Slow and Steady: On Being Prepared

The Pointer Sisters at the "green carpet&...

The Pointer Sisters at the “green carpet” for the Save the World Awards 2009 (Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant, Lower Austria). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found somebody who will understand

……..a lover with a slow hand

Ooo, a lover with a slow hand

……easy touch

I found somebody who will spend the night

Not come and go in a heated rush

~The Pointer Sisters~

singing “Slow Hand”


I always believe that anything worth having takes some time building, if you know what I mean.

Prepping is something that either you believe is necessary or you don’t. But one thing is for sure is that doing it requires some patience, foresight and endurance.

I must say that it really saddens me when the people I know tell me that they believe prepping is not necessary for them.

I have one good Christian friend who says she believes that God will take care of her if anything happens. Some people I know think prepping is a negative thing and then you have those who believe that nothing bad is going to happen to them to cause them to need to do any form of preparing.

So what I always wind up doing is telling them that Bible story about Joseph and how he had launched a preparation program because God warned him that there would be famine in the land and I remind them of how he saved the lives of many due to his heeding God’s warning. But I tell you no lie I feel like it’s like pouring water over a ducks back with some of them. No matter what I say there is an excuse as to why they should not be prepared.

Well I tell you that those who don’t are going to be the ones who will do most of the whining and crying when the SHTF.

I remember when Storm Sandy hit the NYC area. It looked like every person I knew who lived in an area that was hit hard by this storm wished that they had better prepared themselves but I believe that you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. They later told me stories and tales of how difficult it was for them and what they experienced.

So I must say that it was more than one family member who told me that if it weren’t for their son, daughter or friend they didn’t know how they could have survived.

One family member said she was so grateful that her son could climb up and down the stairways of the twenty (20) story building she lived in to bring her food and water because she was too sick to take the stairs and she did not leave the building even after most were told to evacuate.

I remember chatting with this same family member about preparing so many times before the storm and each time she felt confident that nothing bad was ever going to happen to her and another excuse she had was that she did not have the extra money to spend on extra food.

And so I remember explaining to her that even a poor person can work toward being prepared. I remember discussing the possibilities of being prepared. I suggested that she set aside one dollar per week and use it store some type of emergency food. We talked about saving four to five dollars per month equaling eight dollars ($8.00) every two (2) months and what it could buy. We talked about buying one small bag of rice, a can of pork & beans, a can of tuna fish, a can of carrots, two rolls of toilet paper, one bottle of peroxide and a few band aids just on her first round of purchases. Also explaining that all these foods can be eaten directly from the can if cooking facilities became unavailable and how she can save all the empty gallon bottles she has to store water from her tap with a drop of bleach inside. But unfortunately she was not convinced so when the emergency did show up in storm sandy she regretted that she did nothing to prepare.

I listened in horror as she explained how all the grocery stores in her area were closed down for a few weeks except for the little bodegas and that there was a lot of looting going on and how unsafe she felt and how she feared for her son’s safety as she sent him in search for food and that he had to pay more money for the food then she normally would have to pay. The few cans of food he could get his hands on were way too expensive. She said the subways and buses were not running for days, she had no running water, no heat and no gas to do any cooking. I listened as she complained how it was the most miserable few days she had in a long time.

The good thing about all of this is that she did decide to start preparing now and to store up some canned food and bottled water so she would not be found without again in the future. So I really think that storm sandy served as a catalyst to help people realize the seriousness of not being prepared. I told her it may seem as if it’s taking forever for her food storage to pile up but the key word to remember is “Slow and Steady” and she will get there.

Long term food storage.

Long term food storage. (Photo credit: natasha-d)

Right Rhythm (Pointer Sisters album)

Right Rhythm (Pointer Sisters album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found somebody who will understand

……..a lover with a slow hand

Ooo, a lover with a slow hand

……easy touch

I found somebody who will spend the night

Not come and go in a heated rush


On shadowed ground, with no one around

And a blanket of stars in our eyes

We are driftin free, like two lost leaves

On the crazy wind of the night

~the pointer sisters~


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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4 Responses to Slow and Steady: On Being Prepared

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  2. Karyl says:

    Thanks for reminding me of the Bible story about Joseph. That hits home for me. We do prep a little but I am going to try to do better!

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