Gopi’s Back And I Don’t Believe What’s Going On! Update on Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

Poor Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee), this girl just cannot catch a break.

She was tricked by the cute and smart little Modi grandkids and her adorable and bright daughter Vidya (Palak Panchal) as they were all dressed in costumes pretending to go to perform in a play at the temple but actually was showing up to stop Ahem’s (Mohammad Nazim) and Radha’s (Bhavini Purohit) wedding ceremony and so she winds up being drugged with sleeping pills by Rashi (Rucha Hasabnis) as Rashi covered Gopi’s face up and sat her down at the wedding venue to have Gopi re-married to Ahem once again. Poor Gopi woke up surprised to find Ahem standing in front of her, was already remarried to him and about to have a falling out with the Modi’s.

It was so good to see Rashi sticking by her sister for a change and helping to stop the wedding between Ahem and crazy Radha but Rashi still hid in the background of it all so Kokila (Rupal Patel) won’t know her part in all of this.

It was quite funny to see the little grandkids and Rashi tie crazy Radha up in a sack and lock her in a storage room away from the temple where the marriage was to take place.

Indian Dance

Indian Dance (Photo credit: ZaCky ॐ)

I was so glad that Radha the crazy witch did not marry Ahem! Hooray! I feel like doing a dance today. Whew, that was a close call. (LOL!) But I feel so sorry for poor Gopi.

I know Gopi was so shocked to have found out that her own sister Radha tried to marry her Ahem knowing full well that she was still alive. But one thing about this is I feel that Gopi should be fully awake to the fact that she cannot go to sleep on this crazy woman. She needs to realize just how ruthless, opportunistic and crazy her sister really is. I cannot wait until the moment she finds out Radha’s truth when it comes to Meera (Mazel Vyas) as she thinks she is so shocked about her trying to steal away her husband but there is way more to be shocked over.

I tell you I just cannot believe how Ahem and Kokila are acting towards poor Gopi but I am not shocked because the two of them are doing nothing but showing their true colors. Ahem was so hard for a long time with Gopi at the beginning of their marriage and Kokila gets hurt and so turns hard too at times against Gopi. When they both get to ganging up on poor timid Gopi it’s too much to stand by and watch. But everyone knows it’s in their history, these attitudes and types of behavior are typical when it comes to Gopi.

I just cannot believe how they are still harboring anger towards poor Gopi and still blaming her for the death of Meera when it was not her fault at all. So after eight years they have not forgiven that poor girl especially after all the love she has given to this family nor did they think for one moment how she had been doing and whether she lived or died, they act as if they did not care in the least, now you have to be stone cold-hearted to do that.

English: A cherubic happy Indian child

English: A cherubic happy Indian child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So now that it’s been revealed that Ahem and Gopi have yet another child named Vidya he and Kokila want to take the child away from Gopi even after knowing that the only reason that Gopi continues to exist at all is that she had been busy loving and raising Vidya. I remember when Gopi almost lost it all when she thought her little girl was lost in the woods with her cousins when they ran into the forest. Poor Gopi had flashbacks about Meera and probably would have lost her mind if something would have happened to Vidya too. In those eight years Gopi has had to muster up the strength to survive out there in the world all alone and she was strong enough not to go to stay with her Aunt Urmilla (Vandana Vithlani) nor with her mother Madhu (Jaya Ojha) and for Gopi that is amazing.

Gopi spent all those years looking at the photos of Ahem and Kokila and praying for them all of these years. They still don’t get it! Ahem has a jewel for a wife and the Modi’s have a diamond of a jewel for a daughter in law. I just still cannot believe how mean Kokila and Ahem is being towards her still. Then I couldn’t believe my ears when Kokila claimed she said she didn’t tell Gopi to leave the mansion. She dam near sure did show the girl the door eight years ago and how was she supposed to stick around in that atmosphere and be hated by the entire family after that anyway and even now they don’t seem to care about the amount of time Gopi has spent raising this child all alone and they are being so insensitive to take Vidya away from her.

English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : U...

English: A red rose with dewdrops Français : Une rose rouge avec des gouttes de rosée (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, it’s amazing because I know they are all hurt but it’s time to forgive and forget and move on. Their hurt and pain surely cannot bring Meera back to life even if they wanted to or should I change that fact because there is another twist to this story. Meera is very much alive and well and I wonder how that is going to be revealed. But there is one thing I sure hope gets revealed and that is Radha’s role in all of this drama.  I sure hope the truth comes out about Radha’s dirty shenanigans regarding Meera’s so-called death.

It’s so sad to watch how this once loving and happy family has become so divided, depressed, angry and lost due to the loss of Meera in their lives. It’s so sad that they do not seem to know that Meera is indeed alive. I wonder how this will get revealed to everyone especially Gopi her mother. Anyway, I do believe that old crazy Radha knows everything about Meera and knows that she is alive and exactly where Meera’s been living all these years although I may be wrong about that, I just have a feeling about it.

Rose Rose I Love You-1=

Rose Rose I Love You-1= (Photo credit: Sheba_Also)

Anyway the next episode shows Gopi standing outside in front of the locked gate of the Modi mansion, putting up a fuss and refusing to leave without her daughter. I sure don’t blame Gopi and I hope she fights for her rights to have her daughter with her. They don’t know but Gopi has had time to get some spunk, backbone and fight into her world because I don’t believe that she is the same old passive, mild, humble and soft Gopi they always knew to a certain degree anymore. She has become more outgoing, worldly and has been teaching children and getting around making a life for herself in spite of what happened to her and she needs to be admired for the strong woman she has become. She has developed a new sense of independence about herself and to tell you the truth I like that.

Also, one thing the Modi’s have missed is that this little girl is a miniature Kokila and she is just too cute. LOL! That’s right! She looks just like her grandmother, the same complexion and eyes. This little girl is sweet but she is spunky just like her Kokila and won’t let them run over her sweet innocent mother at all without her speaking up. So they better all watch out including Kokila. LOL! Well, let’s just see how this story continues to reveal it’s self.


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  7. Yes,I guess so.Anyway,I think tomorrow’s or today’s epi you will be seeing Rashi’s death.The writers made it really dramatic and heartbreaking so get ready to shed many tears.You will need an extra box of tissues.😄LOL!

