He’s King of the Ogres; Them Ragamuffins! Mahabarat 2013 On Star Plus

I just could not stop laughing this week while watching Mahabarat. I loved it!

Especially when they crowned Bheem (Saurav Gurjar) King of the Ogres! It was hilarious. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

They go in but don’t come out! It’s been know that anyone who wonders into the illusionary forest of the demon Ogres region turns out to be eaten by supper time. LOL!

So Bheem is being teased to death by his other four brothers Sahadev (Lavanha Bhardwaj), Nakul (Vin Rana), Arjun (Shaheer Sheikh) and Yudhishthir (Rohit Bharadwaj) and it was extra funny to see their mom Kunti (Shafaq Naaz) telling them to be quiet about the teasing but she was getting a kick out of it too.

I was cracking up laughing when Bheem asked his eldest brother Yudhishthir if it is true that he will now have to take the place of the King of the demons because he killed the King in a battle for their lives. It was so funny to watch as they further teased him and was laughing begging him not to eat them. Poor Bheem had no idea that he was being tricked into liking Princess Demoness Hidimba (Vaishnavi Dhanraj) and that she was an illusionary Demon Ogre underneath all that beauty he saw at first.

When they ran into the illusionary forest to get away from their Guru’s (teacher) son because they did not want anyone to know they were still alive after the palace fire they had no idea that things would turn out to be hilariously funny in regard to the Ogres.

The ogres look like a bunch of ragamuffins who are known as the demons who trap unsuspecting humans who wonder into their illusionary forest thus having them for supper a long awaited rare meal. LOL!

So this show was extra extra funny! Bheem complained as to why they brought him there and why they did not tell him this before he killed the King. LOL! If he had known this he surely would have let that girl Princess Hidimba show him the way out of the forest instead. LOL!

But I have to say it was so cute seeing Bheem getting all dressed up as an King Ogre and get married into the Ogre clan. They were so cute and adorable. LOL! Oh man this show was the funniest yet. Hilariously funny show this week! I give it a big thumbs up.


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3 Responses to He’s King of the Ogres; Them Ragamuffins! Mahabarat 2013 On Star Plus

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  2. vidamanejo says:

    Missed out on an entire week! Clearly need to catch up 🙂

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