Mahabharat (2013) Hindi TV Series Pt. Two

So today in 2013 we now have Mahabharat. OMGoodness! What a special and wonderful extravaganza!

The Ten Commandments (1956 film)

The Ten Commandments (1956 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mahabharat (2013) might just be up there with the Ten Commandments (1956) Ben Hur (1959) The Planet of the Apes (1968) and Dark Shadows (1960’s) Clash of the Titans (1981)…….but as this saga continues to unfold we will get to see if it will be so.

This is not your ordinary Hindi serial or series, but one of television’s finest and well presented mega television series as I can see so far.

This 2013 Mahabharat is showing with English subtitles and so far has a feel of being so much more; it might just be the kind of classy television show that wins Emmy Awards!

You have me right, this show may just be deserving of an Emmy Award for this deserving piece!

The first introduction to the legendary historical epic Mahabharat was a 1988-90 TV series by B.R. Chopra and was reproduced and introduced as Kahaani Hamaaray Mahaabhaarat Ki as another TV series was back in July 2008.

Well, I must say that this week’s beginning episodes had me on the edge of my seat as this story was unraveling and being introduced to its viewers around the world.

Here is the retelling of an epic saga based on Indian mythology and religion. It’s about the throne of Hastinapur whereby there is a struggle in the kingdom ruled by the Kuru clan.

As I watched the first episode I was amazed by the performances of Sayantani Ghosh and Ratan Rajput. These two actresses were outstanding as they portrayed as superwomen who ROCKSSS.  I could not believe my eyes while watching as they performed. It was amazing to watch the visual effects in both of these two scenes. 

Cover of

Cover of Clash of the Titans (Snap Case)

One as King Shantanu ( Sameer Dharmadhikari) and Sayantani (Sayantani Ghosh) was gliding and floating along the river bank on a beautiful plank-like boat it felt like I was watching scenes from that 1981 adventure-fantasy movie “Clash of the Titans.” I watched as they were floating along the bank but it had such a feeling of being in the city of Andromeda instead of Hastinapur and so I was looking and waiting to see if the ugly Medusa was going to show up or the huge monster the Kraken, but instead this gigantic huge beautiful mystical fish showed up soaring into the air and I was just as amazed to watch as Sayantani shot this rope with a spear on the end of it into the flesh of this big fish and so she wrestled really hard with this big fish on her own alone. She wrestled with this huge beautiful fish as she didn’t listen to King Shantanu’s cries as he begged her to allow his fishermen to get the fish instead. That sister wanted this great big baby right at that moment and so she tamed the fish and won. King Shantanu reminds me of Laurence Olivier who portrayed the god Zeus in Clash of the Titans.


English: Ratan Rajput at Neeta Lulla Store to ...

English: Ratan Rajput at Neeta Lulla Store to watch the collection being displayed at Santacruz in Mumbai. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Secondly, Princess Amber (Ratan Rajput) is another baddddd mama! I was amazed as I watched her as she rode her horse through a burning field that she herself had set on fire and to emerge without so much as a burn or a scratch. She set the field a fire with a torch because the road along her journey was blocked. There is a saying that she is like a raging river and so she paved away. As she reached King Shalv of Samudrakukshi her words were exact in that if anything was in the way of her getting to him she would set the whole world on fire. Now that’s passion from the mouth of a Baaadddd Mamaaa.

Also, I enjoyed seeing Bhishma/Bheeshma Pitamah (Aaray Choudhary) as he warranted the river Ganges to stop flowing and the river showed up in the form of a beautiful woman who is his mother Ganga (Vivana Singh).  She magically appeared from the river Ganges in her light blue clothing.

What can I say other than that so far this show is just AMAZING! There are no words to describe its majestic rich-ness as it shines thru all of modern technology. I am so loving the bling-bling and you can immediately tell that this is no ordinary walk in the park. I have no idea how much has been spent in its creation and production but it seems as if these are one of those billion-dollar makers because as you watch the show it is good money spent.


Cropped screenshot of Edward G. Robinson from ...

Cropped screenshot of Edward G. Robinson from the trailer for the film The Ten Commandments. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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