  8. Divya says:

    Awwww…..thank you so much.I knew you’d like it.And thank you for so much encouragement.As I said in an interview that Rucha has made a place in the audience’s hearts and I will never be able to take that place but at least fans should give me a chance and accept me.😊

    • Yes I think so too, fans should give you a chance and accept you and I know I can only speak for myself in that I am going to miss Rashi (Rucha) when she leaves the show. I wish she could have stayed on just a little longer but what can you do…… sometimes people have to move on. I wish her all the best. But you my dear are amazing! 🙂

      • Divya says:

        Yes but I saw this forum of Saathiya that people comment they hate me,(Paridhi)and want me to die….go back to where I came from….Devoleena told me she got the same kind of hate when she went for replacement for Giaa.But now people love her sooo much.They will learn to love me soon.Plus,some people were commenting to give me a chance as well.😄

      • It’s hard for people to let go of a favorite star. I was the same way too when it came to Giaa. I wanted her to come back on the show. But after some time I started accepting Devoleena. Even though she can never replace Giaa but she is doing a wonderful job. I like her now. People tend to take out the loss of a star on the replacement person. So just like Devoleena says…..people will start loving you too. I liked you on today’s show too. Ahhh sometimes people don’t know what they want. Just keep up the wonderful work you are doing and they will notice. Believe me.

      • Divya says:

        BTW,the show will take a leap and I will get married to Jigar against his wish but for the sake of Tolu Molu.

      • Oh really. They are going to take a leap. Well I guess they will have to. Or else it will take too long I guess to get to the best part of you being the new wife. I was laughing so hard today when on the show u said u will be Jigar’s wife. Everyone was stunned and surprised but they don’t know you was speaking a prophecy I guess. Because it’s almost time for Rashi to leave the show. But thanks for giving me the heads up on that. I appreciate it.

  9. Divya says:

    Well,the teacher will kidnap Gopi and Modi family finds out about the teacher kidnapping Gopi.He mistakes Rashi for being Gopi and professes his love for her.Rashi is shocked to hear this and she stops the teacher from marrying Gopi and while this is happening Rashi gets shot and dies.

    • So the teacher is going to try to marry Gopi. Poor Gopi when is it that she never has to suffer. I know this is really killing her because she is so in love and devoted to Ahem. But I am glad Rashi stops it. So the teacher is going to shoot Rashi and that’s her ending. Oh well and So I will be watching. Thanks Divya. So how have you been? I know you must still be feeling so amazing about your role. So have a great day.

      • Divya says:

        Yes I started shooting on Thursday and it’s like a dream come true😄.It’s really cool to play this very strict,selfish,and in western attires not sarees or salwar kameez.😄It feels so fun to play this role.I hope people like me.

      • Divya says:

        Well,he doesn’t really shoot her,he breaks her head(yeah,I know!😬)because she saves Gopi and she dies😢.

      • Divya says:

        OMG!My first epi went on air today!Did you see it?It’s me as Paridhi,Rashi’s cousin.The bubbly girl that is the next Rashi.😄Ahhhh!!So excited to see what you thought of my entry in the show.😄

      • Yes I saw it and I loved it. You are perfect! Amazing! Wonderul! LOL! I tell you they found the perfect girl to replace Rashi and you are it! I really enjoyed todays show and so I even wrote about it. I guess by now you will have read the post. Star Plus always finds the perfect actors and actresses. I give them credit….they are really good at what they do. So where have you been all of this time! LOL! I cannot wait to see tomorrows show.

  10. Divya says:

    Rashi will come in front selflessly because that shows that she really does care.😄

  11. Divya says:

    BTW,sorry I HAVE to tell you now…..the media is streaming with tons of pics of me.THEY EVEN MADE A WIKIPEDIA OF ME!!!Ahhhhhh!Anyways,I just saw an article of me entering Saathiya.Oh so they already are spreading this news since my comments.LOL!

    • Oh really! I know you are so excited about it all. You are going to become a famous, amazing star and you will have a great following soon. People are getting ready for you…..and the excitement is contagious. I am so happy for you. And your blog is perfect. I cannot wait to see what you write about as your first post. So like T.D. Jakes says….GET READY! GET READY! GET READY! GET READY! Here comes Divya! I know your family must be so proud. I guess with your previous acting you are somewhat prepared for all of this. What does your agent say. I am sure your publicity will go thru the roof very soon! Finally the moment you been waiting for is about to happen. I wish you all the best Divya. I will be watching! LOL!

  12. Divya says:

    Well,I have played before in Sasural Simar Ka,Devon Ka Dev Mahadev but those were small roles.In Saathiya,it’s going to be my big break!😄Anyways,I will be playing this overly proud business girl named Paridhi.I am soooo excited!And the episodes we shoot next week will probably go on air after a week or two.Anyway,I can’t wait for you to see me!BTW,as you can tell from my blog,my middle name is Divya but I feel like it’s my first name since everyone calls me that.Nobody calls me Falaq,which is my real first name😄.But you can call me whatever you want.😄

    • WOW! I am so excited!!! I cannot wait to see you on the show next week. Yes! You will play a proud business girl named Paridhi, well it sounds interesting indeed. Yes I do believe you when you say Saathiya is going to be such an amazing break for you. I think your small role in Mahadev must have gotten you to here. Because that show is big too. And thank you, I will call you Divya! I like that name too, LOL!

      • Divya says:

        Yeah,it’s like a family thing?Same for my sister.Her middle name is Sakshi but her first name is Shafaq.My sister got a role in Mahabharat now.😄Anyways,I know how it is when you’re so eager waiting for something,so….I decided you should see me before I got on the show which starts on Thursday.😄My profile pic is from my first photoshoot.Check it out.😄

      • OMG! Your sister has a role in Mahabharat! What! OMG! Yes it seems to be a family thing alright…LOL! This is so exciting! And thanks so much for the pic from your photoshoot. Wow! You have such a beautiful smile and I know everyone is going to love you on the show.

      • Divya says:

        Okay so the writers just told me more about Rashi’s death….the teacher will try to kill Ahem but Rashi comes in front and gets killed.😢Will miss Rucha…

      • So Rashi steps in front of Ahem by accident or was this a selfless thing, although I doubt it given the way Rashi is. Yeah we are going to miss her a whole lot. I wonder what she has next in line to do as far as her career is concerned. I wonder what she will do next. I just hope she doesn’t disappear all together like I see some of the famous soap actors and actresses do. Like the old Gopi…..Giaa Manek…..where is she now, she is no longer in Jeannie Aur Ju Ju. They replaced her with Rubina Dilaik. And you very rarely see Ekta Tiwari (Radha) and Saurabh Pandey (Sarju), Payal Singh (Laachi) from Tere Mere Saphne anymore. Although I did see Ekta Tiwari (Radha) in South India Fights Back once and she was really so good. But just from your looks I could tell you are going to be a perfect replacement for Rashi though. Did anybody ever tell you that. I guess the director of the show could see it in you too.

