“If It Isn’t One Thing It’s Another” Gopi Takes Blame for Umang’s Murder: Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Saathiya is heating up once again now because Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) has admitted to killing that crooked no good Umang. What I cannot believe is that the fool managed to get himself to a point that he is so hated by everyone and that someone took the time to kill him. And poor innocent and sweet Gopi is caught up in the middle of it. I don’t believe she did it but I believe she may be taking the fall for someone else just as Kokila (Rupal Patel) believes that Gopi did not do it but is covering up for someone else.

I am so happy to see that Gopi and Kokila get along so well with each other and are so close. Kokila is so very proud of her daughter in law since day one when she chose her over Rashi to marry her precious son Ahem (Mohammad Nazim) at the start of the show. So Kokila has vowed to get Gopi released from prison and found innocent of this crime by finding out who committed this murder.

So I wonder for whom is Gopi willing to throw her own life and freedom away for? Could it be Madu (Jaya Ojha) or Urmila (Vandana Vithlani) because those two represent her mother and would be most likely the ones she would risk it all for and it is her mother’s that I feel would have the most reason for wanting to see Umang dead. I think Gopi would do anything to protect them though. But other then those two I would say Kinjal (Firoza Khan) is next in line because she really does despise Umang for causing so much drama between her and Dhaval (Ashish Sharma).

You know the old saying “If it isn’t one thing it’s another.” I am feeling so bad for Gopi because it seems like she is just starting to enjoy her life and getting so comfortable in the Modi family and now this. So, in my opinion, it could be any one of those three. So I guess I will have to keep tuning in to see who the true murderer is.

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