Paridhi Sharma (Jodha) sexually harassed by Jodha Akbar’s director

Oh no don’t tell me that Paridi Sharma (Jodha) is unhappy and may be leaving the show. What’s up with all of this. We saw something like this with Giaa Manek (Gopi) on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya. Her show had the highest ratings and next thing you know she was gone. Claiming she was unhappy and being harassed too. It’s really a shame to see these top, talented actresses have to go thru so much when they should be treated with respect. Also given credit for their hard work and contribution to these shows. It will be sad to see her leave the show too.

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Yes you read that right. According to reports, Paridhi Sharma, Maharani Jodha of Zee TV’s soap opera Jodha Akbar might quit the show as she is sexually tortured by the serial’s director Santram Verma.

Though, earlier Paridhi’s action was considered to be a publicity stunt, sources have confirmed that the actress has finally put in her papers and has more than one reasons to quit; sexual harassment being the primary one. Who harassed her? What were the other reasons? Here is the story. Read on to find out.

Paridhi Sharma has been going through a tough time at the shooting since long. She is aware that her show has been ruling the TRT ratings and has been working for 18 hours a day, still not sufficing the requirements of her director.

Santram has also had many allegations against him in the past. Ankita Dubey, once a member of the Jodha…

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