Hoarder Horrors (Pt. One)

Four Tops (album)

Four Tops (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Four Tops

“Shake Me, Wake Me (When it’s Over)”


Most people have seen the show on cable about hoarding. Well I watched a couple of episodes and said to myself and please excuse my French but that’s some scary sugar honey Iced tea!

And I am not being insensitive towards the people who are hoarders, but dam did you see this show? Why this show is a clean person’s nightmare. I was so petrified at the thought that a living human being could live like that and feel all right about it. I know that most people don’t live in that way but when you see the few that do, it’s an overwhelming thought and very frightening to the spirit that goes to the heart of a human being. It’s sad because it’s like they are choosing to live life in a self-imposed hell.

After watching a few episodes I was thankful not to have “SMELL-A-VISION” and so it felt as if the flames of hell were lapping around the bottoms of my feet….LOL! because I could not help it….. I got busy doing laundry and some light cleaning.

Well, it was the night after watching this show that I had a horrible dream that piles of garbage, junk and clutter was chasing after me and closing in on me. In the dream, I was living as a hoarder all buried in mountains and mountains of junk and garbage! I was screaming and saying “Somebody shake me! Wake me! Tell me when it’s over!”

Clean Bathroom

Clean Bathroom (Photo credit: moofbong)

So my husband shook me and woke me up out of the dream…….I woke up in a cold sweat and he asked me what happened. I said I dreamed I made a decision to never clean the house again because a hoarding tendency had taken me over…….. OH NO! and then junk, garbage, and clutter started chasing me down! I was overtaken over by it all. I was breathing hard and could hardly catch my breath……..

Anyway, it felt like the flames of hell were lapping underneath your feet again…. LOL! because the next morning I couldn’t wait to get up and go into cleaning mode again, picking through my closet getting rid of old clothes I no longer want and need and cleaning my bathroom. LOL!

I tell you I watched as the doctors would diagnose the hoarders in the shows and reveal that the hoarders do not see the filth nor do they see the garbage they are piling into their homes nor do they feel the need to ever clean it.

So when they said that hoarders have “hoarding tendencies” long before becoming one well that information alone just frightened me. They also said that it could take one or two traumatic life events like a death in the family or crisis that leads to this full-blown disease. And that the hoarder likes to fill their space up with material things because it compensates for not having relationships and that they are basically lonely and depressed people.

I tell you that there are tons of lonely and depressed people in the world, but does that mean that we will have a nation of hoarders? I sure as hell hope not. So as the show moves along you’d see them getting help in cleaning out their homes and towards the end of each episode they would show the hoarders living condition greatly improved after the imposed clean up and it was so clear to see the wonderful change in their overall mood and personality. All they needed was the extra help and push.

I must admit that there are times when I don’t feel like cleaning and I just want to relax….I dream of having maid service instead and I do hire help from time to time but those moments are few and far between trust me when I tell you because I clean even when I don’t feel like cleaning.

I really have to be physically too sick to even move about and just absolutely cannot get out of bed at all or almost half-dead or in a coma before I find myself sitting around doing totally nothing about my living conditions rather than making and keeping a safe, clean and healthy environment for myself and my husband.

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