Guns, Ammo and Booby Traps Versus A Place of Peace and Love: My Dream of a Survival Garden Oasis


Oasis… (Photo credit: Kraken_Boy)

Most people know that you have various types of Preppers out here in the world. Amongst the bunch you have the ones who love to brag about all the guns, ammo and booby traps they have on their property and the majority of them who do are mostly men. They are concerned and think of prepping in ways that a woman like me does not want to think about. You know the safety and security aspect of it all.

Then you have the peace loving, God fearing types who abhor violence of any kind and so I’d say I’m in that category.

I’m the type that won’t hurt a fly (well I might spray some pest spray on a fly, LOL!)

My husband complains that if I could and he would let me I would give everything I have away to anyone in need. So he is the one who holds me back from going in that direction full blown. LOL! He likes to call himself the voice of reasoning when it comes to kindness and generosity to others.

So if it were left up to me I would be sharing some of my food and water if a local emergency did arise or an economic collapse happened to our world and we were forced off the grid.

Trust me when I say my husband is all loving but he is still a man no doubt. So when it comes to prepping he is the one who thinks of the things I do not want to think about storing up if you know what I mean. Well what man would not want to step up to the plate and protect his wife and family if it comes down to that?

And so what I don’t know won’t hurt me when it comes to all of this. So this is the reason why I leave all of that safety and securing stuff alone and feel all right about leaving that aspect solely in his hands.

I would prefer to have plenty of cots, blankets, pillows and space out in back of the house to offer as a place of refuge. I would love if family and friends pitched in to help to build a community where everyone helped with the gardening, feeding livestock, gathering of water supplies, attended to the sick and injured and what ever else is required so that we all would help each other to survive off the grid.

Canon Love

Canon Love (Photo credit: Francesca Special K)

Yes I’m the type who would continue storing food to not only feed myself but for those family,  friends and neighbors who did not heed the warnings and was left without any food or recourse.

I’d love to have an oasis of some sort in which there would be beautiful flower gardens, a chapel nearby, offer meditation and bible studies so that we understand why the world has changed.

Yes I would love to be that type of Prepper that did not lock people out nor set booby traps or collected machine guns to protect my things I have accumulated. But instead I’d prefer to be the type of Prepper who gave of herself in the right way. I prefer to be of some service, an encouragement or of some help. I don’t think I could be selfish enough to just be concerned for my own self alone while the rest of my family, friends and neighbors starved and died around my feet.


English: rose bunch, Rosa sp. cultivars, flowe...

English: rose bunch, Rosa sp. cultivars, flower market, Place Monge, Paris Français : bouquet de roses, Rosa sp. horticoles, marché aux fleurs, Place Monge, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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