Overcoming the Shutdown Crisis: Helping Dysfunctional Politicians with Family Psychology

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politics from the eyes of an ebony mom

Guest Post: Dr. Linda Miles
I am openly dismayed and disillusioned by the behavior of many of our Congressional officials. Our politicians are exhibiting almost every serious problematic behavior I’ve dealt with as a Marriage Counselor and Family Psychotherapist for over 35 years. In the scramble for political advantage, keeping score has become more important than the welfare of our country. I think it’s time they started dealing with our national problems as mature adults and true professionals. The behaviors we are seeing match the seven classical hallmarks found in dysfunctional families everywhere:
1. Shame and Blame; 2. Scapegoating; 3. Contempt; 4. Defensiveness; 5. Gridlock; 6. Stonewalling; 7. Show Downs.
Finger pointing has become more important than solving the real problems. There is no respect being given and no meaningful exchange of ideas. Our politicians resist flexibility and are unwilling to try and reach synergistic solutions together. Energy is devoted…

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