Laajo Means Life! Gustakh Dil


(Gustakh Dil-Sakhi Saiyyan Song)



Nikhil Bhardwaj (Vibhav Roy) said it himself that Laajo means life. Nikhil thinks about Laajo (Sana Shaikh) so much although he feels he’s in love with Ishana (Parvati Sehgal),  even Ishana said herself that Laajo did in six months what took her ten years to achieve in him.

Laajo Bhardwaj has become so ingrained in Nikhil’s life that it baffles her mother in law and Ishana. Who knows what would have happened if Nikhil’s sister Ayesha (Shraddha Jaiswal) had never alerted Nikhil to his behavior on how much importance he was giving to Laajo over Ishana, especially when he purchased the same exact bracelet for both of them on their birthdays. Who knows, if Laajo was given more time he might have woke up a year later and found he was in fact in love with her and broke off his relationship with Ishana altogether.

His sister Ayesha is a really off the wall character to me, almost like her mother in a way. They both can be such “Drama Queens” and overreact to every little thing. But I guess it’s true what they say that “the branch doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

Ishaani is so out of touch with reality from being overly pampered, sheltered and spoiled by her parents but I feel this down to earth poor guy she has become involved with is going to help plant her feet on the ground where they should be. I did feel bad for her when she could not even make a cup of tea for the man while he was sick because she didn’t know how, but he just might be good for her because he knew that her heart and intentions were good and she is not totally responsible for being the way she is.

This week’s hour-long episodes were amazing! I had to have about two or three boxes of tissues nearby because I was boohooing all week long over Laajo’s predicament. At first, I thought Laajo was going to die from that dreadful disease that took the lives of so many people in her village and dam near took her life as well. It was so frightening and sad to watch this week. Laajo’s personality is strong-willed as she was so involved in helping to take care of the people who fell sick in her village that she did not take proper care of herself most of the time. I felt as bad for her parents as they had to stand back and watch the whole drama. Laajo can be so high strung, yet determined to do things her way and at the same time, she is so good, honest, loveable and caring for others that it is truly amazing to watch. I believed it when she gave the last of her medicine to this young girl in her village because she felt the girl was way too young to die instead of her. This Laajo is some kind of courageous. I think that’s why Nikhil is so smitten by her. She is just so amazing to be around and he knows it too. She is so full of life, love, and excitement.


roses (Photo credit: ** RCB **)

I was feeling so upset for Laajo when she lost her will to live but thank goodness Nikhil showed up with the medicines and supported her. But even by the end of the week, I felt so bad for her once again because her love will be heading back home without her. I was hoping that her sickness was going to bring Nikhil closer to her and that he would wind up spending more time with Laajo. I wanted to believe that Nikhil was going to somehow realize that it’s her that he really loves.

Laajo’s parents Ram and Saraswati Bachan are just as amazing on this show. I found myself enthralled with their close and loving relationship that they have with Laajo and then also just watching their close loving relationship between the two of them is quite refreshing.

It’s so clear to see that Ram (Sushil Bounthiyal) cares so much for his wife Saraswati (Garima Shrivastav). It’s so nice to see that he is so careful and protective of her in that he chose to suffer silently for a while by withholding Laajo’s truth from her in order not to break her heart.



Garima Shrvastav is an awesome actress as she portrays her role as Saraswati to the hilt…always acting as a protective mother hen who overly fusses with her children and it’s apparent that it’s because she loves them to pieces.  This lady deserves an award for her role because her acting is superb.

The chemistry between Ram and Saraswati is huge! I am enjoying watching how well they rhyme and chime together as they make a great married couple and heads of their family.

Laajo’s baby sisters are just too adorable; you just want to squeeze their cheeks. You cannot help but fall for the loving way they deal with each other. It’s always so nice to see the beautiful sisterly love displayed between the three of them. Those two younger sisters are increasingly funny to watch as you get to see them more in the show.  I love how they are always up to mischief when it comes to Nikhil as they flattened the wheels on his jeep so he would stay longer at their village with Laajo.


Rose (Photo credit: kewing)

Well, it was a wonderful and happy week for me because I really enjoyed watching this week’s hour-long episodes and now I am so wondering what is about to happen next.

In the early part of the week, I was so worried for Laajo wondering if she was going to survive and if Nikhil was going to make it there to save her life once more. But by the end of the week, it was back to square one. So what is going to happen between these two? Will Nikhil and Laajo fall in love? Will Ishana realize it’s a hopeless cause and let Nikhil be with Laajo? I have to say that I was so proud in a way when Laajo chose not to hang around to be abused by Nikhil’s bad behavior and returned to her village instead. Well, what did he think that she had no self-respect at all?



So it looks like I will have to keep my fingers crossed once more hoping things will change for the better and that Laajo will get her love. I want so badly that they will get closer together in spite of his relationship with Ishana. Although I did have a moment of feeling sorry for Ishana somewhat because she came first before Laajo but that was only for one minute. LOL!

I really do think Laajo seems to have a way about her that certainly moves something in Nikhil’s inner being that Ishana just cannot reach. But love triangles are always complicated and I hope this one breaks apart really soon.

~Gustakh Dil~

Laajo (Sana Amin Shaikh)

Nikhil Bhardwaj (Vibhav Roy)

Ishana (Parvati Sehgal)

Ayesha Ashiraj Ranawat/Nikhil’s sister (Shraddha Jaiswal)

Ram Bachan/Laajo’s Mother (Sushil Bounthiyal)

Saraswati Bachan/Laajo’s Father (Garima Vikrant Shrivastav)

Barkha Bhardwaj/Nikhil’s Mother (Meghna Malik)




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