A Visionary Sister! Tribute To Black History


She’s a dreamer, seer, castle builder and thinker….


She’s inspiring, beautiful, a leader, young and a African American woman.

She resides in the Bronx of NYC.

This sister has made a decision

to bring love and beauty

to her community



 And believe me you cannot help

but to feel her wonderful energy!


So since February is Black History Month

 I thought it so cool to show some love on my blog to

one living person per week

and this week its………


Majora Carter

Majora Carter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


   In case you never heard of her…. LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO A SISTER WHO IS AN AMAZING out of the box visionary

involved in the development of her community with bringing green jobs

and the green lifestyle. She’s a pioneer who is reaching out and bringing people together to creatively make things better in a unlikely place.

Sadly the Bronx has had a poor reputation of being

a very undesirable place to live due to the poverty, unclean climate, violence

and so much more problems known to the inner city. She is working to bring positive change to this area and is doing an amazing job.

Check her out right here at the links below and enjoy! Here:


~Greening The Ghetto~


Majoracarter on Speaking Up and Speaking Out/ Joes Pub NYC


More on info on Majora Carter here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Majora_Carter

Website: http://www.majoracartergroup.com/

See this amazing article at this blog: http://thesmarterparty.blogspot.com/2010/10/majora-carter-and-social-equity.html


MY TWO CENTS……(My Experience Living in the Bronx)

NYC Transit New Flyer D60HF #5400 works the Bx...

NYC Transit New Flyer D60HF #5400 works the Bx40 line at Burnside and Jerome Avenues in Bronx, NY. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recall my very first apartment was in the Bronx……..

to me it’s an amazing place bursting at the seams with diversity.

It is another part of NYC that is multicultural and multiracial.

Crossing the Throgs Neck

Crossing the Throgs Neck (Photo credit: afagen)

What I loved at the time about living in the Bronx was that the streets were always full with lots of people….always doing and being.

In the summer you’d get to witness inner city children playing at the fire hydrant

(which had a sprinkle system)

on another a crowd of teenagers blasting loud music

 and see a person walking their dogs

another group heading to work and so on and so forth.

Next door to me was a woman from Puerto Rico and we became friends very quickly.

Although she struggled with the English language, we were still able to understand each other. We exchanged cups of sugar, butter or milk when we ran out.

The Hub on Third Avenue. "The Hub" i...

The Hub on Third Avenue. “The Hub” is the retail heart of the South Bronx. The Hub is the retail heart of the South Bronx, New York City. Between 1900 and 1930, the number of Bronx residents increased from 201,000 to 1,265,000.[3]. The Hub is the retail heart of the South Bronx, a Hispanic neighborhood with a large Dominican population. Español: “The Hub” (El eje) es el corazón de South Bronx. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We would go back and forth between each others apartments,

sharing different kinds of foods

and I would play with her three children

who were absolutely adorable.

The building landlord was not as bad as some but he wasn’t the best either.

One thing about all the tenants in our building is that we all would stick together in helping to keep the building clean.

I was very young, bright eyed and bushy tailed (LOL) and didn’t have much at that time.

Asia Gate Entrance at Bronx Zoo.

Asia Gate Entrance at Bronx Zoo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My apartment had the necessities like a kitchen table, chairs, a bed and a bean bag chair. Those buildings apartments had high ceilings and the rooms were huge. It was an old building but it was old, beautiful and had a lot of charm.

I got to live in the Bronx for one year on my own, it was too brief and then

I had to move back home with my family. I must say I loved the whole atmosphere of the Bronx

English: Puerto Rican Sofrito

English: Puerto Rican Sofrito (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and my most memorable times were spent eating in different types of restaurants with friends where I experienced having a lot of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Columbian, Latin, Domenican and Cuban Cuisines.





English: Latest Image on the new Yankee Stadium.

English: Latest Image on the new Yankee Stadium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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