Karma Is A B—ch! My Favorite Soap Tumhari Paakhi


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I am so done with Anshuman Rathore (Mohammed Iqbal Khan) and how he turned against Paakhi Rathore (Shraddha Arya) on this week’s Tumhari Paakhi. Don’t get me wrong I am in love with Anshuman but I still cannot believe how much of a coward he was this week. I am glad to see how his conscience is eating him up in all of this because he is not treating Paakhi fairly.

Since the beginning of the show when he brought Paakhi home to his mansion he knew full well his intentions were not right. He knew he did not care for her and so yet he still married her and brought her to his home to use her anyway. Poor Paakhi is thinking only good thoughts of him and working to build the marriage up and he is busy trying to break it apart. So tell me how dumb is that? He knew he did not want to be married to her and just planned to use her for his benefit as far as his business was concerned.



It looks like he is running out of patience with Paakhi now because she is showing him up each time. She always comes out smelling like a rose after their plans fail to remove her from the house. What I want to know is why doesn’t he just man up and go ahead and be honest with Paakhi. I feel he should just tell her he doesn’t want to be with her and let the chips fall where they may.

As if things weren’t bad enough he then brings into the mix his terror like small son Ayaan (Divyam Dama). This child really is playing the role! Where in the world did they find this child? My first thought was—“Is this child in any way related to the children of the corn? LOL!

What terror! That boy is hell on wheels! First off he does not give any respect to Paakhi as his stepmother. He has called her by every name he could think of but her real name. His favorite name for her lately is “DNW” meaning “Dad’s New Wife.” At first, you might think he is being cute by calling her “DNW” but I think the child is way too grown for his bridges (pants) and really out of control. Yes really! Paakhi is trying her best to work with her inherited spoiled brat of a kid and gain his love and respect. Well, I say good luck.



I am still in shock at how this child lied and manipulated his teacher and the house matron into helping him to have Paakhi arrested and put in jail, alleging she abused him which was not the case at all.

What I don’t like is that Anshuman knew his son Ayaan was up to no good and so he stepped back and allowed the craziness to unfold thinking wrongly and saying what he could not do his son will get done. He knows that his son has no limit to his wrong thoughts and behavior and he is being so irresponsible as a parent in allowing Ayaan to get this far out of control towards Paakhi. I tell you all of this is way beyond me.

So when Anshuman said he wanted to put bratty Ayaan into a hostel, Paakhi should have left that alone and let Anshuman do as he wanted because she is new to the picture and should trust that Anshuman knew something about Ayaan that she is unaware of. But there’s a saying to let a person be who they are. Well, I say you just have to let Paakhi be Paakhi.  You have to admire her in that she is trying to be a good mother to Ayaan and is insisting that Ayaan needs a loving family and so she is working to convince Anshuman to let him remain at their home.

It’s as if Paakhi didn’t have enough trouble with Anshuman’s sister Lavanya (Rukhsar Rehman) hating on her and working double shift on getting Paakhi driven away and sent back to her village in Chittorgarh but it’s turning out that all bets are being ruined as Paakhi always outdoes a good job at outsmarting them all and fate seems to be in her favor somewhat.



So now Lavanya (Rukhsar Rehman) is getting a taste of her own crookedness thru her finding out that her husband Girish (Rukhsar Rehman) has had an affair and a love child on top of that. So she is hurt, angry and disappointed in her husband’s trickery and deception. I know it really had to hurt her after she had grown to love this baby thinking the parents were dead as her husband fooled her and told her this. It’s sad to see an innocent little baby being hurt and forced into the middle of all this mess. But you know the old saying that Karma is a B—h!

Now this week on the show Anshuman’s old girlfriend Tanya (Madhura Naik) who I believe is Mr. Rana’s (Ritu Viu) daughter has shown up on the scene and now she is working along with the rest of the gang to help get rid of Paakhi too so she and Anshuman could get married once Paakhi is long gone. So with all this negativity against Paakhi who knows how things will turn out? My prayers go out for her. LOL! I know if it were me I would have been long gone by now.



I don’t see Paakhi’s efforts really amounting to much if things continue as they are going. I am a bit disappointed too because I was hoping Anshuman would soften up to Paakhi and fall in love with her.

I am starting to feel like that this entire bunch only deserves each other and in no way do they deserve to have such a sweet loving person as Paakhi at all in their lives. What a mess she stepped up into.

On one hand, Paakhi is still such an amazing person who is still devoted and working to make their marriage thrive and give it half of a chance. But this family cannot see how she is so above all of their foolishness because she is generally a decent person. She’s outsmarted them and yet they still won’t give her what’s due to her.

On the other hand, it is so sad to see how Paakhi has no clue as to what is going on behind the scenes although she knows the matron and house workers have been plotting against her from day one. I loved it when she put the fear of God into them. LOL! But I don’t think she knows her husband is the main reason for all of the problems she’s been experiencing. I wonder how she is going to respond if she ever finds out the truth about him and that he is the one that’s working against her behind her back to get rid of her.

So is this the way to treat someone? Well, I don’t think so! All I could do for now is keep watching and hope that things work out for the best for Paakhi.




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