Gustakh Dil: My No. 1 Hindi Serial Lately


You have to admire Laajo because she deals with and accepts Nikhil just the way he is with his girlfriend on the side and all. Some would say she is crazy to allow Nikhil and Ishana to flaunt their love affair in her face. But what choice does she have looking at the situation and how she winds up marrying him in the first place because theirs is not a love marriage.

~my thoughts~


I have to admit that it was love at first sight for me when it comes to this brand new Hindi serial Gustakh Dil on Life ok channel. I have fallen in love with the entire cast and the music is so enchanting.

This story is about a love triangle between husband Nikhil (Vibhave Roy) wife Laajo (Sana Sheikh) and Nikhil’s childhood sweetheart Ishana (Parvati Sehgal). You would think in modern times like these, it would be that the girlfriend is “the other woman” but in this drama, the “wife” is considered “the other woman.” Now how strange is that? Or it so appears to be because for one thing, in my book, the wife is number one whether she came first or second in a man’s life. But the way this story is coming along gives you an interesting way to look at relationships and from a different perspective.

You cannot help but feel for Laajo because she has fallen in love with Nikhil and is such a nice person who is the innocent party in all of this.

She comes from a small village named Sohanbarsa where she grew up with two loving parents and two sweet sisters.

Ishana is an ordinary city girl who has her hooks in Laajo’s husband and Nikhil comes from a wealthy well to do family.

Nikhil’s mother Barkha (Meghna Malik) and grandmother Nanima (Anita Kanwal) won’t stoop low enough to do any and everything to make Laajo’s life miserable and so they instigate Ishana into upping the antae in rubbing salt into Laajo’s wounds, the wounds of having to watch their affair as Ishana applies a bit of up man ship on her definite influence over Nikhil’s life. Ishana knows Nikhal loves her and she does not back down just because he is married to Laajo.  She is getting really good at manipulating the situation and trying her best to be that thorn in Laajo’s side because she also fears the marriage connection that Laagjo and Nikhil share. Thank goodness Laajo has won the love and affection of some of the members of the household like her father in law and his brother and his two young adult children. They are of some support to Laajo and were so kind as to celebrate Laajo’s birthday which was so nice.

So between Ishana, grandma Nanima and mother in law Barkha they are hoping to run Laajo off and back to her village with the hopes that Nikhil will divorce her and marry Ishana.

For a while there I thought Nikhil was getting kind of close to Laajo and I just adore the music being played when Laajo and Nikhil start to display feelings toward each other. It was unfortunate that the light was shined on their closeness by Nikhal’s sister because he purchased the same kind of bracelet for both Ishana and Laajo and so I believe Nikhil became frightened once he recognized his feelings he’s having for Laajo because he was just hoping to remain loyal with regard to his friendship with Laago because he generally is such a nice caring person to start with. So I believe his kindness and loyalty is his weakness and that is what is going to help bring them closer together as husband and wife eventually. Plus Laajo is just a likable person and not at all snooty like her in-laws but is very down to earth, smart and has keen knowledge about herbs and knows how to apply the herbs to help sick people. She saved the life of a member of the household with this knowledge she obtained from working for a doctor in her village.

So everyone underestimated her and was shocked to have learned how good she is at providing strength and help in various ways to this family. So everyone did appreciate her for doing these types of things except guess who?….. mother in law Barkha and grandma Nanima who is so hell-bent on destroying their marriage.  So it is my hope that Laajo gets to go back to school for the education she has desired to have for so long and also that she gets to win Nikhil totally over to herself in the end.

So I have my hopes and will continue watching this show as the story unfolds and loving the amazing music.



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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  3. sandeep singh says:

    He loves me ….he.
    Laajjo u r very intelligent person

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