Some Buttery Deliciousness

uh oh!  its morning time again

uh oh! its morning time again (Photo credit: eioua)

Good Morning!

This morning I had for breakfast a cup of hot tea, 6 fresh delicious strawberries and two pieces of toast.

I wanted to try something a little different this morning and so last night I whipped together unsalted butter, honey, olive oil and cinnamon and spread some on my toast and it was such a sweet delight.


Toast! (Photo credit: John McClumpha)

Whipped Honey Butter


1 pound of sweet butter

½ cup of local honey

¼ cup of olive oil

1 tablespoon of cinnamon

1 handheld blender


Break up the 1 pound of room temperature butter into small pieces. Then blend at lowest level the butter and olive oil. Then add the honey and the cinnamon and continue to blend till creamy and smooth.

Put in a small container and refrigerate overnight.

Once it gets cold again it will harden a little again but will be much softer and easier to spread on toast.


Toast (Photo credit: Brighton Guy)

*I hope everyone of you have a wonderful, beautiful and blessed day. Lots of Love to You!*


I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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6 Responses to Some Buttery Deliciousness

  1. Spaz says:

    That sounds like such a pleasant way to start the day. I think that morning I overslept, threw on some sweats, and stumbled out of the house in time to catch breakfast at Chick-fil-A. Fresh food is so novel in 2013.

  2. Karyl says:

    That sounds good. I just love honey but have been forgetting to use it on my toast. It’s always jam, jam, jam. “Don’t get yourself in a jam, honey!” 🙂

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