Paakhi Makes You Proud to Be Called A Woman/Wife~ Who’s The Better Woman Challenge on Tumhari Paakhi



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You know you’re sexy too, I like your attitude, I ain’t even mad at you, girl your still my boo, you’re the braids, the weave, the skirt, the jeans, still my queen, baby girl go do your thing, so glad your mine…….

After watching the little convincing and support that came from her brother in law Girish (Rukhsar Rehman)  somewhere deep down inside of me I knew that Paakhi (Shraddha Arya) was not going anywhere now.

Anshuman (Mohammed Iqbal Khan) had no idea that what he thought he saw while he was trying to rid himself of guilt by play-acting an apology to Paakhi at Tanya’s (Madhura Naik) suggestion was actually real. Paakhi stood there hidden and was listening to the whole thing as she cried when she heard her man brake down in tears with grief over having done his wife Paakhi dirty.

But when Paakhi stepped out onto the balcony he was shocked to see her and so she lovingly took her husband’s hand and invited Tanya to have breakfast downstairs with them. She knew he had not eaten anything for a couple of days and yelled at the staff when they put too much butter in his meal. It was at that moment that I knew it was going to be on and popping!

First I’d like to say that Paakhi makes you feel so very proud to be a part of the species called womanhood. I was thoroughly amazed at how she stood up for her marriage relationship with Ansuhman on tonight’s show.

Thanks to her brother in law who made her realize that she did have a positive effect on Anshuman and Ayaan and to face the truth that Anshuman doesn’t love Tanya the way he’s been making her believe but the truth is that Anshuman is in obsessed with the business profit aspect and that’s why he is accepting Tanya in his life and so that’s why Paakhi should not give up on Anshuman and their marriage so easy just yet.

Girish told her that she has the Midas touch and that the proof is that only within a few days she challenged herself to be able to bring Ayaan’s (Divyam Dama) behavior under control and now this same terrible child is calling her mom instead of arrogantly calling her DNW (Dad’s New Wife) as he did. It’s amazing how this child is so goo-goo gaga over her and absolutely loves and adores her now.

He even went further to prove how much Anshuman has changed and was connected to her through her touch and how he is so restless and anxious about her now that he thought she was gone for good out of his life. Paakhi slipped into the room switching hands with an employee for a few seconds as she aided in getting his fingerprints done at the bank for his identification code and Anshuman could tell that Paakhi had been in the room and touched him for that brief moment although she hid quickly as he turned to look around to confirm it was her indeed. It was Girish’s idea to trick Anshuman and to have the bank employees agree to lie to him and tell him she was not anywhere in the bank.


Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So it’s with Paakhi’s realization that Anshuman’s girlfriend would not make a better wife for her husband but is just an opportunistic selfish spoiled rich girl who wants nothing more than the status of being Anshuman’s wife and wants’ nothing to do with his child and so it’s her intention to put Ayaan in a hostel once she and Anshuman is married or so she thinks.

I was jumping up and down in my seat and rooting for Paakhi as she spoke her mind to Tanya and Anshuman it was so amazing to watch as Anshuman sat there in shock and never saying a mumbling word the entire time. I believe he knows Paakhi loves him and cares for him in a way he has come to love. I believe that he loves her but just did not have the courage to say so.

When Tanya burst out telling Paakhi to leave the house and Paakhi so calmly responded by inviting her to have some orange juice too that’s when Tanya threw the glass of juice on the floor. At the moment Paakhi flipped! I loved it! I just LOVED every moment of the confrontation. When Paakhi went for the juggler and said: “This is between you and me now”. I just knew it was on and popping for sure.

someone to spend my life with…….

that’s why you’re my wifey

Paakhi had no problem in setting Tanya straight when she simply reminded her where she stood in the midst of it all when she went on to say “this house belongs to me and that glass you broke belongs to me and I am Anshuman legal and lawful wife! Whew! I loved it!!!

Then she went on to say “Rajput family never spares those who cast an evil eye on our family and you have challenged my relationship she said.

