Amazing Facts about SRK

I just had to Reblog this post….SRK is my most favorite actor in the entire world. I have learned so much about him thru this amazing post. Very well written it is. Thank you!

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You visit any country in the world if people are talking about Bollywood the conversation will be incomplete without ‘The King of Bollywood’ being mentioned in it. ‘King Khan’, ‘Baadshah’ and ‘The King of Bollywood’ these are the names given to him by his fans and are so popular that all over the world people describe him by these names which obviously reflects his grand stature in the Indian film industry.

Though most of the people know who he is, what he has achieved and what kind of a person he is, there are some facts about him which most of the people don’t know. This article is an attempt to bring down all the facts about Shah Rukh Khan and spread the word about this immense talent.

Here are some facts about SRK hope you enjoy it and spread the message.

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SRK’s Bio: 

Shahrukh Khan, born on 2…

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