Memories of MARYADA: One of My Favorite Hindi Soap/ Imli’s & Devyani’s Wisdom

Vidya was being bathed in a tub filled with warm milk by her very own mother in law Devyani. Now tell me how amazing, loving and affectionate is that!

As Devyani poured milk in the bath, she held Vidya’s arms and gently washed and helped to bathe her as she began a conversation with her of the ritual of giving womanly wisdom and advice on the wedding night. Vidya looked up to her innocently and endearingly listened to every word her mother in law had to say……….

[Devyani] Vidya, remember one thing. A husband doesn’t make a household. A wife makes a household. A wife keeps the household united…. keeps the marriage intact. A woman keeps the relationship going and in order as well. Not a man. And this begins….tonight. Got it? The vermillion with which the husband graces his wife’s forehead, that very vermillion…should be visible on the husband’s body tonight.

It was so wonderful to watch as Devyani continued to help dress her daughter in law. She used her fingers to spread plenty of vermillion on the part of Vidya’s hair and as all the other women joined in and participated in dressing and helping to get Vidya ready for her nuptial night. At that moment Devyani then removed from herself her very own earrings, necklace and jewelry and lovenly placed each piece onto Vidya’s ears and neck with a warm smile. She handled this in an ever so gentle, caring and loving way…. so careful as she knew the importance of having a beautiful daughter in law in her family. Devyani had plans and wanted to make sure this marriage worked well for her son’s future. She put in a lot of work in the painstakingly decorated bedroom in preparation for the newlyweds nuptial night. It was all so very beautifully decorated with red rose petals and dim lights and so her mother in law placed a beautiful veil over Vidya’s head as she coached and helped show Vidya where and how to sit in the middle of the bed because it was there she was to wait  for her husband’s arrival.

As the women leave Vidya in the bedroom to wait……Imli says…..

[Imli] Sister-in-law Vidya was looking really pretty today. Today brother will surely be smitten by her. Did you see sister-in-law Vidya’s face? She was red in the face. Come on come on. (Each woman’s laughter echoed throughout the corridors as they leave Vidya’s room.)

Later on Imli returns to Vidya room as she waits for her husband to come and says……..

[Imli] My Mallika Sherawat (Indian Actor). You have the whole night to feel shy. Listen something important. Listen to me. Here. It’s a Kohl box. Do put it on. Brother will fall for you immediately. And….and do kill the cat for sure. Here…. Have this….. Have it… Have it.

(Imli is laughing while she gives Vidya a glass of a strong alcoholic beverage that she and Uttara stole from the men’s party downstairs so the women’s gathering upstairs became more lively and fun)

[Vidya] What is this? (Imli holds the drink up to Vidya’s mouth coaching her to drink)

[Imli] it’s a cold drink. Cold drink. Drink it. It keeps your mind calm. (Vidya coughs, it’s apparent that she has never had an alcoholic beverage before)

[Imli] Drink it come on. (Imli puts the drink to Vidya’s mouth again as Vidya swallows it)

[Imli] it will be great fun. Here. Pull the veil over your head.

(Vidya’s still coughing and by the expression on her face it’s obvious that the drink was too strong and a first time she has ever drunk alcohol before. Imli pulls the veil back over Vidya’s head)

[Imli] you are looking really beautiful. And listen. Do kill the cat! (Vidya blushes as she says that)


[Imli] Vidya, is your nuptial night going…to last for a night or more than one night?  Vidya, this sandalwood paste and ornamentation is alright.

But do you know how

to kill the cat?


What was so funny to watch is that in during the next scene you see Vidya is no longer nervously waiting for her husband’s arrival in their beautifully decorated bedroom but…… is now with all the other intoxicated women dancing, partying and enjoying themselves at the huge wedding reception. Uttara had Imli steal a bottle of alcohol from the men’s bar downstairs so they can have a little fun too. This was very risky behavior on the women’s part because if the men found out they were all just as drunk as they were, well these women would have been in serious trouble. But fortunately the men never did find out because they were all too drunk themselves to even notice.


Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh how I miss and loved to watch “Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak” when it was on Star Plus. This was an excellent Hindi serial that narrated the lives of four (4) married and proud Indian women. I loved it as these women cared for and loved each other through the insanity of loving and caring for their individual homes and extended families. Each one bravely endured and supplied each other with strength thru their individual moments of joy, suffering and pain of their marital relationships.


Devyani Jakhar (Indrani Halder) was Uttara’s sister

Uttara (Kamya Punjabi) was Devyani’s sister and the rebel among them

Vidya Jakhar (Vindhya Tiwari) was Devyani’s Daughter in law

Priya Aditya Jakhar (Riddhi Dogra) was Devyani’s Daughter in law

……and Imli (Shashwita Sharma) was the family servant and friend who lived in the home with them and her husband.



I like to call my self a happy soul, a daydreamer and have a heart of a gypsy. Love to use my imagination. And trying out new things. Life can be so wonderful and enjoyable when I am being positive and releasing.
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