Meghna Malik and Anita Baker: New Hindi Serial Gustahkh Dil


Rapture (Anita Baker album)

Rapture (Anita Baker album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They say everyone has a twin somewhere in life.

Well lately I been watching Gustahkh Dil on Life Ok.

This show is really heating up lately and so I have fallen in love with the cast and show.

But one thing I noticed right away is that Meghna Malik looks just like the Indian version of the young Anita Baker and she also has Anita Baker’s same exact mannerisms.

It’s so amazing to watch Meghna Malik’s every move. You would not believe it unless you can see it for yourself.

Both women are just so beautiful and I love Meghna Malik’s role as Barkha as she plays Laajo’s (Sana Sheikh) snooty mother in law. I am feeling so sorry for Laajo because Barkha is not giving her a break at all. Her entire bunch of snooty in-laws are making her life miserable.

I tell you one thing is I don’t know if Meghna Malik can sing but I think she can do Anita Baker’s body movements and lip syncing all of Anita’s songs all day long…..the fact that they look alike is amazing but the same mannerisms is quite amazing in it’s self.

But anyway if anyone wants to watch the show and make the comparison between Meghna and Anita let me know what you think.

anita baker:


(This image is at: )

I love to play Anita’s Old songs…….

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 6 contestant Meghna Malik , Jhalak Dikhkla jaa 2013:


(This image is at:

I love Meghna Malik in her new show Gustakh  Dil.

Meghna Malik Colors TV Show Characters, Participants Meghna Malik ...:


(This image is at:


anita baker:


(This image is at:

The Best of Anita Baker

The Best of Anita Baker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check out Anita on youtube here singing Sweet Love”

and here singing “Talk to Me”

Rhythm of Love (Anita Baker album)

Rhythm of Love (Anita Baker album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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13 Responses to Meghna Malik and Anita Baker: New Hindi Serial Gustahkh Dil

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  5. Karyl says:

    They are both beautiful!

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