Saraswati Chandra: True Love Is Blooming In Midst of Evil

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Anyone looking at Kumud (Jennifer Winget) and Pramad’s (Aanshul Trivedi) relationship couldn’t help but wonder what more did the troubled and disturbed Pramad need in order to love and care for Kumud in the right way. Why he wasn’t even fair with Kumud at any time of their marriage. Kumud is just such a shapely beautiful woman who always loves. The truth is that any man with good sense would be proud to love and have her as his wife. But it just serves to show you that there are some men out there that are just impossible to please and just don’t deserve to have a wife in their lives no matter what the situation.

I remember when I first started watching this show I thought that Pramad was just too cruel of a person and not only that but to top off the cruelness he’s an abusive alcoholic and so I was hoping that Kumud would just walk away from that relationship early on in the show. This man has shown her his true colors right from the start when he shoved her off a cliff because he was so angry for being forced to marry her. I could not believe it when I saw it.

You know some relationships start out so problematic and the amount of insensitivity shown by one partner should be all the red flags, warning bells and sirens you would need to say this is a terrible mistake and needs to be annulled at the earliest quickest possible way. But my guess is that because this was a religious arranged marriage within a culture that demands that women endure abuse and stay with their husbands no matter how cruel the husband can be is very sad indeed.

The word out is that this amazing Hindi Serial “Saraswati Chandra” is winding down to its completion and so it’s episodes have been nothing less than supercharged lately. I have been watching this show a lot more lately and so have fallen in love with the charm and goodness of Saraswati (Gautam Rode). He is such a decent good guy who is madly in love with Kumud who via an arranged marriage was lost to him. But thank goodness to fate and an accident he winds up living in the same house with Kumud and was there to help her as she struggled through the problems of her terrible marriage.

I have to give Kumud credit she has really tried to hang in there and work on making her marriage work but when you’re married to Pramad who is the epitome of evil it’s really a useless task. I have been saying the same thing Saras been trying to tell her throughout the entire show that she needs to “give it up girl!” because this man is not worth hanging around for.

I guess any woman could be like Kumud as she was determined not to give up so easy so early on and was going to try to give it a go and in giving it all of her best was about to lose her own life. I know that deep down inside Kumud knew this marriage was not good for her and she also knows that she was still very much in love with and truly wanted to be with Saras instead if it were at all possible to live that dream life. It was too bad because she had to go along with society, her family and in-laws and do her best to honor her marriage vows.


Hands (Photo credit: Gori Girl)


Sindoor (Photo credit: pratiphotography)

It’s the beautiful ceremonial blood-red Vermillion (Sindoor) that was placed on her mane, the sparkling bangles placed around her wrists, the amazing Mangalsutra jewelry necklace that she wore around her sultry soft neck was all of the wonderful important symbols of a Hindu marriage and so they all reminded her on a daily basis of her religious beliefs and commitment she made to her husband and so she felt she had to stay and keep working to help to make her marriage successful no matter what and she tried over and over again to the point of her possibly losing of her life.

Sindoor is applied

Sindoor is applied (Photo credit: Gori Girl)

In this week’s episode, Pramad took it to the limit and so just tried to kill Kumud this time by fire. Pramad’s plan was to kill Kumud and set Saraswati up to be blamed for it.

This guy went as far as to set up an especially beautifully decorated room at a secret off location to bring Kumud. Just as a sheep to the slaughter she walked into the room that had been prepared for her death. I was wondering what can be wrong with a woman when it comes to giving of herself too much to a man who has proven time and time again that he is undeserving of her and especially since she was just forewarned that Pramad had something no good up his sleeve by Saras. The poor guy loves her so much and tried to warn her not to go with Pramad but like a fool she went along with Pramad because she wanted to believe that somehow he had changed and was ready to start their life anew but as she was in that room with Pramad she could not help but be reminded of the past issues and of all the hurt she had endured throughout this horrible marriage and so she became apprehensive and did not want to follow through with any close relationship with Pramad. She felt and told him she needed more time because she could not yet bring herself to total surrender and feel comfortable within his arms. His arms reminded her of all the abuse and anguish she endured up to this very moment and what was even sadder is watching knowing that she was about to find out that Pramad never had any intentions to building a relationship with her nor of loving her, but rather had brought her there to kill her and destroy the reputation of her one true love in Saraswati.

