It’s a Thin Line Between Hate and Love: Jodha Akbar

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It’s a Thin Line….between Love and Hate…..

It’s a Thin Line….between Love and Hate….

The sweetest woman in the world….can be the meanest woman in the world

If you make her that way….

You keep hurting her

She’ll keep being quiet….

She might be holding something inside…

That will really really hurt you one day….

~The Persuaders~


When the Emperor rushed to save Queen Jodha by jumping into the river behind her I could not believe it. It was a beautiful sight to see. So that moment was as exciting to me, knowing that chivalry was not at all dead. He saved Queen Jodha from committing suicide and brought her to safety. The heated argument that followed is such as this…


[Queen Jodha] Why did you save me? … What do you want to prove? …Are you trying to prove that you can control how I live and how I die? …Are you trying to show me that I don’t even have the right to end my life? I can’t stay back in Agra nor go back to Amer! I am all alone and you’re responsible for this! You didn’t even let me die at my will! Why did you save my life? Tell me. Go away from here… Leave me alone!

[Emperor Jalal] Enough! I don’t want to hear another word from you. All you do is complain and taunt me. You always complain about how I mistreated you. And today you accuse me of ruining your life! But you seem to have forgotten that I let you do whatever you want until now! I accepted all your conditions and fulfilled all your wishes. I had even allowed you to go back to Amer! But I won’t let you do this stupidity! Who do you think you are? I agree that you have the right to live the way you want. But it is my duty to uphold the honor and laws of the Mughal Empire, Jodha. And I will not allow you to tarnish the reputation of the Mughal Empire. I admit that I had falsely accused of killing my child. But as soon as I realized that I had made a mistake I absolved you of all crimes and apologized to you in front of everyone! Have you ever tried to consider the fact that you are not the only one who wants to be respected? Others want to be respected too. I know that I married you only because I hated you… But you were the one who started all this. You were the one who challenged me in the city market. I was just trying to take revenge against you for humiliating me in front of everyone! I wanted to hurt you because you put a sword on my neck! I wanted you to suffer because of that and I succeeded in doing that! If your mother refused to take you back to Amer, it isn’t my fault. I will not let you punish me for that!  And I won’t let you tarnish the reputation of my family and this Empire. I still hate you… I despise everything about you! I abhor you!

[Queen Jodha] If you hate me so much and despise everything about me then why don’t you let me die…

[Emperor Jalal] Because if I let you die then you will succeed in proving that you hate me more! And I won’t let you put the honor of the Mughal Empire at stake for this. If your parents are not ready to take you back, then you are permitted to live in the palace as my queen. Even though we don’t share a relationship which a husband and wife normally share you will be given all the comforts and luxuries worthy of a queen. One more thing, Jodha. If anyone finds out that you were about to kill yourself then I won’t spare you! Do you understand?

[Emperors men] There! (Looking and pointing a finger in the Emperor’s direction) His majesty is going towards the castle with Queen Jodha.


It was so lovely and amazing to watch as Emperor Jalal put Queen Jodha in the front of him on his horse as he rode gallantly back towards the palace with her.

Each man, woman, and child they passed as they rode by… looked and loved on them with a pleasant smile… because they secretly know… what Emperor Jalal doesn’t quite realize as of yet… It’s A THIN LINE… BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE!!!!


Love is an amazing feeling…

Love is a strong emotion…

Love can change the world…

It can change circumstances…



~Jodha Akbar~

~Mughal Emperor Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar~ (Rajat Tokas)

~ Queen Rajkumari Jodha Bai~ (Paridhi Sharma)


I Love This One here:


sings A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

(Feat. Shirley Murdock)


Cover of "Thin Line Between Love & Hate: ...

Cover via Amazon


Older and Original Version as sung by ~The Persuaders~


I hope you’ll watch the Movie “Thin Line between Love and Hate” Starring Martin Lawrence, Lynn Whitfield, Regina King, and Bobby Brown.



Here I am in the hospital

Bandaged from feet to head

In the state of shock

Just that much from being dead

Didn’t think the woman could

Do something like that to me

Didn’t think the girl had nerve

Here I am…….

I guess action speaks louder than words

It’s a thin line…. between love and hate….

It’s a thin line…..between love and hate

She will fool you one day….

The sweetest woman in the world

Can be the meanest woman in the world

If you make her that way…..

~The Persuaders~



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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