Female Pampering: V-Jay Jay Steam Facials at Home Pt. One


Lotus (Photo credit: petrichor)

Recently I read and heard all of the huge raves about the new V- Steam Facials being offered now at various Beauty Spa’s for the cost of $20 to $50 dollars. The word is that it’s some new trend amongst women, but I am almost sure that the concept has been around since ancient times. I am almost sure that it has been a part of ancient Egyptian beauty secrets and that Queen Cleopatra’s regimen consisted of this amazing luxury.

Most of us women of today’s world love the luxury of soaking our full bodies and V-Jay Jay’s in a steamy hot bathtub with everything from lots of bubbles, bath bombs, milk, salts, baby oil, and various herbal essential oils.

But for me growing up in a household full of many sisters, nieces, aunts and a mom had its benefits. It meant growing up surrounded by experienced women and it almost felt like being in a secluded Harem. The women of our household had our own sections in the house and our bedrooms and bath were just as private and off-limits to all men/males of the house. It was in these private rooms where we talked, shared and learned a great deal about our femininity. We lay in our pink ruffles and lace bedspreads and on plush pillows and learned to properly care for our feminine spirit, body and soul and how to care for our V-Jay Jays.

It was a place and time when we learned and discussed the future and present relationships with men. We read out loud from various books, shared magazines like “Essence” and other popular girly based magazines and learned so very much about our womanhood. We were groomed and taught every possible thing there was to learn about being married and what was expected of you once you became some lucky man’s wife. We learned how to keep a house, how to clean, how to cook, how to sew, fun with decorating and crafts. We learned and taught each other how to dress for special occasions, how to pamper and look and behave like a lady in the parlor and (as mama used to say) a whore in the bedroom for our future husbands. So back then I did get exposed to and learned so much about pampering your female body.

So from early on I always loved the idea of spending time on a twice-weekly basis in a steamy hot bathtub and pampering “down there” during and after a bath along with the application of fragrant oils, creams, and lotions all over my body.

But for right now taking luxurious baths is a thing of the past for me considering how hard it is for me to get in and out of a bathtub these days. LOL! So taking long steamy hot showers is what I do for now, oh how I miss taking baths but my husband promises to one day get me a walk-in bathtub, now that would be amazing indeed. (I remember meeting this 80 something-year-old lady and she showed me that she could get in and out of the bathtub at bath time on her own it was amazing).

So it’s important for me to get as close to any semblance of a bath as possible with daily steamy sitz baths before bedtime also giving myself a once a week V-Jay Jay steam facial for about 15-20 minutes is absolutely like living in the lap of luxury.

It’s been said that doing this also has a lot of health benefits like reducing stress, fight infections, clear hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles and aid infertility.

You can do this alone in the privacy of your own bedroom or bath. You can also do this with a group of girlfriends or sisters, each with their own set of supplies of course.

(See part two of this post. There I’ll list the supplies, pampering products and directions on my OWN how-to at home V-Jay Jay Steam Facial.)

All you will need to start are 5 main things:

Toilet seat/Commode/Bidet




Hot boiling Water


There are so many interesting aspects of India.

In some of India’s Hindu temples and shrines are found the Yoni.

It’s the female genital symbol or what some of us women like to call the V-Jay Jay.

It has a triangle flower-like shape to it.

This symbol is worshipped and considered a form of spiritual fulfillment

thru the female spiritual energy.

The Yoni is used in Tantrism.


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