  13. Divya says:

    I KNOW,RIGHT?I CAN BARELY WAIT!!Anyways,the writers are still deciding on the script though,so I don’t know too much about my role.I may have to be in the switching bodies track,or Rashi’s long lost sister,or a mystery new entry.I’m not sure yet but I what I know is that I will be IN THE SHOW!!Ahhh!I still can’t believe it.😄Anyways,so because I want to focus on my career,I decided to postpone my marriage,anyways,I will keep in touch for when I get married,probably when I will be ready😄.What can you do?Life choices.😊Anyway,sorry if my pic looks different,I’m using my sister’s email address.Anyway,I might be doing a blog to on,too.😄But I’ll post kind of rare because I will be busy on set when I start shooting😄.

    • Yes! Yes! Yes! I am so happy for you. And I guess you will be glad once you know for sure exactly what role you will play. But like you say…what’s most important is that you will be IN THE SHOW! So Amazing! Well I just hope that your boyfriend won’t have too much of a broken heart because of the delay. But if he really loves you he will wait and give you all the time you need. This is a very important, exciting stage in your life right now and who knows how far it will take you. You really don’t want to miss this opportunity and blessing. So yes I know you will be busy on the set when you start…..I heard the actors work very long hours in order to make the show a success. And you doing a blog on wordpress would be so cool too. LOL! So I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed for you and watching out to see you on the show and what role you’ll play! And no problem with the new pic….hay! she looks almost like Gopi….well you know that anyway. 🙂

      • Divya says:

        I just made a blog on WordPress!It’s called Officialdsaathiya.I used my sister’s email address to create the account.Anyway,so yes the girl is Gopi.Click on the pic and you will see my blog account.😄Anyways,so here are some more juicy stuff coming up.Gopi will find out everything about the teacher and she tells him to leave the house.However,Rashi starts to yell at Gopi and doesn’t believe her.She insists that the teacher stays.So the teacher stays and kills Rashi.Turns out Rashi wouldn’t have died if she listened to Gopi in the first place.Anyway,I am sooo excited that I will start shooting sometime around next week.😊But yeah and don’t worry,my boyfriend is happy for me and is okay with the decision.And my family was thinking also that I am only 20 so I should probably wait a little more.😄

      • Yes, your family is so right about the fact you have lots of time to get settled down with marriage and all. I am so glad that he is happy for you too! I know he is excited that you will be on this amazing show. So shooting starts next week, I wonder how long does it take for them to air a show once shooting is done. Curious minds want to know. LOL! So anyway I knew this picture had to be Gopi. I was right! 🙂 So the teacher stays and kills poor Rashi….so it’s definate now….I am so pissed with Rashi most times but It will be so sad to see her go. I hope she comes back to life and comes back on the show or something like that…LOL!

  14. Divya says:

    Thank you and….I don’t know how to feel.LOL!😄I guess I feel like I’m going on the big part of life.I guess this is the time I will choose my life path(if I get the role)then that might be my big break I guess.😊Anyways,so yeah I know I should wait but I’m just so eager😄.Anyways,so I have some bad news that I’m really upset about….the writers said that after Rashi will die,they might make a twist for Radha to marry Jigar!😭And then I was like,WHAT?!Yeah,it’s pretty shocking but I’m very glad they’re just considering it for now.And plus,it wouldn’t make any sense if the family would let Radha back in the house after all she has done.It would be a pleasure to work with Bhavini if I will get the role but I guess it’s not logical and they don’t fit no offense to them.LOL!Anyway,so I will be a new entry if I get the role.😃

    • Ugly, horrible Radha to marry cute, fine and adorable Jigar! Now I know they must be on CRACK!

    • No! LOL! But I guess if they could possibly find someone else a little prettier to play Radha It would be easier for people to swallow her marrying Jigar. That child is just too ugly in looks and soul. I hope they don’t tie Jigar down with that witch. Just like they tried to marry her off to Ahem. She just reminds me of how Red Fox used to talk about Aunt Esther on the Red Fox show and it was so funny. (like right here)

      And yes I know you are eager, that’s a really great break for someone to have. I mean like my father used to say….once you get a break….”YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OWN TICKET” after that. It’s understandable that you are eager, excited and so looking forward to the chance at such a young age too. And I am sure that your life will never be the same once your in such a famous top serial. I know you might be nervous too. But your talent is about to make room for you.

    • I tell you one thing about Radha just as Red Fox used to say about Aunt Esther…..she is “THE UGLIEST OF THE UGLY” LOL! Ha….ha….ha…ha……

      • Divya says:

        Ha ha!The scene with Aunt Esther was very funny!😄And thank you for the encouragement because…..I HAVE 2 GOOD NEWS!!!!!FIRST……I GOT THE ROLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And second,Radha won’t be marrying Jigar….I will.That’s kind of weird but they decided that the show would not be on top anymore if Radha comes back in the storyline.And here is how Rashi will die:The teacher will kill her.Yes….and I don’t know but I find it heartbreaking for Rashi to be so rude to Gopi and die with hate for Gopi in her heart😢.I can’t believe that witch Rashi!I felt like breaking the TV screen when I saw the preview when she told Gopi that she wished she never came back in the house.How rude!!But Rucha is soooo sweet and friendly and just so kind.She and Devoleena are bestest of friends on set😄.I will miss Rucha,not Rashi.

      • YOU GOT IT!!! HOORAY!!! I am so happy for you. I am looking forward to seeing you on the show too. I can’t wait to see you! And YES I am so glad Radha is not coming back no time soon anyway! And she won’t be marrying Jigar…..THANK YOU GOD!!!! LOL! Anyway so you will be coming in as Rashi’s long lost sister who will marry Jigar. Wow! This sounds very interesting and exciting too. I cannot wait! Now the teacher is going to kill Rashi. Oh man that is going to be so upsetting I am sure for all her fans. Too much violence for me….but I guess we will have to live with that decision. I am going to miss Rashi for sure, even though she is not too kind to Gopi once more.

  15. Divya says:

    Thank you.😄It’s always a pleasure.But yeah and here’s the more juicy part…..well,Rashi is going to realize her mistake and also Ahem gets angry at the teacher so he hits him and Gopi gets mad at Ahem.LOL!

    • go figure….I knew Ahem would not be capable of controlling himself when it comes to someone hitting on Gopi.

      • Divya says:

        Yup.Oh and I think the production house and director are thinking of showing Rashi as dead because she is a very strong character so replacement will not work maybe.So the track takes a toss and will take a leap again.I can’t come in as Rashi’s long lost sister anymore but in another character.I’m not sure what the character is but I can’t wait to find out.It’s a bummer that my entry will be late this time,but no worries,at least I’m still going to be in the show thank God.😊😄And also,my birthday was on July 14,forgot to tell you in my last comment.Now I am officially 20.😄Anyways,I can’t believe that Rashi is such a selfish mother.She’s teaching her kids to lie and is spoiling their life education because of her own selfishness.Anyways,I love how Gopi is standing up.😊

      • Officially 20! Oh wow! Well Happy Belated Birthday To You! So how does it feel to be an older woman now? ha…ha…ha…and what did you do? So Rashi is going to die out of her character? That’s really going to effect the mood of the entire family forever right. Almost like when Gopi left. It’s too bad they can’t find a replacement. Yeah she is a strong character just like Kokila and Urmilla. Those three would be very hard to replace. Especially Koki. But I guess everyone is going to have to accept it. I know you are growing impatient to get in there and start working. But you know what they say….good things come to those who wait. Well I cannot believe how Rashi went thru all that trouble to hide her son’s tooth ache and made that poor little boy suffer so much. I wonder how long did she think she could hide something like that. Sometimes Rashi’s character does not seem logical at all.

