Will There Be A Government Shut Down? If So Watch Out For The Old People

American Flag

American Flag (Photo credit: ctj71081)

What’s going on here in America. Its not the same America I grew up in. I am so saddened with all of the mess involved with this possible government shut down threat. Don’t people have enough to worry about then to now wonder will their livelihoods be stopped. I for one think this is really a scandal and a shame that the Republicans/Tea Party people do not care about the American Public. It’s like they are a bunch of two year olds. Mad that they cannot have their way and so they want to destroy people’s lives and risk worsening the economy. I cannot believe these people want to over turn a law. If this isn’t craziness then I don’t know what is. It’s like we are all being taken hostage. We have no way of stopping this from happening. It’s a crying shame.

Watch out for the old people, because they will be lined up ready to fight for their checks. Waiting on the steps of the capital building waiting for the Republicans to come out. LOL! It’s funny but it’s not so funny. It’s a shame that the elderly cannot enjoy their few days left in this world but are forced into this mess.

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