Quick Easy and Delicious Waffles


waffles (Photo credit: deltaMike)

Yesterday we had some tasty waffles for breakfast!

Well…… maybe they weren’t cooked the good old fashioned way but all I had to do was spray a little butter flavored non stick cooking spray on the waffle iron and then opened a package of the refrigerator cinnamon rolls and placed four at a time on my hot waffle iron and closed it. Then within the time that it takes to make a few pieces of toast we had cinnamon waffles. Then we topped them with the cream cheese sauce that came in the package and they were really good. Clean up was easy.


Yum (Photo credit: jessicacasetorres)

What surprised me is how quick and easy it was to cook them up and although they tasted very different from the way they do when oven baked I was just as satisfied with the result. It was such an easy way to have waffles for breakfast with out all the fuss.

So I cooked the entire package of eight rolls and I must say it was the easiest breakfast I have ever made besides making toast in a toaster or just pouring cold cereal into a bowl with milk.

I saw the idea for this recipe on pinterest here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/11188699046513870/

My husband and I talked about the many ways we could have them again next time. So next time I am going to try putting some chopped fresh fruit on them like berries and bananas along with some delicious maple syrup. Or maybe make a ice cream sandwich for dessert.

Just the thought of the many ways to have them sounds so yummy!


This I want to try as well. The devils food cake mix waffles link here:



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9 Responses to Quick Easy and Delicious Waffles

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  2. gusto&grace says:

    Thanks for including a link to my post! Your Cinna-waffles look delish!

  3. Now that’s what I call “re-inventing the wheel.”

  4. try brownies! They are really good too!

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