Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar Saves Queen Jodha: Jodha Akbar

Cover of "Jodhaa Akbar"

Cover of Jodhaa Akbar

……in his mind are the words of Moti Bai (Ankita Dubey) as she begged Emperor Jalal (Rajat Tokas) to please find Queen Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) in time and before she does harm to herself by taking her own life……

Emperor Jalal without a thought immediately went into motion and in pursuit of his Queen……..Queen Jodha that is…

……is it because of the reputation of the Mughal Empire or is it because Queen Jodha has a way to stir up the flames of passion, emotion and of love that is deep within him…..

He always has a soft spot for her… his heart although his mind denies it…..Emperor Jalal went in pursuit for his Queen…. the moment he learned she has fled the palace and was possibly in danger.

Even Maham Anga (Ashwini Kalsekar) says……what he’s not aware of is……

the loving feelings he has for Queen Jodha……

It so amazing to have witnessed the Emperor making huge claims that he is without emotion or love or passion for anyone….. yet today he is in pursuit of his Queen, Queen Jodha that is….

For he is fierce…. mighty in battle…..

A conqueror of nations………

A strong warrior…..

And a Mughal Emperor…..

His Majesty…..

Ruler of Agra……

without fear for his life and safety….

He could have sent someone else in pursuit of her but he chooses to find his Queen for himself…..and by himself.

My heart skipped a beat as I watched as His Majesty jumped into the river to save his Queen…….truly and only for his self…….aahhh those were the days when chivalry was alive…….

Love is an amazing feeling………

Love is a strong emotion…………

We have yet to wait and see as this love story continues to unfold……right before our eyes…….as…

Love can change the world………

It can change circumstances……..

~Jodha Akbar~

Queen Jodha jumps into pond and Emperor Jalal saves her. Watch scene here:

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