On Winning and Losing: Mahabharat 2013

A step well called agersen ki baoli

A step well called agersen ki baoli (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why does righteousness get defeated brother? And why does unrighteousness win?

~Subhadra~ (Vibha Anand)


Getting something is not winning. And losing something is not being defeated.

It is merely the impact of time, Subhadra.

Change is ingrained in its nature…….

And despite losing something. The person who remains calm and composed is truly victorious.

Times will change Subhadra.

Unrighteous people will indeed be punished. And the flag of righteousness will fly once again.

This is not the departure of defeated soldiers.

But the beginning of the journey of victory…….

(of the Pandavas.)

(The struggles in these 13 years will indeed lead them to victory.)

~Krishna~ (Saurabh Raj Jain)




Rose (Photo credit: ouistitis)

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