Paakhi Wins The Challenge But Is Roughed Up By Tanya: TUMHARI PAAKHI

The Winner in Me

The Winner in Me (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Winner In Me”


First of all the good news is that on this week’s show Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) wins the challenge between herself and Tanya Rana (Madhura Naik) over who could run a house more efficiently while staying within a budget. Well, hooray for Paakhi! Congrats to her because she won in spite of how much the cards were stacked against her.  I tell you I always knew Paakhi would be the winner in all of this. This lady is so amazing and I cannot help but admire her stick-to-it-ive-ness and her amazing endurance and strength when it comes to her husband and family.

And I read somewhere that Mohammed Iqbal Khan thinks Paakhi is such a sweetie he said she’ll give you diabetes. Oh how cute! lol! LOVE YOU, Mohammed Iqbal Khan!

But on the other hand the bad news is that Tanya pulls out all the stops to destroy Paakhi and attempts are made to try to kill Paakhi too. I knew it would be on and popping. Well, it’s been on and popping believe you me!

I am still shocked that this Tanya woman had the nerve to beat Paakhi with a baseball bat once she found out that Paakhi had on video the proof needed to expose her to Anshuman (Mohammed Iqbal Khan) and as if that wasn’t enough then she pulled out a pistol on her….. oh well that was my limit. How dumb and desperate can you be Tanya? All this for a micro-chip! Then she called on her wicked daddy Mr. Rana (Tej Sapru) to help as they both tried to kill Paakhi via suffocation by rigging and tampering with the electrical system of the house. As Paakhi had locked herself in one of the rooms to protect herself from Tanya and they vowed to see her dead by suffocation and almost succeeded if it wasn’t for Anshuman’s early return to the house just in the nick of time to save her. This Tanya is full of tricks and schemes because she tricked Anshuman into going to get a doctor for Paakhi and as Paakhi lay on the bed trying to recover from Tanya’s attempt to kill her and there she went again trying to choke Paakhi as she is lying on the bed. But the final horrifying thing Tanya did is to push Paakhi off the balcony as she was trying to escape from her.

“If I had a Rose for every time I thought of y...

“If I had a Rose for every time I thought of you, I’d be picking Roses for a lifetime.” (Photo credit: -Reji)

I tell you that Tanya is a mean ole witch I say! She is ruthless and uncaring and there seems to be no new low for her to stoop down to in order to get what she wants. I always knew she was no good to the core but she topped even those thoughts. And just to think that Anshuman was about to become the fool married to such a person as her. Thank goodness Paakhi came into his life to save this man from a horrible mistake of a woman like Tanya.

I tell you this woman has no class whatsoever about her. She is a bully, coward, and a brute. So as it was nearing the end of the challenge, Tanya began bullying the servants by taking their money and she had the nerve to rob Ayaan’s little piggybank out of desperation to win because she was dead broke and knew her time was up. So I was so glad to see Girish (Sachin Sharoff) tell everyone how Tanya stole Ayaan’s piggybank money and so her shenanigans were brought to an end or so I thought because as she was about to be sent packing there was another turn of events. Ayaan announces that he doesn’t want Paakhi to stay but he wants Tanya to stay. Well, come to find out it is this despicable woman who had convinced Ayaan (Divyam Dama) that Anshuman was going to kill Paakhi and so frightened the child halfway to death into telling everyone that he did not want Paakhi to stay but wanted Tanya to stay. I was shocked when I heard it and could not believe it but Paakhi saw right through this and was smart enough to know that Tanya had to be connected to it all. This Tanya woman has no end to what she won’t do.

Colorful Roses

Colorful Roses (Photo credit: AndrewDallos)

It’s so nice to see how Paakhi manages to remain calm and has the good sense to know when something is not exactly right. I say Paakhi smelled a rat as the old saying goes. LOL! Especially when it comes to anything about her child little Ayaan. I say she is a true mother to the core. But OMG! The scene that has been showing for days now came to fruition. It was the scene of Paakhi being pushed off the balcony by Tanya! Now that is something wild. This scene had me worried about Paakhi all week long. Just the thought of her being pushed over the balcony had me worried that she was going to be killed for this crazy challenge. I can tell you for sure that for many days now I and I am sure that the many fans of this show were so curious as to how this was all going to happen and turn out.

So at the close of the serial this week, you see a hand reaching out to save Paakhi from falling off the balcony as she was pushed by Tanya and I believe it is none other than Anshuman saving her this time once again. I am so absolutely sure of it and I cannot wait to see this loving scene too on Monday. I honestly believe that Anshuman still does not realize how much he loves Paakhi as of yet and I am still looking forward to the moment when he does realize it. One thing I was so happy to see was the discussion he had with Girish and I was so pleased with how Girish gets Anshuman to thinking in the right direction. He is really blessed to have such a loving and caring brother in law if I must say so myself. So Anshuman told him that he realized that Paakhi needs to stay in the Rathore Mansion for Aayan’s sake no matter who wins the challenge and so when Anshuman broke the news to Tanya that she had to go, I felt a little sorry for Tanya but then again Nah! Not really! Go heffa go! LOL!


Roses (Photo credit: **Mary**)

I also was so happy to see that Girish and Lavanya (Rukhsar Rehman) have managed to work things out as far as their relationship is concerned. I thank goodness that her good-looking and wicked boss who was trying to force her into a sexual relationship with him was exposed and of course Lavanya realized that things like that tend to happen when you play with fire baby. She flirted with the man and teased him so much that once the fire was lit there was no turning back for him. So thanks to Paakhi who stepped in at the right moment to help save Lavanya from being blackmailed and forced into having to sleep with her boss.

I am always smiling these days just thinking about Lavaya and Girish’s relationship these days because they do make a good looking couple too. I am so in love with these two right now and I am so happy for them. They have nice chemistry together and are such a sexy pair. I love Lavanya’s cute little style when she becomes softer now and more gentle when it comes to Girish instead of being Mrs. Tough. It’s nice to see that she finally forgave him too because Girish is such a gentle loving type of man that any woman would feel blessed to have him as the love of their life. I was always thinking about how Lavaya could get so angry with him about his having a baby outside of their marriage especially after he apologized endlessly and let her know he was not in his senses, hell the poor man was drunk when he got involved with this other woman. He did not know what he did and so I felt she should have tried harder to see that he didn’t do it to hurt her. But I am glad that she finally realized what she had in the man and the good sense not to let him get away from her when events went into her favor. So it’s such good news that they are not getting divorced after all.

Well people, it took all of the craziness of this challenge to make Anshuman see the truth about Tanya Rana and so far lately the show has been airing for a wonderful full hour and it has been action-packed from day one. I have been living on the edge of my seat for this one for sure. But now the serial has gone back to thirty minutes again. Oh, how I wish all of the serials would run for a full hour every day all of the time because a half-hour is just too short for me. lol! I tell you that I can never get enough! Ha, Ha, Ha…

So I cannot wait to see what happens in this coming week’s episodes and that the moment I been waiting for will happen. Can you guess what moment it is? Well, that Anshuman tells Paakhi that he loves her is what I am waiting for baby. LOL! But for now, I will settle for seeing how Anshuman rescues Paakhi from falling off the balcony. Oh yeah!

Tanya & Siddanth

Tanya & Siddanth (Photo credit: ~Urban Prowler~ (

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