Hobby Prepping Gives a Mind Frame of Being Prepared for Almost Anything

Since becoming a Hobby Prepper it has caused me to think about things in ways I normally would not.


Hospital (Photo credit: José Goulão)

Sometimes a person finds themselves hospitalized for various reasons. It could be for selective surgery or to have a baby or due to minor or serious illnesses. But one thing is for sure that most would want their stay to be as comfortable and as pleasant as possible.

For instance on the day I went to the doctor and he told me he’d like to have me admitted in the hospital if my health condition gets any worse and put me on an IV drip for a few days on up to possibly a week and it’s true that nobody really wants to be there or looks forward to a stay in a hospital and I myself would prefer to stay at home and take care of myself there. But if a day came where I just had to be hospitalized I sure would want to make myself as comfortable as possible.

So that’s when I started thinking about and asking my self these questions. What would I like to bring with me or have brought to me while in a hospital? What would I like to do in order to keep myself occupied and to pass the time while sleeping and resting until I can return home once again? Then my vain self started thinking that first and foremost I would like to look pretty while there and that’s for sure. I want to look pretty for when my husband or anyone comes to visit me and also so that I feel encouraged while in there. I am positively sure that I wouldn’t want to wear one of those pitiful ugly hospital gowns with the back out LOL! You know with the built in air conditioning. Ha Ha!


roses (Photo credit: ** RCB **)

So then a light bulb went off in my head and I thought maybe I could be prepared ahead of time for this. So I thought it would be good if I could get together something a little bit more than the “simple hospital bag” and what would it look like. Well getting an overnight bag together for myself so my husband nor I would have to go crazy putting my things together at the last minute. I absolutely do not like to feel panicked and so forget the things I feel are important for me to have with me. So I sat down and made a list of some of the things I would really like to have with me in a hospital setting lasting for a few days or up to a week at anytime.

I remember in the past whenever I had to be in a hospital for an extended period of time and although I was in lot of pain initially, eventually if I wasn’t I would get to the point where I could get out of bed a little more and walk to the recreation area or to the sun room for a while. I remember always feeling so bored towards the end of my stay there. I also wished I had some of my personal things with me to help pass the time. Although most times I would always rent a phone and TV but over time I’d still be bored. I liked it when I could shower, sit up in bed and chat with visitors who most often brought me get well cards, gifts, flowers and candy and so I liked having visitors but after they are gone then what.

I also didn’t like it when I’d run out of people to call or when they would eventually stop calling so much and the TV shows were sometimes not all that entertaining. And I know being in the hospital is where you will get much rest or your feeling sick or in pain most of the time.

I recall that each time I was in a hospital and my husband would spend quality time with me I’d always ask him to look for certain things for me to bring from home and a lot of the time he tried but could not find some of the things I wanted him to bring.

So I thought that the next time I ever am hospitalized I want to do things much differently.

So the idea to pack a few things in a bag came to me. Then I thought with all the stuff I like I would definitely need more than just one bag. LOL!

I realized that I would need to pack at least four (4) different types of bags plus a snack basket. I’d need to pack one garment bag (to bring), one toiletries bag and one bag for entertainment/miscellaneous things. Plus set aside one garment bag with fresh clothing for my husband to bring on my discharge day.

Robes (Dressing Gowns)

Robes (Dressing Gowns) (Photo credit: Tolka Rover)

Garment Bag

Presently I don’t have a garment bag that I’d like to take with me so I will need to shop for two of them but I went ahead and set aside the things I’d want to have in them anyway.

For one bag I set aside two comfy pretty robes (one light and one heavy), three night gowns along with two cute pair of bed room slippers (one with a kitty heel and one flat warm comfy pair).  For the second bag I set aside a dress to return home on discharge day.

Pretty little evening bag.

Pretty little evening bag. (Photo credit: JIGGS IMAGES)

Overnight Bag

Then I picked a pretty pink colorful cloth overnight bag to put my delicious body lotion, luscious Shea butter face cream, my favorite foot cream, shower gel and puff, my huge fat bars of body and face soaps (I need to purchase 2 soap cases at the 99cent store to put them in once they are opened), two personal pretty face and body wash cloths, two pretty embroidered hand towels, my favorite cinnamon flavored mud tooth paste, one battery operated tooth brush (in a case), cinnamon dental floss and herbal mouthwash and two clothes hangers.