  16. Divya says:

    Ha ha!😄Yeah.Oh and the thing I wanted to tell you…..well,Rucha texted me yesterday night…….she’s quitting Saathiya.😢She told me so….yeah she is…..She said the reason is she’s very tired and is really upset with the uncontinous shooting they’re currently having and the show going on for a lot of time now….Oh well,she didn’t say anything about Rashi’s character dieing or getting replaced.She will be leaving at the end of July.I am guessing they will put in replacement and I might know who it is.Rumours have it that it’s this girl Shivani Surve.Look her up.Shivani Surve.She is really pretty and seems nice but I’ll miss Rucha lots.And plus,the even more sad thing is that I won’t get a chance to shoot with her because she’s leaving right when I might be getting the role.It’s pretty sad.Anyways,so that teacher is so annoying and rude.Sheesh!She has such an attitude.And same with Rashi.Warning:Here’s comes the ranting again).😊THAT STUPID RASHI!I’ve never seen a more annoying person than her before!I love this new Gopi that has the strength and stands up to that Rashi.But I guess we will have a lot of Gopi like Rashi so I see they’re starting to bring it up now.LOL!Anyways,more than sure they are going to replace her because they can’t kill Rahsi off when the switching bodies and long sister tracks come along.I’ll have to talk to the director and ask if Shivani surve will be the replacement.

    • So you say they are replacing both Rashi and Radha….well hell nobody is going to miss that crazy Radha with her retarded self. But everybody is going to miss Rashi!

      • Divya says:

        Oh no….they’re not replacing Radha.They’re replacing Rashi with this girl Shivani Surve.And yeah so,this new male teacher knows Gopi and he is going to madly fall in love with Gopi and wants to create a distance between Gopi and Ahem.He’s kind of mental.

      • oh no….I am so sad to see Rashi is leaving. That girl really helped to make the show worth watching. I wonder if the next person will be capable of holding it down like Rucha did. Anyway…this is exciting news that some teacher will fall in love with Gopi. Poor Ahem, just when things were starting to look good for them both.

      • And thanks so much for giving me the heads up on the show so often…..I feel so blessed. You’re so kind. 🙂

  17. Divya says:

    Well since I took the auditon they told me everything abut the storyline.And you are welcome😊.But yeah,so it’s not anything with a possession.It’s kind of similar to Khaanaji thing though.So basically Khaanajii with his power makes the face and personality of Gopi change into Rashi and same with Rashi to Gopi.Okay I found the word!They switch bodies.They don’t know and act like it’s always been Gopi in the place of Rashi and Rashi in the place of Gopi.I know sounds confusing but really interesting.I can barely wait!But yeah and I was actually just thinking…we’re gonna be experiencing different pairings and couples.Rashi-Ahem and Gopi-Jigar.I wonder how that’s gonna go.And also Devoleena(“Gopi”,now Rashi) is with Urmila and is selfish while Rucha(“Rashi”,now Gopi)is shy,soft spoken,and innocent while considered “gawar'” by Gopi(now with the name of Rashi)and Urmila.Also Gopi’ mother in law is Hetal and Rashi’s mother in law is Kokila.So it’s basically like Devoleena plays Rashi and Rucha plays Gopi.Khaanaji does this because….well,I don’t know how to find the correct words but basically,the show since the beginning has always actually about the journey in married life along with saas-bahu of two really different cousins(Rashi and Gopi)so now it’s all switched up so Khaanaji can teach a lesson.So this storyline will happen after the whole find-out drama of Rashi’s long lost sister(possibly my entry!).I hope my character stays positive and doesn’t become negative like Radha’s character because I don’t want people hating on me(if I get the role).LOL!

    • lol! yeah that’s true….I would prefer to have a positive role then negative. I know people hating on you would be kind of hard. LOL! Yes I cannot wait to see how this story line works out. You have me so eager that I cannot wait till it comes.

      • Divya says:

        Yes😊.Anyways,so today’s epi was awesome!The way Kokila yelled at Rahsi made me feel so good.And this retard Rashi is happy and relieved she doesn’t have the keys anymore but that this house is still in her hands and that she’s still the queen.But no,she doesn’t know what’s waiting for her.How dirty Gopi will treat her.The way she gave Gopi a dirty look while taking the keys like a queen and getting the money while poor Gopi was asking her what she wants to get Rashi was giving her the silent treatment and a dirty look.I felt like smacking the living day lights out of that girl.She’s such a retard and a lier.But she’ll see how it feels like when your treated like that because she will be by Gopi in the future!Sorry,I guess it’s like a judge at court.”Take Rashi to jail”.”She is guilty”.Ha ha!Sorry,it’s just I cannot control my anger when I see that girl’s evil and dirty smirks.LOL!😄

      • LOL! Your so funny…..yeah well I know that Rashi is something else. But I guess she is itching to go back to her old ways. I was not surprised when she just took the keys from Gopi to get money out of the safe so she can go off and impress her friends and Urmilla again. I know she was surprised when there was no money in her purse to pay for that extravagant meal. That krazy Urmilla always comes up with ways to get them out of trouble… have to give her credit though. I loved it when Kokila was yelling at Rashi for messing up that wall and when she put Urmilla out the house well I loved it too. Man that was exciting, I tell you I was on the edge of my seat that day. Kokila knows how to get after a person….. But you are crazy funny though saying Take Rashi to jail, she is guilty….Ha…ha…ha….

  18. Divya says:

    Yeah.Maybe after the long lost sister track Rashi will straighten up again.And I loved the way Urmila was imagining Gopi trying to be the queen with the keys and Rashj being poor.LOL!Here’s another reaveal…..Well,are you ready?!😊😄Gopi is actually going to become like Rashi and Rashi like Gopi.Can you believe it?I know.It’s crazy.But anyways,so that Pooja is getting really suspicious to me.They didn’t tell me anything about that track so I don’t know what’s gonna happen with that Pooja and Dhawal.

    • oops I missed this show again….I have to catch up once more…I have to see this…Urmilla imagining Gopi trying to be the queen and Rashi being poor. Don’t tell me this…I cannot believe that Gopi is going to become Rashi and Rashi like Gopi. How is that going to be possible? I cannot wait to see this too. I know Pooja is acting weird. Especially when she said to Kinjal that she wants a husband like Dhawal. This lady is spelling trouble for Kinjal and Dhawal’s relationship…I know she is definately up to no good. She knows the man is married and does not care. I tell you some women will stoop.

