Queen Jodha Fled the Palace: Jodha Akbar


The fiery Queen Rajkumari Jodha Bai (Paridhi Sharma) is feeling so very depressed in today’s episode and so she fled from the Palace and so the Palace is on High Alert!  Everyone is concerned and in search of the Queen.

The reason for all of this is that Queen Jodha is so unhappy about the state of her political marriage of convenience to the Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin (Rajat Tokas) and so wanted to leave her marital home in Agra and move back home to Amer with her family. But today she became even more so saddened when she was told by her mother Queen Rani Mainavati (Natasha Sinha) that she could not accept her return back home to Amer as an option for Jodha.  Queen Rani Mainavati (Natasha Sinha) advised her it would prove to be an even greater humiliation for her father and family in Amer if she was to return home as a woman who is abandoned by her husband.

I could not believe it when I saw it…..Jodha’s escape from the palace by horse as she rode out into the wild to get away from it all….. for back then surely a Queen should not be so bold as this……she did not think for one moment what the ramifications of her actions would have on her safety or for the reputation of the Mughal Empire of Agra.

It wasn’t too long ago that her mother Queen Rani advised her that the worst part of being a Queen is that she can never do as she pleases and whether she likes it or not she always has to accept the King’s decision…

You wouldn’t think all of this could have happened in a Palace…….but yet it is so…

This is what was said between Queen Rani and Queen Jodha while in front of all the Council Members:

[Queen Rani] Jodha, every couple has arguments. But that doesn’t mean that you go back to your parents’ place. You need to understand your husband. You have to try to make things work. Every problem has a solution, Jodha. And you have to solve this problem. You might feel that I am very cold-hearted. You might never want to see me again. But you can’t come back to Amer like this.

[Queen Rani] In our culture, during the “Teej” festival, we eagerly wait for our daughters to come home. But if you come home as a woman who is abandoned by her husband, then nobody looks forward to you to return. Amer is where your parents live and we will always love you. But your home is in Agra now. You got married and came to Agra. You should be with your husband till you breathe your last.

[Queen Rani] Your Majesty. I beseech you. I beg you as a mother! Please don’t send Jodha back to Amer.

[Queen Jodha] Please don’t do that, mother. If you don’t want me to come back to Amer, then I won’t come there. I don’t want to be the reason why you have to beg in front of others. And please don’t think that after making this decision I’ve stopped loving you. On the contrary, after what you did today, I hold you in even higher esteem than I used to. I think you are the best mother in this world. I promise you, mother, I will not return to Amer as a woman who is abandoned by her husband. I won’t let anyone taint your reputation as a mother whose daughter was left by her husband.


~Jodha Akbar~

~ Queen Rajkumari Jodha Bai~ (Paridhi Sharma)

~Queen Rani Mainavati~ (Natasha Sinha)




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