Amazing Leaders of All Time! No. One

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The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is so amazing! I could listen to and watch his videos on YouTube and watch his DVD’s forever! This man is a one of a kind. He is the ultimate unique and one of the most intelligent black leaders of all time. There is absolutely no one else like him.

This man is vibrant, charming, and strong and the most hottest 80 year old man I have ever seen! Don’t tell me, I know I shouldn’t have gone there! LOL! But I just had to admit that he has always been such a good looking man and to tell the truth I think highly intelligent men can be such a turn on baby! Whew! It’s true when they say that all the good ones are married. LOL!

Also there’s a lot of controversy surrounding him, a lot of people do not like him, but what interesting person doesn’t have some enemies. I believe he is misunderstood and the truth is he is a greatly admired and loved leader and is a voice to many in the black community.

I must add that it’s true that some take his views as being the opposite of that of  Dr. Martin Luther King. Some like to say the Dr. King represents the bringing of people together but instead see Farakhan as one bringing about a divide. But it’s in this area that I feel there is a disconnect. Because some clearly misunderstand his purpose and misunderstand what he means half the time and so many fail to see how he loves to stand up for his people and speak out against the suffering and anguish of the overall black community in a different way.

I must tell you that growing up poor as a young girl in a very large family and having been blessed to be around a wide variety of people I was exposed to some of the teachings of Louis Farrakhan back then. All the young people I knew just loved him, not only that but there were so many adults who was so crazy about him. He is such and intelligent eloquent speaker and so in today’s world YouTube is so amazing because you get to see and hear plenty of his talks and speeches along with some of the greatest people that you might not have gotten a chance to see or be exposed to ever.

I remember as a young girl growing up and hanging out with a group of friends and how we would sometimes get with our neighbors and other young people in the community who were a part of the “Nation of Islam” and I can clearly remember how these brothers and sisters were so eager to share what they learned at the mosque. When you are young you can really take life so serious. So as a Christian I wanted to learn as much as possible about the world about me and so I listened to them speak so passionately about their beliefs and expound on what was going on in the world. I felt they spoke a lot of truth and was honest about the pain and the anger that everyone around us was going through. So those memories I will always cherish.

So in all of this I thought how cool it would be to pick from a bunch of famous, great and amazing leaders of all time and post weekly in February known as Black History month. I have a few people in mind but it’s now January and so this is just a taste of what’s coming up in February.

Louis Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Islam, ha...

Louis Farrakhan, leader of Nation of Islam, has made several remarks that the Anti-Defamation League and others considered anti-semitic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

He was born on May 11, 1933 in the Bronx NY and was raised by his mother a native of St. Kitts. He is also violinist. Here’s more on his life here:

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is s...

With his family by his side, Barack Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the United States by Chief Justice of the United States John G. Roberts, Jr. in Washington, D.C., Jan. 20, 2009. More than 5,000 men and women in uniform are providing military ceremonial support to the presidential inauguration, a tradition dating back to George Washington’s 1789 inauguration. VIRIN: 090120-F-3961R-919 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Farrakhan Speaks! The Plot against Pres. Barack Obama, Global Depopula

2. Farrakhan Speaks on Political Racism & Disrespect of President Barack Obama

3. Farrakhan Speaks on President Obama, Judas &

Photo taken at the 41st Emmy Awards 9/17/89

Photo taken at the 41st Emmy Awards 9/17/89 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Here he is interviewed by Donahue

English: Journalist and Nightline anchor Marti...

English: Journalist and Nightline anchor Martin Bashir at Calvary Baptist Church in Manhattan on May 5, 2007. Category:Martin Bashir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

5. Here he is interviewed by Martin Bashir

6. If you have time here’s the whole 4 hour speech on the first three topics above (on Savior’s day 2012)


Learning Something New!

The Kerner Commission:

I learned that the Kerner Commission consisted of an eleven member board started by President Lyndon B. Johnson of the 60’s.

Another word for Kerner Commission is the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. So their role was to investigate the reasons for these race riots during the 60’s right here in the United States.

It was an inquiry into the problems of the inner city issues. These riots were in mostly black inner city neighborhoods. The three cities were Los Angeles “the Watts Riot of 1965” and Chicago “the Division Street Riots of 1966” and Newark called “the 1967 Newark riots.”

Dr. Martin Luther King at a press conference.

Dr. Martin Luther King at a press conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So at the end this eleven panel investigation they wrote the “Kerner Report” of 426 pages that was sold to millions of Americans and Dr. Martin Luther King even commented on it.

You can read more information on the Kerner Report here:

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