It Was So Much More Than Sexy! TUMHARI PAAKHI


Rose (Photo credit: LeahLikesLemon)

Paakhi Ratore (Shraddha Arya) is a woman of grace, elegance and classic style. Over time her husband Anshuman Ratore (Mohammed Iqbal Khan) has realized this and so he is always ready to protect her honor at any cost because honor is everything for the Indian woman.

It was during a game of Badminton that the loving moment between the two occurred. The family was participating in a competition and as they played in the back yard, then the surprising moment happened.

For it left Paakhi feeling amazing as Anshuman suddenly stopped playing the game and ran over, grabbed and held Paakhi so affectionately tight, wrapping his strong muscular arms around her body as he reached and on the sly zipped up her zipper on her dress as it had worked its way open and was unknown to Paakhi at the time.

One noticeable thing seems to be that Paakhi always brings out the protective side in him towards her, because at that moment he felt the need to rescue her from public shame and humiliation. Or so Anshuman said when he was confronted by Tanya (Madhura Naik) for doing it. So as he was telling her he did it for Paakhi’s sake and that he can do anything for her. Well whoo hoo! Tell me that I didn’t just feel a bit of perspiration around my neck because that was surely hot.

I tell you it was a snapshot moment, so intense as fireworks flew sky high and I loved every long lasting second of it. It was like the slow drip of thick molasses on a biscuit!

Somehow for some reason it seems watching a love story happen in slow motion is more tantalizing because time stood still for those two as Anshuman’s and Paakhi’s love song/slow jam was playing in the background.

Even as they held each other so close and so tightly, I have to admit I did not expect that at all. I was in total shock. Plus I enjoyed the fact that all the while as he’s swinging and playing badminton he could not keep his attention on the game but was so busy looking and checking out the lovely Paakhi. But the moment they were in each others arms right there in front of everyone was the best sight to see and it even seemed like no one was standing there all, it was just the two of them. As they somehow escaped and was in their own world baby. I know Ayaan and Girish (Rukhsar Rehman) loved every second of it.

Paakhi was in major delight mode. She loved every second and moment of it all as she held on so tightly to her man….. because she doesn’t know if she will have this moment ever again due to the bet to have her removed from his life forever. So as she said “Thank you Anshuman” and well the man felt greatly obliged even though he himself does not have a clue that he is being hypnotized by her charms indeed.

I tell you this was a moment that will live forever in my mind….. soft as butterfly’s wings, fairy tales and a LOVE fantasy gone wild, YES!

I loved seeing the warm loving and pleasurable smile on Paakhi’s face and it was worth a million bucks as everyone there in the yard witnessed the moment, watched and stared.

I tell you I was there too busy jumping up and down, cheering, clapping and shouting and I felt so happy for them both. I know he says he was there to zip up her dress but I say it was because he was being loving and a man being loving toward his own wife is so, so sexy. So, so sexy that it was so much more then what meets the eyes. It was so much more than words can ever say. It was so much more than helping her for appearances sake. Anshuman and Paakhi have got to be the hippest most sexiest and loving couple alive!

A south indian girl in traditional indian dres...

A south indian girl in traditional indian dress -Saree. A water color painting by Giridhar Pottepalem. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So on the day of Holi party they were amazing and incredible! I loved it as they were rolling around on the ground together, all hugged up, acting out all their internal passions right out there in the open before all eyes to see as they were busy enjoying each other and acting as if they didn’t have a care in the world. I don’t think they remembered all of what they did with each other. Ha Ha Ha!

But there is a saying that when someone is in an inebriated state that’s when the truth comes to the surface about them right! Tanya’s father even knew that was a fact of life because the man was ready to destroy Anshuman financially and would have if he could and poor Tanya was standing around getting so jealous and I was loving every moment of her jealousy.

So at one point Tanya could not take it all and so she stormed off into her room to pout because of how Anshuman and Paakhi were romancing in front of her very eyes. If I were Tanya I would just leave the house and move on because Anshuman was not hers anymore. Anshuman seems to be so helpless to Paakhi’s drawing power and spell she is casting on him unawares. It seems as if he is falling in love with her gradually and without being aware of his own feelings.

Rosa rubiginosa at the San Jose Heritage Rose ...

Rosa rubiginosa at the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden, San Jose, California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although Anshuman and Paakhi have been dating and spending time together as per the request of their smart little son Ayaan (Divyam Dama.) His little scheme seems to be working a bit to bring things to a head between the couple.

Didn’t you also just love it when Paakhi had that day dream while she and Anshuman was on a date. It was so nice to see Anshuman declare his love for her. Well when it happened while they were on that date I was almost ready to believe it was actually happening right there on the date. But somehow I believe it will all come to fruition. Well it was just a dream for that moment anyway but who knows what their future holds.



Rose (Photo credit: Pittou2)



Supergroover: Bill Withers

(this image is at: )


“Just the Two of us”


I see the crystal raindrops fall

And the beauty of it all

Is when the sun comes shinin through


To make those rainbows in my mind

When I think of you some time

And I want to spend some time with you


Rosa 'Eyepaint' at the San Jose Heritage Rose ...

Rosa ‘Eyepaint’ at the San Jose Heritage Rose Garden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just the two of us, we can make it if we try

Just the two of us, just the two of us

Building castles in the sky

Just the two of us, you and I


We look for love, no time for tears

Wasted waters all that is

And it don’t make no flowers grow


Good things night come to those who wait

But not to those who wait to late

We got to go for all we know


Just the two of us, we can make it if we try

Just the two of us, just the two of us

Building castles in the sky

Just the two of us, you and I


I hear the crystal raindrops fall

On the window down the hall

And it becomes the morning dew


Darling, when the morning comes

And I see the morning sun

I want to be the one with you


Just the two of us, we can make it if we try

Just the two of us, just the two of us

Building big castles way on high

Just the two of us, you and I


Just the two of us, let’s get together, baby

Just the two of us, we can make it

Just the two of us, we can make it

Just the two of us




I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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