Vikrant and Sarita Finally Falling In Love: Punar Vivaah 2


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OMG! I am so happy to see the love and passion growing between Vikrant Suryavanshi (Eijaz Khan) and Sarita Suryavanshi (Srishty Rode) on Punar Vivaah 2. It’s amazing to see how Vikrant is letting his heart fall for Sarita instead of being hard nosed and harsh with her as he was in the beginning. I am falling in love as they fall in love. LOL! They are going on dates and spending quality time together which is so nice to see.



I think Sarita realized that Raj ( Karan Grover) is just not worth the gamble anymore. He had his chance to be with her but like a fool he was pining over Divya (Parul Chauhan.) Now that he has Divya he wants Sarita back. I say Raj is a fool.

English: , Indian actor

English: , Indian actor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lately, Sarita and Divya have been conspiring together so that Raj does the right thing. Divya had thrown a tantrum with Raj today and it must be part of the plan to win Raj back.


Sarita is right to stay where she is with Vikrant and work on their relationship. She is also now blessed with Vikrant’s son Abhimaan (Abhi) Vikrant Suryavanshi (Eklavya Ahir) who adores and loves her and he is always doing things to bring them together. I am so loving the way things are going right now.



~Punar Vivaah-Ek Nayi Umeed Season 2~

~Vikrant Suryavanshi~ (Eijaz Khan)

~Sarita Suryavanshi~ (Srishty Rode)

~Raj Sohanial Jakhotia~ (Karan Grover)

~Abhimaan (Abhi) Vikrant Suryavanshi~ (Eklavya Ahir)

~Divya~ (Parul Chauhan)


roses (Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker)

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7 Responses to Vikrant and Sarita Finally Falling In Love: Punar Vivaah 2

  1. seakhar palata says:

    i like searial it is my pleser

  2. Kadiatu Bangura says:

    When Would The Season 8 be out cause am desperate of two old lovers

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