If I Didn’t Have a Husband I Probably Wouldn’t Cook


A cook sautees onions and peppers.

A cook sautees onions and peppers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s good for supper tonight? My neighbor asked me the other day and so I said we are having chuck steak smothered in a light gravy sauce, French style string beans, mashed potatoes, and a simple side salad and that morning I had put on a crockpot of homemade chicken vegetable soup which is already.  She said “you cook all the time” and then I said, “I do try.”

So I do try to have healthy nutritious home-cooked meals at least twice a day and enough to have leftover’s so that I am not cooking every meal every day which can get to be a bit too much in my condition. LOL!

So I told my neighbor that I think if I didn’t have a husband I probably wouldn’t cook and probably would develop lazy habits of eating take out more often.  She said you sure are right because half the time she just likes to open a can of greens and have a piece of bread and just go lay down. LOL!

So I told her that the majority of my single friends do the same as she does, eat out of cans and whatnot. They really don’t bother to cook for themselves and I guess there are various reasons for it.

My husband told me how when he was single he hardly ever cooked for himself too. So sometimes they don’t want to eat alone and a lot of single people neglect themselves when it comes to this.

One of my longtime girlfriends who been single all of her adult life would never have any food in her refrigerator except bottled water and various juices or sodas. I remember that she was always on empty and her cupboards were always bare. She felt since she didn’t have any children or a husband that she was free from that burden. LOL! But she was always overweight from eating a lot of junk food. I used to have her over for dinner a lot too back in the day.  I remember back when one of my sisters was single she used to come home to a crock cooked meal every night and so she taught me a positive lesson about learning to eat and cook for yourself while single.

But I guess I would probably not cook too now at this age if I were single. But when I think back to my young, fancy-free and short single life I remember I did do grocery shopping for myself about every two weeks, plan meals and cook for myself and I think it was because I liked learning to cook, I liked my own cooking and I liked to eat different types of home-cooked meals although back then I was as skinny and thin as a rail. Looking back at me back then you would never guess that I was home cooking in the evenings and having my meals alone. But I think it was the boyfriends I had back then that liked to eat and so when my boyfriend would come over I always cooked a nice candlelight dinner for us sometimes if we chose to not go out but hang out and have an evening in.

Plus I think growing up in a household where someone was always cooking meals either my older sisters or my mom cooked a lot of delicious meals and so I was trained and taught to do that and my mother always told us girls that we should learn how to cook so that when Mr. Right came along we would know-how and we won’t just let our husbands starve and our children be malnourished. LOL! My mom was a bit extreme but we got the point.

So although I did not stay single for too long after moving out of my parent’s house, I have been shopping for groceries and cooking meals ever since. Even though I don’t shop so much later in life and a lot of that responsibility has been taken over by my husband thank goodness!!!! But I cook enough so that we don’t starve to death here. LOL!


casserole (Photo credit: quite peculiar)

But if I were single and while in this state of being older and suffering from arthritis I can see myself getting lazy though like my single friends at this stage in my life that I might even do one of my neighbors numbers, open a can of greens, have a slice of bread and call it a night. LOL! Only kidding….. I think I’d probably cook much less then I have to do now.

But I have learned to make simple meals and to make casseroles, lasagna or a Zitti and add a simple salad so as to have more leftovers for a couple of days and then make a good breakfast every day though. Well, I guess you can’t really say what you will do until it happens to you.  But I believe I might cut back so much more because I am spared because my husband does the majority of the grocery shopping for us and so the least I could do is to make a simple meal for us since his cooking skills are not all that good at all. I used to feel so bad that I couldn’t do the grocery shopping each week like I used to, but I feel good knowing that I can go shopping once in a while with my husband to get important items we use over time.

A salad platter.

A salad platter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One positive thing out of this all is that since cooking less it can force you to fill your stomach up on lots of fresh fruits and salads which are good for health to reduce cooking times. So I eat lots of bananas, oranges, cherries and whatever is in season. Plus salads are so easy to make along with healthy snacks like popcorn, pretzels and snack mixes with different nuts like almonds, pecans, peanuts, cashews, and walnuts help a lot.  So I probably would eat more of those types of things instead of cooking. But for now, I will enjoy the husband God has blessed me to have and take advantage of what I am blessed with for now……. and well enough of my ramblings for today.



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7 Responses to If I Didn’t Have a Husband I Probably Wouldn’t Cook

  1. Karyl says:

    “But for now I will enjoy the husband God has blessed me.” Good stuff! Me too! 🙂

  2. Julie K. says:

    I bet you are a great cook and your husband for sure appreciates it. Imagine having no husband. It would mean no cooking, diners alone, watching TV. It might be fun when we were young but in the adulthood people need someone who can say that their cooking skills are as delicious as the final meal.

  3. LFFL says:

    Don’t say such things. Cooking is great.

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