And So A Little Child Shall Lead Them: Punar Vivaah 2

My little boy

My little boy (Photo credit: Mydaas!)

Cute adorable and lively little Abhimaan (Abhi) Vikrant Suryavanshi (Eklavya Ahir) is such an adorable little boy.

He is really doing his very best to teach his stubborn parents, stepmom Sarita Suryavanshi (Srishty Rode) and his father Vikrant Suryavanshi (Eijaz Khan) how to behave properly with each other as a married couple aught and also giving little lessons on how they ought to love each other. It’s amazing to watch as that little boy has it on target.

He so desperately wanted a new mom since his natural mother passed away a while back and he met and has become attached to Sarita and so Vikrant and Sarita had decided on having an arranged marriage for Abhi’s sake. Vikrant married Sarita so that Abhi can have a full-time mom and so he can tend to his million-dollar business affairs and not worry about Abhi. So it is not his intention to have a real marital relationship with Sarita but if Abhi has his way with all his efforts it will be a love marriage in a little of no time.

If it wasn’t for Abhi I wouldn’t have much hope in this arranged marriage because Raj and Vikrant’s family is trying their best to keep the couple from getting together.

So in today’s episode, Abhi is trying to get his parents to make up with each other because they always seem to be disagreeable with each other over one thing or another. So smart little Abhi keeps setting them up and so today he prayed for God’s help as he made it appear that both sent flowers to the other. Finally, at the last minute, they discovered it was all Abhi’s doing. They both have a mutual love for the little one so much they view Abhi’s encouraging little behavior as cute well-intended mischievousness.

Abhi is constantly setting up awkward moments of closeness for the couple and since Vikrant shirt is missing a button Abhi convinced Sarita to sew a button onto Vikrant’s shirt while he is still wearing the shirt and for Vikrant to let her.


Thanks for the flowers. [Sarita]

You’re welcome. But I didn’t send the flowers, you did. [Vikrant]

Nay, you sent the flowers, I didn’t. [Sarita]

I sent! [Vikrant]

I didn’t send any flowers. [Sarita]

(A light bulb goes off in both their heads as they both look to toward the door that Abhi just left the room out of and say at the same time…)

Abhi! [Vikrant]

Abhi! [Sarita]

It’s the outcome of the brain of my little genius. [Vikrant]

Like father, like son. Your son is just like you. He always gets his own way. [Sarita]

Anyway, not just thanks, an apology too is needed. Henna? (right) I mean I should apologize. At times I get mad at you for no good reason. I am sorry. [Vikrant]

It’s ok. [Sarita]

Even today, it wasn’t your fault. Sorry about that also. Ouch! [Vikrant]

(Vikrant pulls back acting as if Sarita stuck him with the needle as she is sewing on a button to his shirt still.)

Did I hurt you? I am so sorry. [Sarita]

Nay. It didn’t hurt me. I just wanted you to say sorry. [Vikrant] (Smile)

(They both look at each other as Sarita is finished sewing the button on his shirt.)

Thanks! [Vikrant]


~Punar Vivaah-Ek Nayi Umeed Season 2~

~Vikrant Suryavanshi~ (Eijaz Khan)

~Sarita Suryavanshi~ (Srishty Rode)

~Abhimaan (Abhi) Vikrant Suryavanshi~ (Eklavya Ahir)



Rose On Rose

Rose On Rose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Punar Vivaah 2 Theme Song”

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