      • Divya says:

        Oh it’s okay.Just catch up with it.Anyways,yes I know it sounds crazy but basically……okay now this sounds really weird when I say it but Devoleena will play Rashi and Rucha will play Gopi.It’s something with Khaanaji.Anyways,yes and Rashi tried to set the temple on fire on purpose!So Kokila could think she is too irresponsible and take the keys from her.I can’t believe her!And this time Urmila didn’t say anything to her,she thought this plan all by herself with her evil mind.

      • What! Rashi sets the temple on fire again? That girl is crazy! Anyway I remember something similar pertaining to Khaanaji on one of my other favorite soaps, but it was weird. It was on Tere Mere Sapne when Laachi pretended to be possessed and I think it was by the spirit of Khaanaji and so Laachi started acting weird because she was trying to drive away the girl Kalki who her mother in law Maaji and the priest had planned to have marry her husband Kesoo because they thought Laachi was infertile, but later it turns out that her husband Keeso was the one who could not produce any children. So this should be interesting to see with Gopi and Rashi. I cannot wait to see. Anyway how in the world do you get the scoop on everything? Hay I am not complaining because I love it. This is amazing! I am so glad you are sharing all of this with me. Thanks so much. It’s akin to getting the best and juiciest gossip! LOL!

  19. Divya says:

    I know.I’m pretty bummed too.But turns out Rashj gives the house keys to Gopi because she doesn’t want to do all the work and Gopi can do it for her while she relaxes and Gopi does whatever Rashi says.But little does she know that Gopi isn’t the shy old Gopi anymore.She has grown up and has gone through so many.But I have a feeling she might be using Meera instead now.But I think they might be doing this track to get ready for the entry of Rashi’s long lost sister(which MIGHT BE MY ENTRY!!).And I don’t know if I’m allowed to reveal the whole thing but oh well…..Urmila is not Rashi’s mom!She’s her aunt!!!I know right?Crazy.And the rest I’m leaving a secret out of the whole complication.😊Anyway,I know right?Now that I think of it,Devolena and Vishal do look really cute together.

    • WHAT!!!! Urmila is not Rashi’s mom! OMG! You have got to be kidding me! So why was Urmila so crazy about Rashi and not Gopi. I have got to see this when it happens. I cannot wait to see the entry (possibly your entry….hooray!) of Rashi’s long lost sister. And I know Rashi is just too lazy to really want these keys…ha..ha…ha. The girl really knows how to get around work. LOL! Meera is so adorable I really was hoping that Meera would get to enjoy being a part of the family since she was gone so many years. Oh well. That’s why it’s called a SOAP. I loved Devolena in the Star Parivaar 2014 Awards. Did you get to see that. I loved that show….Star Plus sure does know how to put on a really good show each year. I love the “Namaste” dance. Gopi really looked fabulous and so did Rashi. But I am so excited and can’t wait for the good news from you about your auditions.

      • Divya says:

        Yes I know!Thank you so much!And yeah I did get a chance to see that.The stage was so beautiful.I loved the dance performances.I am glad that Rucha won favorite behen(sister)award and Devoleena won favorite bahu(daughter-in law)award.They both looked gorgeous.Anyway,I know right?It’s crazy.I can’t reveal everything because I don’t think I should be….LOL!😊Anyways,yeah I’m praying to get the role.Thanks so much for your support!!🙏😉😄

      • Divya says:

        And also,how could Rashi literally hate some keys so much?Those keys are a responsibility to the whole house and family and she hates it because she has to do work?!How selfish can she be?I still can’t believe that after all Gopi went through for Rashi and how Gopi saved her from fire,she still wanted to make Gopi her servant?How dare she?!She’s acting so immature just for not doing work,it just makes me so angry.

      • I know…it’s crazy. Rashi is under the influence of Urmilla. But Urmilla was smart enough to get her girls married into a wealthy family. So they both are lucky girls. Plus the family is really good people. Even though Kokila is kind of tough. I sure wouldn’t want her breathing down my neck. But someone has to be tough huh.

  20. Divya says:

    YES!YES!YES!!!!OMG!Today’s epi killed me.That Tripti is even more viscious than Radha.But what really makes me happy is that she said that she is Umang’s wife!YES!Radha found out the truth.I feel bad for Radha now……yes I do,I just can’t help it.Poor thing she didn’t know she was being evil to her own family that loved her so much.I think Tripti slapped her like 10 times.LOL!Anyways,I’m just so happy she found out the truth and that Gopi,Rashi,Kokila,and Urmila are going to save her hopefully.I don’t want Radha to die.Now when I finally can get the chance to see her positive,she might die.In the sneak preview of tomorrow’s episode,they showed Tripti feeding Radha poison and Radha looked like she was gonna die.I really hope she doesn’t!!!And also,MY AUDITION IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄

    • What! I know I missed this show so I have to catch up. I cannot believe this….that Radha found out that Tripti is Umangs wife. Radha is turning positive….and Tripti is planning to kill her? Well I have to see this with my own eyes. But lots of good luck on your audition and I hope you win!!!

      • Divya says:

        Thank you!I took the audition.They said it’ll take a few weeks to confirm whether or not I got the role.😊🙏🙏Praying.Anyways,OMG!You missed the best episodes.That night was full of drama!!!But don’t worry,if you can’t catch up with it on your TV,then go on Dailymotion and type Saath Nibhana Saathiya and the date you missed such as 4 July 2014 or 5 July 2014.There is a channel there called Dtfstarplus2.Go check it out and you can the find the full episode.Part 1 and 2.But yeah Tripti got like 30 slaps and Radha realized her mistake but still she went to jail.I guess she just couldn’t be forgiven…….Anywyas,guess what?Now that the whole Radha and Tripti storyline is over,Rashi is back to her old ways.She is back to always making kalari(plans) with her mom Urmila.I was enjoying the beautiful bond between Rashi and Gopi.But,no,now she knows that it will not work the same because Gopi has gone through a lot and is more strong and mature now.She is a proud grown up woman.So now Rashi decided to use poor Meera instead.Why does Rashi have to be back to her annoying self again?But I know Kokila will teach her a lesson because she overheard everything!Anyway,so did you know that Devoleena and Vishal are actually dating in real life and that Gopi and Jigar had to actually be together in the show?I just heard that and it was confirmed by Devoleena and Vishal themselves that they are dating.Oh well,I guess they do pair each other well.

