Martin Bashir is Repentant and Still Loses Job; Todd Palin is Unrepentant and Still Allowed to be a Pimp

bashir palin

Martin Bashir expressed his outrage at Sarah Palin comparing the national debt to slavery. To make his point he used a completely offensive example of the atrocities inflicted on a slave to illustrate why Sarah Palin was so out of line in comparing the debt to slavery. Due to pressure from Palin supporters, Bashir has officially resigned from MSNBC. He has twice apologized for his remarks, and has not resigned. Bashir wasn’t wrong in what he said, but only that he said it on air. Palin’s comparison of slavery to the national debt was outrageous. Not only did Palin demonstrate her ignorance of the brutality and inhumanity of slavery, but this was one more mention of slavery in connection with our President. From her remarks regarding “shuck and jive” and her suggestion that the President is lazy, Palin has worked very hard to remind the American public that our…

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