She’s The Queen of Late Night Talk: Tribute to Black History

african violet

african violet (Photo credit: ankakay)

She’s a story teller who is known as

“Queen of Late Night Talk”

an amazing leader

who is very empowering,


and inspiring!


She’s an African American woman

from the old school…she’s an older wise woman

who makes you want to sit

at her feet

and learn, learn, learn…..


believe me you cannot help

but to feel her wonderful amazing energy!


February is Black History Month

I thought it so cool to show today even more love on my blog to

one living person per week

and this week it’s………


(this image is at:


Community Activist, advocate, voracious book reader, spiritual, conversationalist

and nationally syndicated talk show host. 

In case you have never heard of her…. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO A SISTER WHO IS AN AMAZING conversationalist and an unapologetic activist.

She is very much involved in the development of African American people and Black people worldwide by creatively using her intelligent voice to address and discuss controversial issues and topics that affect us.

Bev Smith is a well known radio and television talk show host and is known as a controversial advocate who speaks to the issues affecting the African American Community. She is known for her fiery passion and directness when it comes to discussing and covering various topics and issues such as economics, discrimination, racial tension, sex discrimination, women’s rights, health issues and lots of other high profile topics and issues that effect African Americans. She is very devoted to literacy in this country and hopes to see African American’s read more and more books, especially books on their history.

She has hosted talk shows such as “Our Voices” and “The Bev Smith Show” and presently is traveling the country holding “town hall meetings” to bring to the table topics that need to be discussed helping to find solutions and contributing to the uplifting of African American’s and all black people in the world.

She believes that it is vital that people of color form and gather as family and organize as community and as to why it is important for their own survival. Also she believes it is of utmost importance that we become more responsible in instilling and restoring African American pride amongst ourselves along with taking responsibility as Americans to do our civic duties and to educate ourselves in various arenas’. She is one who wants to tell the stories of Black history that have been left untold. She talks about America, economics, financial literacy and what some will do for the almighty dollar.

She has received the 1990 Radio Air Crystal Award along with various other awards and trophies for her contributions to radio and television.

She has interviewed on her shows various famous people such as Vice President Al Gore, Bill Cosby and many others.

Here are a few interesting links on Bev Smith,

an interview and three samples of her talk shows on youtube video below:


Coffee with Bev


BET’s “Our Voices” show


The Bev Smith Show: Keod Smith


Bev Smith: Louis Bacon


For more info check out two sites with her biography and face book here:

Written Biography of Bev Smith

Another written Biography of Bev Smith

On Face book

Right here tune into the Bev Smith Radio Show

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby (Photo credits: Giphy)

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