Love Me Some Anshuman and Paakhi: Tumhari Paakhi


Rainbow Rose

Rainbow Rose (Photo credit: INTVGene)

(Tumhari Paakhi Bol Na Dil Se Song)

Anshuman and Paakhi’s Love Song 


I just want to shout out to the world that “I am so in love with “Tumhari Paakhi!”

Anshuman (Mohammed Iqbal Khan) and Paakhi Rathore (Shraddha Arya) are just made for each other. Their chemistry is amazing! That’s why I just love Tumhari Paakhi!

Why even the snappy cute little melody of “Bol Na Dil Se” song just gives you goose bumps while listening to this amazing, happy, upbeat and cheerful tune? Why it’s just the perfect signature song belonging only to Anshuman’s and Paakhi’s relationship. Just looking at the two brings on a great big cheery smile. You have to admit that they are so naturally loveable. You just want to see them together all of the time because they are definately made for each other.

I’m so in love with the manly strength of Anshuman’s personality, especially with his being a self made successful, strong and proud business man. I can’t help but be a little hypnotized by his deep authoritative voice. So when the man means business, he means business because just the hearing his deep deep manly voice can be such a turn on. I tell you he is so, so hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Then you get to see that softer side of the man too. I just love it when he is getting close to Paakhi. My best scene yet was when he went running after Paakhi as she was leaving the mansion with her suitcase in tow and how he ran up to her to apologize for treating her the way he did and how he lovingly softened up to her.  Wow that was so awesome and such a loving scene. I had to get out the box of tissues and wipe the happy tears from my cheeks. Anshuman’s personality has a spicy authoritative and manly edge that is so enchanting. And then a soft and loving side that makes it a great combination that cannot be beat. Just an amazing perfect combination all wrapped up in one man along with his superb acting skills is so wonderful and very rare.

I just love it when he laughs, I love it when he smiles, I adore it when he’s serious, I love the way he moves, heck I just love me some Anshuman Rathore baby!

This week’s hour long shows were absolutely wonderful and all so amazing! And it is so far so good on the big “show down” between Paakhi and Tanya (Madhura Naik). Paakhi is so good at whatever she does. Girish (Rukhsar Rehman) said it in one magical word…she has the Midas touch!

Now what’s left to see is Anshuman to fall head over heels in love with her, I cannot wait til us fans get to see that very day.

I tell you that I could watch this amazing show morning, noon and night. I love a great love story line and so I am just all geared up!

It was kind of upsetting this week though to have to see Paakhi as she was so hurt for Ayaan  (Divyam Dama) when he found out that his parent’s are getting a divorce. So when they had to come straight out with it all and tell him the honest truth it was really heart breaking to watch.

I tell you didn’t that boy perform! If he had not been reformed by Paakhi I would have hated to see him reverting back to being his old spoiled self again. I was almost in tears when he showed how upset he was with just the thought of losing his new mom Paakhi.

And then I could not help but grin a little when he started telling his dad that Tanya is no good and was not good for them both at all.  Everybody knows that when it comes to children you cannot “pull the wool over their eyes” when it comes to bad company. They by nature can pick up on a mean spirited individual right away. So Anshuman should really start to understand and pick that up for himself too. I just hope it won’t be too late before he realizes the truth about Tanya. I just so very much look forward to the day that Anshuman will tell Paakhi how much he loves her and that he has fallen hard for her.

So with Ayaan spending the night with his uncle Girish and the two talking about things it was so nice to see how much of a wonderful person Girish truly is. It’s also good to know that he didn’t deliberately have an affair with another woman on his wife Lavanya (Rukhsar Rehman) producing a baby on the outside that broke her heart. The truth is that it was a huge misunderstanding and mistake on his part and he seems to really be regretful about it. I really hope to one day see his relationship with Lavanya improve. I think Girish is genuine and is really a good guy who was just caught up in a bad situation. But it seems like Lavanya is holding onto her pain and is bent on getting back at Girish for hurting her even though it was unintentional.

It’s really nice to see the relationship Girish has with Ayaan and how he is helping to guide Ayaan in a positive way by encouraging him on how to deal with the situation at home. I cannot wait to see what Ayaan’s little mind is going to come up with next as he is about to use his smarts to help bring his parents together and I just hope that the result will prove fruitful enough that his dad will become like him in that he’s so in love with his new mom Paakhi. But I’m going to be keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

~Tumhari Paakhi~

Anshuman Rathore/Ramya & Paakhi’s former husband (Mohammed Iqbal Khan)

Paakhi Pretap Singh/Rohan’s ex-girlfriend/Anshuman & Veer’s former wife (Shraddha Arya)

Ayaan Rathore/ Ramya and Anshuman’s son, Paakhi’s adoptive son (Divyam Dama)

Tanya Rana/ Rakshit’s daughter, Anshuman’s ex-fiance (Madhura Naik)

Girish Bhargav/Lavanya’s Husband (Sachin Shroff)

Lavanya Bhargav/Anshuman’s & Aryamaan’s sister (Rukhsar Rehman)



The  MARVELETTES – The Singles 1965 to 1972

The MARVELETTES – The Singles 1965 to 1972 (Photo credit: The_Old_Grey_Wolf)

The Marvelettes

“My Baby Must Be a Magician”


You are under my power

It is the power of love


Eyes that hypnotize

And all it takes is just one glance

Just one look at him

Puts me in a lover’s trance


Now listen, no rabbits in his hand

No pigeons up his sleeve

But you better believe

When I prove he can do so much


My baby must be a magician

Cause he’s sure got the magic touch


Oh, my morale was low

Then he appeared just like a genie

His love has the power

He’s my private great Houdini


No reading decks of cards

No cords that disappear

No special gear

Like Aladdin’s lamp and such


But my baby must be a magician

Cause he’s sure got the magic touch


Whenever I’m feeling bad

My baby simply kisses me

And then Presto, Chango, Alakazam

I’m alright again, oh yes I am, yes I am alright


No mystic crystal ball

No long black flowing cape

But I can’t escape

From his tender loving touch


Oh my baby must be a magician

Cause he’s sure got the magic touch

Say my baby must be a magician

Cause he’s sure got the magic touch


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