      • Yes I did get a chance to catch up! OMG! It was so funny to watch how Kokila was beating down Tripti. It was so so funny. I could not stop laughing. They all took turns popping her upside her head but Kokila was the funniest one. Then when Gopi smacked the living daylights out of Radha I was so happy. Those fools are going to jail once and for all. So don’t tell me that Rashi turns back negative and against Gopi. I am not looking forward to more of that. Anyway so Gopi and Jigar are dating. Wow! Who Knew! This is amazing news….he seems like such a nice guy in real life too. And the best news of all is your audition went well. Hooray! I am so happy for you and I hope you get the part and your dream comes true about getting the role. That has to be so amazing just getting the chance to audition. I know you must be so excited right now. So I hope you get good news soon.

  21. Divya says:

    Yes!!I was jumping up and down too!I’m so excited!I’m about to watch today’s epi!I loved the Kokila slapped her too.I wonder what she’ll do with her.Really,I just cannot wait until today’s epi!

      • Divya says:

        Yes and did YOU SEE THE NEW TITLE THEME!?RASHI AND GOPI HUGGING EACH OTHER?!!I LOVEEEEE IT!!!!!!😄Anyways,now I hate Urmila even more.I loved Rashi when she threw Urmila out of the Modi house.She really changed in a good way.I love the two sisters’ bonding.They look so cute together!😄How could Urmila be that vain and selfish?!Come to Tripti and Radha for help and revenge?!I hope when they will slap Radha again or whatever they will also find out about Urmila being with them.Rashi will give her a piece of her mind.Anyways,I loved the little parrot.They were actually shooting/filming that scene when I came on set.Bhavini a.k.a Radha was laughing.LOL!Priceless!😂

      • Yes! I loved it too. They look so cute together. It’s so nice to see sisters getting along with each other and not being enemies or haters. Yeah I loved when Rashi threw Urmila out too. That was so funny. Urmila needs to change and stop trying to take all the time from the Modi’s. They have been so good to her over the years. Now that parrot was so cute. It was so adorable watching Radha’s expressions as the Parrot was giving away all of her secrets. I cannot believe the fool even tried to kill the poor cute bird. You know she is really vicious. She just cannot stop being evil.

  22. Divya says:

    OMG!So yesterday’s epi was awesome.I wonder if Meera will save Radha from falling and she will become positive.I have a feeling she will though.Or she’ll die.I don’t know.Anyway,I hated that witch Tripti even more than Radha in that episode.She’s so evil!Anyways,the monkey scene was really funny how the monkey was attacking Tripti!😂LOL!Actually,in our religion monkeys are important and we consider them from God(Hinduism).Lol!Anyway,GUESS WHAT?The actors and actresses follow me on Twitter now(because I met them)!OMG!!!

    • Your kidding! Wow that’s so cool they are following you on Twitter. And yeah it was funny that monkey scene with Tripti. I was laughing so hard and could not believe how creative they are with this show.

      • Divya says:

        OMG!I know right?!😄OMG!!!!!!!!!Today’s epi killed me!I had goosebumps through the whole episode!!! I can NOT believe Radha and Tripti!I thought Radha was going to be positive and help Meera because Meera helped her up or else she would’ve fallen and died!She’s just sooo ungrateful!And that Tripti!She was laughing like an evil clown when the electricity fell on Kokila!Anyways,Kokila gets her memory back!!!!!AHHHHHHHH!!!

      • Yes! I was so happy that Koki has gotten her memory back. At the end of show they showed scenes of Koki smacking Radha. Pow! I was jumping up and down because this is going to be the best show coming up all year long. I loved it when Radha was trying to play dumb and show concern for Koki and then she shows up and smacks the living day lights out of Radha. You could hear that smack vibrate for days! Ha…ha…ha….ha…..

  23. Divya says:

    Sorry about that.My sister and I fight all the time.LOL!😄

    • LOL! Reminds me of my own sisters. But you two are funny!

      • Divya says:

        Yeah.LOL!😄Anyway,so the storyline is getting really juicy!They didn’t tell me what’s gonna happen next.The actors don’t even know what’s gonna happen next!LOL!But today’s episode was a bomb!OMG!Meera caught Tripti and Radha!!!!Well,at least Tripti!😄OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Best epi ever!

  24. Sakshi says:


  25. Divya says:

    Frankly,you’re lazy.Can you come and talk to me than talk in comments of someone’s blog.:(

  26. Divya says:

    YES!!!YES!YES!!!OMG!The audition is only 2 weeks away!I HAVE to get ready!And thank you so much you’re so sweet!I cannot wait for the audition!I had so much fun and excitement burning in me on set and imagine actually working there and with everyone!!……AHHH!I’m losing my mind right now!And yes I will definitely keep you posted if I manage to get the role which would be the most AMAZING and MARVELOUS!And a DREAM COME TRUE!Sorry that I’m writing in capital letters it’s just that I’m soooooo EXCITED!!!Lol!!My sister is so jealous of me!LOL!😄

  27. Divya says:

    Ha ha!Good one about Radha!😂LOL!Anyways,I know right I’ve just had enough of her evil smirks and crude looks.Gosh did they suit her well for a negative character!But I actually saw a couple interviews with her(Bhavini Purohit who plays Radha)and she’s actually sweet.And I’ll get to know her better since I’ll actually meet her in person!!Anyway,yeah I know it’s like every girl Dhawal meets falls in love with him!And yeah I know right I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!!I’M ACTUALLY GOING ON SET!!!!!AHHH!I can barely wait for Thursday and yes I’ll let you knows how it goes.😃and maybe you will get a chance to meet them too when you come to India hopefully.Fingers crossed for you!😄

    • OMG! let me know how it all goes. You know every detail!! LOL! Yes I will keep my fingers crossed for that day to happen. You are so lucky to get the chance to meet them and go on the set. I think I would faint if I met any one of my soap stars. Let alone if I met SRK or Rani Mukherji who is now a Chopra. I am so happy she met her soul mate. So later….

      • Divya says:

        OMG!YES!YES!YES!!I just came back a half an hour ago(I stayed for about 3 hours)!It was so much fun!I got a whole tour of the set and there were cameras everywhere.It was so noisy.Lol!Devoleena was seriously so sweet and bubbly!She’s not at all like her character Gopi.She is sooo nice!And same for Rucha!She is sooo amazing and sweet!Bhavini too.She is nice and it was such a good feeling looking at her(“Radha”)and instead of seeing her evil smirks I saw her sweet smile.Mazel who plays Meera was so nice and bubbly.All of the kids were amazing.I got a ton of random,funny,and just plain beautiful pictures with everyone.The boys such as Mohammad and Vishal were so funny.Lol!I had so much fun!And guess what?!The director(Parwan Kumar)says that they need a new entry and twist in the storyline,SO THEY SAID I CNA TAKE AN AUDITION TO BE RASHI’S LONG LOST SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT?I almost died right then and there when I heard that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That was the audition I was talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • OMG! Oh my goodness gracious! This is such amazing news. Wow! I know you must be high in the clouds and stars right now. You are got an audition for Rashi’s long lost sister! Well yes this sounds like an interesting twist in the story line too. Well I hope you get the role….oh my goodness….girl! I would give anything to have been in your shoes that day when you met everyone. Yeah I agree I am sure they are all such nice persons….nothing like the roles they play. I mean they are only playing a role. Thank goodness Bhavini is nothing like Radha…lol! You even met the director Parwan Kumar. This is such amazing news to me. But don’t forget to keep me posted if you really get the role. OMG!!!! OMG!!! I am jumping up and down right now…LOL! for you.

