A Storm Is Brewing


Storm (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn (back soon, sorry for not commenting))

My husband tells me to brace myself because a huge storm is heading our way tonight. He knows how fearful I am of thunder and lighting and strong fierce winds. These winds make me so nervous because a lot of times these winds turn into really dangerous tornadoes.

The last huge storm we had was so frightening that I wanted to go for cover underneath my bed and would have if I could only get myself back up off the floor due to having very bad arthritis. LOL!

Here I can blow a garden with my breath

Here I can blow a garden with my breath (Photo credit: Nick Kenrick .)

This type of scary weather sounds so much worse living out here in the middle of no where then it did when I lived in the city.

So I can only ask that everyone please say a tiny prayer for me as I go through this once again and I so appreciate it too.

The last big storm we had we lost electricity for a few days and so had to buy ice to save our meats and frozen foods in the deep freezer and refrigerator. It was super hot but thank goodness there was a cool breeze blowing for those couple of days. I don’t think it will be as serious as the last time but you never know.

So as you pray for me, I will pray for myself and for everyone living in my area and all of the surrounding areas as well and hope we all can get through this without too much damage. I hope and pray for protection to all the homes, businesses and that no one gets seriously injured.

So It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will surround us, cover and protect us all here.

Roses, Greenwich Park

Roses, Greenwich Park (Photo credit: matluckins)

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