English: Blooming rose

English: Blooming rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am absolutely in love with the theme song of this soap and it’s such an absolutely pretty melodious song to hear at certain scenes in the show and is so romantic. I especially loved the part when Saras had already burst up in the room to save Kumud as she lay there on the ground crying and thinking to herself that she was about to be burned alive and die there in those flames at the hands of Pramad and so as she thought for a moment that she was being punished for not trusting Saras and was at her lowest. It was so amazing to witness the moment when her true love came to her rescue as Pramad had locked her in the burning room and was gloating and watching her demise through the door window and had no clue that it all was about to change. Saras came just in the nick of time and with the strength of Sampson, he kicked down the door along with Pramad to rescue Kumud. It was just such a thrill to see this and so as I sat there watching and clapping my hands applauding as Saras came to her rescue Kumud’s suffering was finally being brought to an end. My thoughts were that they are so, so amazing together and you could not help but feel and see the passion and romance that made you feel that all is right in the world.

Most have heard the expression that anger and love mixed together makes you crazy and strong as all hell. Well, when Saras busted up in this place I was so happy for Kumud.  I was so extremely happy for them both because they deserve to be together. It’s like witnessing a wonderful fairy tale. Kumud deserved this moment so much. She deserved this man who loved her and was so bent on being loving and good to her and for her. What was so wonderful to watch is that he is always so willing to love her and respect her.

When the man you love respects you, well what more can make life all the sweeter.  So as he stood by as she struggled to make her marriage work and even at this moment he was so willing to risk his life and through his loving patience he never gave up on his love for her but chose to hang on in there to the end and to fight for what he wanted to see in her to this very day.

My thoughts were that this man truly has stood by Kumud and showed his loyalty to her in that he was so willing to do anything for her including risking his life in order to save hers.

English: rose bunch, Rosa sp. cultivars, flowe...

English: rose bunch, Rosa sp. cultivars, flower market, Place Monge, Paris Français : bouquet de roses, Rosa sp. horticoles, marché aux fleurs, Place Monge, Paris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was so wonderful to watch this amazing love-filled and beautiful scene, it makes you fall so in love with the idea of love all over again and so as I watched Saraswati as he swiped Kumud up into his gentle loving arms and as he carried her to safety gently placing her onto the grassy ground you could not help but say wow oh wow! I could not help but let a tear fall from my eye as I watched this amazing, amazing love in action which can be felt and seen in his gentle eyes and in the way he looks at Kumud. It is so amazing to see the wonderful loving gentle way he has chosen to love her. So it was a beautiful loving wonderful moment that will stand still in my heart forever and ever. LOL!

But then I thought here we go again for once again evil crept up into this and is trying to snatch away the love between Kumund and Saraswati because at the end of the show Pramad had regained consciousness behind the beating he took from Saraswati. This dirty guy didn’t use his fist in a fair fight with Saraswati but he took out a gun this time and shot Saras down and so I am so worried, upset and hurt to have seen this so I am hoping that he survives and their love survives. I just cannot wait until tomorrow’s episode to see what happens next.

Jennifer Winget as Kumud is not only a very beautiful actress she is playing such an excellent believable role alongside Gautam Rode as Saraswati/Saras who is a handsome hunk of a man and so very charming so that I must say that they complement each other to the highest extent. It’s a real thrill and it’s so amazing to watch the strong love and the passion between the two.

It is my hope that this show stays on the air a little bit longer because it would be so interesting and wonderful to continue to watch as well as feel a part of the blossoming surviving strong love between the two. This show reminded me of the old serial Tere Mere Sapne. Their love is so similar to the amazing unforgettable love between Radha (Ekta Tiwari) and Sergu (Saurabh Pandey/Yash Pandit) in Tere Mere Sapne, which ended way too soon as well.


roses (Photo credit: ** RCB **)

So I just want to take a moment to comment that the music in this show is super, super amazing!  Plus I have to give a shout out to Star Plus as well. Star Plus is superb in their creation and production of such amazing AMAZING! AMAZING! shows. This show is one of the greats and will always be remembered. I hope they will re-air this show as well.

Star Plus please keep up the amazing work because as a loyal fan I am so enjoying and loving all shows produced and brought forth to keep your audience amazed and so very greatly entertained. It is so appreciated by many. These shows give me a reason to get up in the morning! LOL! I really look forward to watching it.

A rose can say I love you and want you to be m...

A rose can say I love you and want you to be mine, A rose can say I thank you for being so very kind, A rose can say congratulations, whatever the occasion may be, A rose can say I miss you and wish you were here with me, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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