Dealing with This Cold Snap


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It is so very cold outside and the temperature is in the teens today almost everywhere in the country. My husband and I are used to these extremes in cold weather being ex New Yorkers. So making the transition to living in the South has been wonderful in that the weather is not quite as cold nor does it snow here like it does in NY but it still gets quite cold though.

Freezing Cold

Freezing Cold (Photo credit: dirac3000)

One thing I will never forget about living in NY in the winter is how that icy cold hawk can cut you up upon turning any corner with a tall building and how you have to position your body to fight and push your way down the street against the strong chilly gusts of wind on most wintery bitter cold days during those months.

Early each winter we religiously have set aside a day or two to work hard at covering all the windows along with applying other little methods to keep the warmth in and the cold out of the house during these freezing cold snaps such as the one we are experiencing today.

English: clear adhesive tape Polski: przezrocz...

English: clear adhesive tape Polski: przezroczysta taśma klejąca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have a problem area in the house here where it is so much colder on one side of the house then the rest of the house due to poor insulation in that particular area. So what we did was put up sheets of plastic, then cotton curtains and next quilted bed spreads or comforters and finally heavy curtains to each window in that poorly insulated area of the house. Then for all the rest of the windows in the house we put up blankets and then thick or insulated curtains to those windows.

So my husband works hard as he covers one window at a time. He uses clear, thick, heavy, and strong plastic sheeting to cover the windows. He secures the plastic sheeting along the edges of the window frames with thumb tacks and clear masking tape and then hangs one layer of clean cotton curtains over the plastic. Then we take out of storage a clean bunch of fairly new pretty colorful comforters and quilted bed spreads and he nails them to the walls of these windows using small thin long nails. Then lastly we hide the quilts and comforters with another insulated curtain on the hooks from the ceiling down over the windows.

I must say that just doing these things to this poorly insulated side of the house make a world of a difference in helping to bring warmth to that area of the house. So having applied these four layers of coverage to those windows helps in making the entire house so much warmer and it is well worth the work it takes to get all done.

Thermosave curtains

Thermosave curtains (Photo credit: anneheathen)

Last winter I purchased a bunch of comfy cream colored soft and light polyester blankets that were on sale and put a hem in them and we hang them to cover the windows in each bedroom and in the living room to the rest of the house. Next we cover and hide these blankets with a heavy or insulated curtain. So just looking at those windows you wouldn’t know that behind each curtain is a warm blanket to the window. During the daytime hours I slide the curtains to each side of the windows and then use tie backs to gather the blanket to the middle or side so to allow the suns rays in the house for a few hours.

Bed Spread

Bed Spread (Photo credit: Kate Tomlinson)

So it took a full day for my husband to put the plastic to the windows, hang the cotton curtains then nail up the comforters and quilted bed spreads and hang the thick drapes to the windows in the poorly insulated areas and then it took about one hour to put the cream colored blankets and then the thick curtains on the double rods in the rest of the windows elsewhere in the house.

So I am so happy that now the house feels so nice, toasty and warm. We usually set the thermostat to deliver a blast of heat to warm the house up really good in the morning then turn it back down to 70 degrees and then a second blast is delivered in the evening after dinner and turned back down to 70 degrees and so you could really feel a big difference in the house and that cold chilliness is eliminated.

In addition to the gas heat we use several small space heaters in the rooms we are in during the day and evening. At bedtime we turn the space heaters off, turn the thermostat down from the usual 70 degrees to 65 degrees and we use electric heat blankets while sleeping all night. I find that using the space heaters in one or two of the rooms where we are and closing off the doors to the other rooms in the house really helps to keep the entire house toasty and warm.

So this year we noticed that the cost of gas heat has been reduced by implementing these types of things. We went from filling up the gas tank every other month to only filling it up once a year. I’d say that is amazing since we also use it to have hot water for showers and dishes each day and the gas stove for cooking meals.

English: Hot China-tea - no sugar, no milk

English: Hot China-tea – no sugar, no milk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also I like to keep a hot water kettle on the stove for plenty of hot tea and hot coffee to warm us up on the inside.

It’s amazing how just doing these extra little things can make a difference in our heating costs and by dealing with that poor insulation problem area now we have better warmth and comfort at home.

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