  28. Trey says:

    Will Koki get her memory back? Frankly I’ve given up caring this is just getting stupid

    • I know! It seems they are trying to bring a new twist to the story. It’s quite interesting though what they are doing. Because for a day Koki went missing and scared them all and how she was acting during Meera’s secret B-Day party was so weird. I kind of like it though because I love DRAMA when it comes to my favorite serials.

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  30. Divya says:

    I know!Do you know that Rucha Hasabnis will leave Saathiya in July?I’m so sad!But anyway,I really think Tolu was so cute in today’s episode when he said sorry to Kokila!So cute!Anyway,I don’t know what is going to happen with the money case and Dhawal!Now that that police officer is a wanted criminal,I don’t know how they’re going to find the money!Anyways,so I can’t wait until the day Radha gets caught!She’s a big fat witch!Her evil smirks are just too much!Anyways,I don’t know what to say about Koki’s memory!I think their stretching this thing way too far!

    • Oh no…I did not know Rashi was leaving. Well I figured something was wrong because her acting has really changed over the past year. Its as if her heart is not in it anymore. Plus this show has been going for a really long time after Gia Manek left the show. I really was surprised at how long its been running. Makes you think its being done on purpose because the old Gopi left the show. It seems they were determined to make the show a success after she left and they did it too. Everyone who watches this show just loves it and could never get enough. But now that Rashi is leaving it will really not be the same. Oh yes I loved it when Kokila’s grand went thru all the trouble to say sorry to her. It really was so adorable. And I agree that they are stretching it as far as Kokila’s memory is concerned. But I guess thats what we look for on TV quick fixes. I really can’t wait til Gopi and Ahem finds out the truth that Gauri is Meera and I know that episode will be truly emotional and a high point of the show. I am sure everyone who loves this show is waiting for that moment. I will purchase a huge box of tissues for that day. But I hope that Rashi will still be a part of the show when that moment does happen.

      • Divya says:

        Yeah sorry for the late reply but I’ve been really busy lately.So turns out that Rucha isn’t leaving Saathiya!She herself said those were just rumours!I’m very happy about that because before I didn’t like her character Rashi because she was a little annoying and selfish but now I love her character.She really changed(in a good way).Anyway,I really don’t like where the story is going.It feels like Kokila will never retrieve her memory and it’s really annoying how she thinks her family wants to kill her.I just want Radha and Tripti to get caught!It’s amazing that now they found out about Gauri being Meera.Anyways,I was soooo excited for the promo that they were showing about Rashi slapping Radha.Radha deserves 40 slaps not just one.But still she got away with it.Anyways,so do you think Pooja(the businesswoman)will fall in love with Dhawal or something like that?I think so.Anyway,guess what?I have BIG news!! I will be going on set of Saathiya next Thursday because their set is on filmicity so their having a meetup!!!!!Here in Mumbai!!!!!!!!AHHHH!I’m screaming right now.LOL.😊

      • OMG! Ur going on the set! Cool! Let me know how it goes. Anyway I don’t see what all the fuss is about Dhawal anyway. He is not that kind of guy women fall crazy in love with. He’s kinda slow…..I am surprised his own wife Kinjal has fallen for him because at one time she did not like him at all. Anyway I am getting a little bored with KoKi not getting her memory back and now with her acting all crazy thinking her family wants to kill her and that doggone Radha is such a retard I wish they would find someone else to play her role. She always has a smirk on her face when ever some misfortune befalls the family. When she came on the show as Gopi’s long lost sister I had no idea she would be such a problem. She is always peeping around corners looking for opportunity to ruin the family. I wish they would send her back where she came from. Ha…ha…haaa…..

  31. Divya says:

    Very true!This storyline is just too complicated but interesting! That Tripti should be Radha’s sister!😃Lol!!!But I think Kokila is remembering little parts of the incident at times!But the sneak preview got me scared,though!Kokila stopping Gopi from coming inside the house after she remembered something!Radha should be harshly revealed about her dirty truth because she deserves it for being such a witch!😃

    • Oh gosh I just do not like that woman. I cannot wait til she gets what she deserves.

      • Divya says:

        Yup!And oh my gosh,today’s epi was awesome!!Radha will definitely get caught of “stealing” the necklace and blaming it on Meera/Gauri!So I can’t wait until she gets caught!Anyway,I don’t really like the direction where Dhawal is going.I mean that money and…….it’s confusing! I mean,I don’t like this side of him!But anyway,I really hope Radha gets caught!Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode!!😄😄

      • Yeah I feel so sorry for him, because he got caught up with those bad people thru no fault of his own. He’s doing this to protect his family because I believe they threatened him. I am so loving Koko because it seems like she is back her self as far as being the strong leader of the family and also helping Gopi by getting on Ahem’s case which I find comical at times. Do you see the face on Ahem whenever Koko gets on his case. Its so funny. I also cannot wait til Radha is caught. I love Gauri she is such a sweet adorable little girl. Just another Gopi I think. You can tell she is Gopi’s daughter. I just am so looking forward to the day when they find out she is Meera their long lost daughter. I think I will cry buckets on that day. LOL!

  32. Divya says:

    Today ‘s epi killed me!!!!😃😃😃😃😃Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am literally screaming right now!The way Rashi stood up for Gopi was amazing and the scene where Jigar was drunk because of bhang and was hugging Rashi was really funny!Anyways,so the way Baa and Hetal said it to Kokila(FINALLY!)was awesome!!!Anyway,so what I really agree with is when Madhu said to Radha that she refuses to get married to Ahem or else she is not her mother anymore!!And I could just NOT believe the way Radha was showing an attitude to Madhu!Felt so bad for her!!!Anyway,so the sneak previews showed Radha saying to Tripti everything about Meera and Kokila overhears everything!!!!! I just can’t wait for tomorrow!!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😄😄😄😄😄😄

    • YES! Yes! Yes! I was spinning over the last few episodes too. I loved it when Jigar was so high and went crazy loving on Rashi. That was so cute. But since the beginning of the show Jigar has always been the loving type of husband even when Rashi wasn’t the loving type of wife. You know that Radha is crazy so I was not surprised when she showed Madu so much attitude. And I was happy when everyone including Hetal’s husband spoke sternly to Koki that she was wrong in backing up Ahem to marry Radha. I loved that day. Then she finally went to the temple to get some clearance in her head and you know that’s how things go when you pray….. she was there for an answer and got it. She overheard everything between Radha and Tripti. I cannot stand that crazy Radha and Koki got to see how ruthless and cold that crazy witch is. Even Gopi’s daughter said it all when she said she hated Radha. But I cannot believe they brought Tripti back in the show because I thought she was in jail for killing Radha’s husband Uhmang. Whom everyone was glad to see gone anyway. My question is why does Tripti come back with so much power over Kokila. Since when is Koki such a weakling. I found it unbelieveable when Kokila was trying to get away from her with Meera. So now Kokila is in a coma at the hospital. Now I am doing your thing here. AHHHHHHHHH! This is crazy! I am screaming right now too. I cannot wait til Monday’s show.

