Chatur Ganguli Is So Adorable On The Show Jeannie Aur JuJu (Hindi Serial)

Jeannie (TV series)

Jeannie (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love me some Chatur Ganguli on Jeannie Aur JuJu.

Chatur Ganguli (Ashish Roy) is the neighbor to Captain Vicky/Jeannie’s JuJu (Ali Asgar) and Jeannie (Giaa Manek). I just adore Chatur because he is just so so so funny. Every bone about him just makes you laugh. I swear I cannot stop laughing whenever he comes on the scene with that cute and funny cheesy laugh he has. He is so amusing and is always sneaking and prying into his neighbors business. You will find him climbing over the balcony onto their patio and into the house to spy on Jeannie. At home he always has his binoculars ready to spy and see what “that Ghost” Jeannie is doing next. He wants to expose her somehow to the world that she is not normal but some kind of ghost. Chatur has a cute huge tummy or what some call a spare tire in the middle but he is so adorable and well he is always doing something or the other that causes his wife Durga Chatur (Jhumma Mitra) to scold him. She also finds reasons to love him too. They are such a cute cuddle some couple and look so cute together. You could not help but adore this middle aged retired couple on the show they help to keep the show exciting and will keep you in stitches……

……..but between Captain Vicky, Jeannie, Priya (Navina Bole) and Vela (Harsh Khurana) this show is never ever boring oh no! There is always pop and excitement in their every day escapades. I always wind up laughing till my tummy hurts. This is such an Amazing! Amazing! show.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

genie bottle_001

genie bottle_001 (Photo credit: Anyaka)

Catch a bit of the show here and see that cute man Chatur here:


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