Hypnotized By “Night Talk” ~ Tribute to Black History

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Linda Jones



(this image is at: http://www.soulwalking.co.uk/Linda%20Jones.html)


His famous words were……close your eyes and watch this!

He always has a gentle manly way about him

….a warm, kind and easy way of presenting ideas and truth….

he’d say “Guard your mind, beautify your mind” 

I was so drawn to his attractive brilliant mind….because intelligence in a man is so very sexy…….

he’d say “Change your mind”

It’s was his gentle nudging encouragement that fascinated me……..

and he’d say “Even the most giving person has needs”

……his deep calm, soothing and inviting voice was sweet like silky honey as he’d say:

 “See if your analysis of the world is always from a negative perspective”

so gently he convinced us…..

he’d say 

“as you grow there are other needs that all of us have,

like the need to be affirmed”

Night after night, he drew me closer and closer….. hungrily I listened to his every word….. 

I’ll always remember the things he would say and the way how he’d say them….

“You must be strong and of good courage…”

He was to be my high school homework assignment…..  I sat in the studio waiting room waiting for him and as I was about to interview him, I prayed he would not see the major crush I had on him.

I was such a shy and timid young girl back then, so nervous and afraid still I was amazed that he gladly allowed the interview to take place.

On the day I saw him in person I was unaware of how very handsome and tall he was and so when he walked into the room I stood amazed by his height. As I whispered to myself “Oh gosh he is so very tall and so good looking” and so he shook my hand and I had declared I will never wash my hand again. There I sat so hypnotized by him. LOL!

So as we talked he so graciously answered all of my questions one after the other… but all I could think about was how wonderfully amazing he was…..he was my idol, my idea of how I wanted my prince to be someday. I tell you I felt so blessed, fortunate and tickled to be in his very presence.

Night after night, I tried so hard to stay awake as he talked. I listened to him so attentively and most nights I’d fall off asleep listening to the magic of his amazing voice……oh gosh how I miss hearing his voice on radio……..

So who knew that it would be years down the road that I would be writing once again about him even so on my very own blog. Well I am still so tickled and amazed about this man.


February is Black History Month

so I’m showing more love on my blog to

one living person each week

and this week it’s………



Bob Law

(this image is at: http://www.buyblackallyearlong.com/coalition-of-black-media-owners-and-professional-organizations-launch-million-dollar-black-spending-power-campaign/)


He is a Community Activist, Controversial, Political, Fearless,

A Brilliant African American Man, Out of the Box Thinker,

Radio Talk Show Host, Inspiring,

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Husband, Chairperson,

Board Member, Youth Activist,

New Film Maker

He was the radio personality of New York’s WWRL FM radio station’s “Night Talk” when I first heard his amazing deep voice. It was a call in national broadcast talk show that he hosted throughout the 80’s and the 90’s and he was the Vice President of programming.

He’s served as a board member of the historic Black Music Association, hosted a midday talk show on WURD AM in Philadelphia, the national program consultant. Founder of the National Respect Yourself Youth organization and owner of Namaskar (a health and wellness store) and owner of Bob Law’s Seafood Café in Brooklyn New York. He’s served as NYS chair person of the Million Man March. Organizer of PowerNomics, chairman of the board of the Black Spectrum Theatre in Queens New York. Producer of a film called “Saying It Loud” which is a documentary about black radio.

Million man march, Washington DC, 1995 - great...

Million man march, Washington DC, 1995 – great manifestation organised by Nation of Islam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I found his biography information at this link; it’s just below this youtube interview of him here: Bob Law 8/2/11 Original Air Date


Below are more video’s I found so any interested party can have easy access here.

Oh My Goodness! I tell you that I could watch and listen to this charming intelligent Black man speak on You-tube all day long. It is my only wish and I am sure he has plenty fans that wish just as I do that he was back on radio even today.


Radio Veteran Bob Law on Black Talk Radio:


Bob Law speaks at Trayvon Martin Rally In Harlem:


Bob Law at Long Beach M.L.K. Day:


Bob Law @ Coalition for Public Education:


Interview re: Freedom Party:


Bob Law Speaks about Mother’s against Guns Part 1:


The Death of Black Radio with Bob Law:


Bob Law Night Talk Live… WBAI

He’s in Various News Articles about Black Radio

Black radio in danger:


Black radio under threat:


Black owned radio



Bob Law on Twitter:



(this image is at: http://www.soulwalking.co.uk/Linda%20Jones.html)

Linda Jones





La la la la la, ha ha



You’ve got me Hypnotized

All it took just one

Little look into your eyes


I’ll do what ever you say

Command me and I’ll obey

La, la la


You’ve got me walking and talking in a trance

In the fairy tale magic spell of romance

Make me love you

Make me kiss you

My heart is yours to command


Gee gee I’m so hypnotized

Just one touch of your fingertips

One kiss from your sweet, sweet lips


I’ll go where ever you want me to go

And everything I got is yours

La, la la


You’ve got me hypnotized

In the spell that you cast

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2 Responses to Hypnotized By “Night Talk” ~ Tribute to Black History

  1. larry bardlavens says:

    I too have been Inspired and uplifted by Bob Law…..for 3 years I listen while working a night job in NY…as I now live in NC…..boy I miss him….is there anyway to still hear or see him…..thank you

    • It’s so nice to run into someone who used to listen to Bob Law on the radio back in the day. Well I really miss his talks and I wish he were back on radio because I would be one of his fans most definately. But I am so sorry other then checking YouTube for anything current, I really don’t know much. But perhaps anyone passing by reading this post should know please let us know. So nice meeting you though. Feel free to stop by again.

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