Tanya had the nerve to open up her mouth and say “This is not your house!”

Batman Thumbs up

Batman Thumbs up (Photo credits: Giphy)

I thought for a moment that I was watching an episode of BATMAN and ROBIN! Remember those fights and brawls and how you would see those highlighted captions of each blow being made between Batman, Robin, and the Joker-like POW! Bang! Boom! Or I felt like I was at a boxing match of some sort because believe me Paakhi was winning!

As Paakhi and Tanya stood “TOE TO TOE” as my father used to call it. HAHA! Yes, I loved every minute of it! Because I was weaving and what not screaming out ouch! LOL!

I loved it when Paakhi threw a punch and said:

“Did you think that I’d quietly leave this house if Anshuman asks me to and then you’d marry him and everything would be settled?  No! If you want to marry Anshuman then I will have to divorce him first.”

POW! Bang! BOOM! That was the first punch. Then Paakhi went on to say……

“I am Anshuman’s legal wife, our marriage is registered. Then she turned to Anshuman and said do you remember we had registered our marriage with the registrar in Chittor.

POW! POW! POW! That was the second punch!

Then Paakhi went on to tell Anshuman:

“Did you think you can behave as per your whims and fancies and apologize and I’d leave? She said I once even considered divorcing you and going away but I realized that I have been cheated. Then I decided that I won’t go away so easily.

Next punch! POW! WOW! LOL! LOL!

PAAKHI IS AMAZING! Girlfriend is about to turn the tables on them, jokers, now.  So when she said “Accept my challenge and prove that you are better than me. I want to see how capable you are. “

YES! I felt that slap…..LOL! I had to duck! POW! BANG! It was a knockout!

So it’s on!

Never trying……always stood right by me,

making livin lively, highly spoken of, my only love, the only one you’re my wifey

Make my life complete


But u know when to flip it street freak, but only when it comes to me

See that’s why you’re my wifey 

I have to tell you I have never had so much fun. Today’s show was HOT! HOT! HOT! Whew! Paakhi girl you make me proud to be a part of womanhood! YES!

The house matron and servants all stood there shocked and eyeballs popping out to their heads. They already had a taste of Paakhi’s wrath first hand. LOL!

I tell you that it will be so much fun to watch this show from now on baby! I cannot wait to see actually how Paakhi plans to turn the tables on them all but mind you in a loving way! LOL!

English: Garden rose (Rosa canina)

English: Garden rose (Rosa canina) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since she is now openly challenging this girl. It’s time to see who will be the better woman. It’s time to prove who will be the better wife. Paakhi has decided that she will not just leave her family in the hands of a woman who does not love her husband or her son. I’ll be honest with you! I already know the answer to that question. LOL!

I am so looking forward to the rest of the episodes this week because now it looks as if Tanya will have to agree to do what Paakhi had to do when she first arrived at the mansion. You can trust me and I know that Tanya cannot light a candle next to Paakhi. Paakhi came into this family well qualified and equipped for her role.

I tell you that I just knew from the very first day that this show would turn out to be one of the best serials on cable! That’s right my intuition is so right on when it comes to these types of things. LOL!

This you should know, cause you had my

Mind blown, oh oh

I cannot wait for the rest of this week’s show. What will always stay in my mind is how Paakhi is letting them all know she was far from being the dummy they had summed her up to be.

The proof is in the pudding as she read a line from the divorce papers and said…….

“In these divorce papers, it is written that in the alimony I can demand anything in cash or kind”.

“I can demand either money or anything precious. I don’t want the money! I want to make sure that I am leaving my husband and child with a capable person”.

“I demand that you accept my challenge!”

So it’s like I said…… IT’S GONNA BE ON AND POPPING!

You were so beautiful, Girl it was so critical

Girl, you looked so crucial, girl

Something about you is everything

You are mine


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roses (Photo credit: ** RCB **)

(Tumhari Paakhi Bol Na Dil Se Song:)


batman and robin pow:

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