Sunday Night Football/When You’re Flat Screen TV Talks Back To You: CHA CHING! CHA CHING!

One sweet blogging friend Anne at says to me on her blog that she stopped watching her flat screen TV because she was finding herself talking to it.  (here: But I know why she stopped watching her flat screen TV and it’s because she was waiting for it to give her an answer. Yep that’s my only conclusion.

Well I tell you the truth every body talks to their flat screen TV and I say it’s as American as apple pie.

Why you could put a dog in front of a TV and it will howl or bark……a cat would meow…..a bird would chirp….and so on and so forth…..LOL!

I say if my flat screen TV starts giving me answers to some of my most obvious or harrowing questions then OMGoodness! I am calling up the major news stations to get them to come out and cover this amazing story.

Health Wonk Review: Money TreeHealth Wonk Review: Money Tree

these images are at:

One Million Dollars

One Million Dollars (Photo credit: JeffreyPutman)

It would be like winning the million dollar LOTTO!…..hitting the jack pot!……it’ll be better than gold. Why we will even start singing that song…..

“Were in the money, were in the money! Come on my honey! Let’s lend it spend it…and when we see the landlord we can look him right in the eye! LOL! (Gold Diggers 1933: singing “were in the money”)

Why imagine a TV that would answer my husbands major questions as he is watching Sunday night football when a major player doesn’t make that touch down…..and he asks the flat screen TV “What happened?” and it goes on to explain to him why that player  didn’t make that touch down….CHA CHING! CHA CHING! (In case you don’t know what that means well it’s the sound of the Federal Reserve opening up for us or Fort Knox.) LOL!

NBC Sunday Night Football logo

NBC Sunday Night Football logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And I could betcha every cousin of mine will come out of the wood works looking for some scraps from the master’s table….

Just image…… if your fifteenth (15th) cousin on your mother’s side showed up singing the blues and looking for a few thousand dollars.

Money Dollars BackgroundMoney Dollars Background

these images are at:

Man a flat screen that answers ……why I’d strike it rich…..I’ll be singing “I’m rich! I’m rich! I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich, I’m rich!  


Cha Ching! Cha Ching!

Home cinema setup Sony KDL-40W2000 LCD TV. Ful...

Home cinema setup Sony KDL-40W2000 LCD TV. Full HD, 1080p, intergrated DVB-T and analogue tuners (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


IMG_4740 (Photo credit: carisphotography)

Alfred P. Sloan's Foundation gave 3 Millions $...

Alfred P. Sloan’s Foundation gave 3 Millions $ to Wikimedia Foundation !!! (26 march 2008) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Money Tree

Money Tree (Photo credit: jp3g)


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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3 Responses to Sunday Night Football/When You’re Flat Screen TV Talks Back To You: CHA CHING! CHA CHING!

  1. Got me! very clever Betty but than I knew you were, after all you found me or did I find you 🙄 but money is not my bag of tricks, what I want, can’t be brought and it’s value can’t be calculated by earthly reckoning, can you guess? anyway to give you a clue… I create Power points that explain how I feel deep down, yes there a bit like a mini T.V but they talk to me … So good! and since you highlighted Money, why don’t I share one of my T.V Power points that will talk to you about it Hmmmmm it’s not funny, I hope that’s OK Betty but it is spot on! only problem is the M and M’s, Monty and Moe-Joe, go to sleep when it’s on, guess it’s stress free for them, they know they don’t have to worry were their bones are coming from , just their dog chocs! 🙂

    Money -

    Your so kind Betty the way you think of others , thank you – Anne

    P.S Betty I can’t find the link to the Award you offered me, I have over 350 emails in my inbox i , could I please have it again Betty.

    Blessings – Anne

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