sharing!

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