      • Divya says:

        I know!Ahhhhhhh!😃😃😃😃! So I think Koki’s memory has gone to the past! I just want her to reavel Radha and Tripti’s truths!But it will be interesting to see how everyone will pretend to be someone else!Rashi will be Jigna!LOL!😃😃😃😃At least Kokila got closer to Gopi.Just that I am kind of sick of this storyline with Radha always winning!But it will be interesting,though.But I just hope that nothing happens to Meera(Gauri) because of Tripti and Radha.This might sound weird but I want Radha to become positive and be a loving sister.Just not Tripti!But Radha would be nice if she were like Gopi.Anyway,can’t wait for next epi!😃

      • I agree it would be nice if Radha would turn positive. But you tend to dislike her so much that it would be hard to forgive her for all her crazy behavior. Plus I would not trust her if she did become righteous all of a sudden. That Tripti is dangerous. I just hope they don’t get to harm Meera/Gauri. I figured that Koki would lose her memory. But when and if she gets it back I wonder what will happen. She might be worse then the way she was. Especially when she remembers what she overheard Radha saying to Tripti. Those two are made for each other. They don’t learn from their mistakes but get worse.

  33. Divya says:

    I know!I just hope Rashi will do something to reunite Gopi,Ahem,and Kokila.And I wonder if the Modi grandkids will help,out too.Anyway,so one thing I have also been thinking about is when Meera being alive will be reaveled to everyone.I mean,I am more than sure that the girl the Modi grands have been meeting at times is Meera.I just hope that epsiode comes soon because I have had enough of this negative storyline.Anyways,so I know that after the incident with Rashi everyone got worried and disturbed but isn’t anyone going to pay attention to Radha’s evil smirks?!Offo!Can’t wait for tommorow’s episode,though.

  34. Divya says:

    I know! I just saw a sneak peek from tomorrow’s episode! I think tomorrow will be the epi we’ve been all waiting for!But one think left me confused! Radha isn’t behind the fire?I don’t know but I hope somehow her dirty truth will be revealed! Anyway,so in today’s epi the Modi grandkids(Tolu,Molu,Vidya,and Pappu) were so cute when they beat those goons with rocks and demanded Gopi’s jewelry back!Soooo cute!Can’t wait for tommorow’s episode!

    • I loved it too. I laughed so hard when these crooks were being hit with the rocks by the Modi grands. It was so adorable. They saved Gopi that day thank goodness. I can’t wait til tonight to see what happens with Rashi. The sneak previews shows Gopi calling her name out and finding her in the nick of time. I guess Kokila and Rashi would be dead if Gopi did not come back.

      • Divya says:

        I know,but I saw yesterday’s episode and still Ahem And Kokila did not accept Gopi! I mean,I was fuming with anger when they were saying that Gopi is not their bahu(daughter in law)and not patni(wife)! I was actually full of hope and thought that Ahem would definitely accept Gopi after seeing the scene where Ahem puts his coat over Gopi.But no,for Kokila and Ahem it’s still not enough with what Gopi did! Anyway,I literally cried at the emotional hugs of Goshi(Gopi and Rashi).It feels sooo good seeing the two sisters close like that!And I think Urmila should be thankful to Gopi and not follow Radha’s evil directions! I just hope that poor Gopi gets a good loving family!

      • I don’t like what Kokila’s personality is changing into. I know she was always no nonsense and real strict but now she is becoming bitter and mean. I really don’t like that. Same with Ahem. But I always knew they were borderline to being mean and bitter. I still cannot believe how they are refusing to give Gopi a break. And yes I was so happy too that Rashi and Gopi are finally becoming close and loving towards each other now. This whole show have my nerves all wound up because after each show you just wonder what will happen next and that things can go so negatively. I pray that Ahem does not divorce Gopi. But I am liking the new Gopi…..she doesn’t seem so powerless anymore. It’s like she is standing up for herself a little better.

  35. Divya says:

    You are so right!Poor Gopi! I just saw something on telebuzz! It said that on the night of Holi,Rashi gets stuck in fire and Gopi will save her! I almost cried of happiness when I saw that! I hope that this twist will turn Rashi positive and Ahem and Koki will accept Gopi again! I’ve been waiting years for Rashi to turn positive because I have had enough of her negativity! I love Rucha,but at times I dislike Rash! Yay for Rucha and Boo for Rashi!Anyway,I also hope that that witch Radha is behind the fire incident and get caught! Can’t wait for that epi to come! Yohooo!Lol!

    • I sure cannot wait to see this too. When Gopi saves Rashi. I am so glad to see them both getting closer to each other instead of Rashi always hating on poor Gopi who is always doing good to her anyway. I loved it when Gopi let Radha know the only reason she is even staying in the house is because she’s her sister. Because Radha is a nut case she has a lot of nerve to tell Gopi she needs to leave. So the telebuzz says that Radha is going to be behind the fire and witch Radha is getting caught. I cannot wait to see this. Yoooo Hoooo Yeah.

      • Divya says:

        I know! Especially since they dragged the story of Radha on and on! Anyway,so since this is going to happen on the night of Holi(a big celebration),I am always thinking that all of the shocking twists and turns happen at parties,festivals,big celebrations and so on!Don’t you think?But anyway,so I saw today’s epi!Ahem wants to marry Radha the goblin and divorce Gopi the angel!But Baa stood up for Gopi and really yelled at Ahem!But Ahem didn’t listen to her though I am thinking about this:the Modi family listens to Kokila always but not too Baa,but Baa is supposed to be the ruler of the house,right?But anyway,soooooooooo happy right now!I can’t wait!Yayyyyy!

      • I know I could not believe it when Ahem said he wanted to marry Radha. He must be really desperate to get back at Gopi. He needs to take a good look at Radha. LOL! I was also so glad when Baa stood up for Gopi too. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Please I hope the fool does not persist in marrying Radha though.

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