Pink lipstick

Pink lipstick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I packed a few pieces of my favorite kinds of make up and lip balm. I put in a tiny make up bag two different shades of lipstick, dark eyebrow pencil, and black mascara.

I also packed two different pairs of pretty earrings, two hair combs, a hair brush, my homemade hair cream/lotion, a head band and two of the prettiest silk scarves just in case.

English: nail polish Polski: lakier do paznokci

English: nail polish Polski: lakier do paznokci (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know for a fact I would like to keep my nails pretty and polished so I put in a small nail care kit that would include small clippers, a nail file, cotton balls, nail polish remover and one nail polish and base and top coat.

I also put one week’s supply of fresh pretty lacy intimates and some soft sock slippers just in case to keep my toes and feet toasty and warm.

My having these types of things with me may seem trivial and unimportant to most people but for me they are huge. I would feel so miserable without having these types of girly personal things nearby and although most hospitals supply you with miniature sized personal items such as these, a lot of time their products are very drying to the skin and so I’d rather bring my own. I would like to use some of the things I am accustomed to using.

Movie night

Movie night (Photo credit: Andrei Z)

Entertainment Bag and Miscellaneous Things

Now as far as my entertainment bag is concerned well I packed an old and nice sized DVD player so I could watch some of my favorite Hindi/Bollywood movies to help pass the time with. Also packed in this bag my diary, pretty flower pens, a few of my favorite Hindi and American magazine subscriptions, one really good book to read, puzzle books and a small Bible. Also I put in my headphones and CD player with a few CD’s to listen to my favorite kinds of music and I would like to but won’t bring my IPod.

A typical throw pillow (cushion) found in a su...

A typical throw pillow (cushion) found in a suburban home. Note the barely visible pubie in the the upper-right quadrant of the cushion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A tiny battery operated alarm clock so I can wake up early to shower, freshen, pray and meditate. I put in my Himalayan salt lamp with dimmer switch for a nice ambience to my bedside while sleeping. One of my sweet smelling essential oils with oil warmer to make my surrounding smell nice. I added a video game too.

One thing I know for sure is that I definitely cannot live without my embellished pretty snuggle pillow! YES! So I will get my husband to bring it in the car for the very first night of sleeping for me.

A flannel pillow case and a pretty and colorful blanket quilt or bed spread and a beautiful framed photo of my husband and family on the table beside my bed.

So this is what my three bags and miscellaneous things would look like.

Trail Mix Snack Bags Kids Food Basket January ...

Trail Mix Snack Bags Kids Food Basket January 03, 20114 (Photo credit: stevendepolo)

Snack Basket

I’d pack a few baggies of snacks like fruit bars, cereal bars, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, wheat crackers, a pack of my favorite strawberry twizzlers, soft and hard candies and I will add at the last minute if I could a small bag of popcorn, pretzels, fruit snack cups and fresh fruit. Along with my personal water bottle, my favorite tea cup, tea bags, honey and soft drink packets I could mix in individual water bottles.

So now having done it all I feel I am ready and well prepared NOW!

In Conclusion

I am thinking that I would pack my computer in its bag and have it set aside at home so that my husband can bring to me when he comes for a visit so I could have a few minutes of online fun and have him take it back home with him when he leaves.

So the only things I need to shop for are two more pretty night gowns along with an extra pair of bed room slippers and the two garment bags.

I am thinking too that if I had to stay longer then a week at a hospital I would have to convince my husband to wash these things for me and bring them back the following day.

So I am thinking how much easier it would be for my husband too if I had everything all packed and in one place so he’d know what to bring me when I asked him to. I know for one thing he would no longer have to go crazy finding these things to put together in a bag to bring to me. Instead just grab up the bags I’ve pre-packed already and bring them.

I am amazed at how being prepared would make things so much more easier, simple and help keep my mind occupied for some time while reluctantly there.

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