Junior Master Chef “Swaad Ke Ustad” Show: Star Plus

Master Chef

Master Chef (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I enjoy the art of cooking and so I am used to watching these cooking shows on cable but there is one show that is so different and very exciting to watch.

Star Plus has done it again, bringing good natured and exciting entertainment shows to its viewers.

It’s so entertaining to watch as these adorable innocent children create so many delicious dishes, proudly wearing the master chef aprons as their parents and siblings root them on while sitting on the sidelines.

I am amazed just watching as some of these dishes these children are making some adults couldn’t create if they tried.

Master Chef

Master Chef (Photo credit: JAK SIE MASZ)

On today’s show they are making dishes like Arogo Gopal Magj ki Chikki, Krishna special fruit toffee with bread and chilli, Kanha Ka Khana, Rajasthani Halwa stuffed with Poori along with tangy pumpkin vegetable. Spicy potatoes mixed with spinach and coriander. Jai Kannhaiya Lai Ki, Krishna Bhog remix, sweet and sour Thalpeeth, spicy chutney, banana toffee and Thekua and so many different types of Indian style dishes.

A puri or poori is an Indian unleavened bread....

A puri or poori is an Indian unleavened bread. (food) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a person who cannot stand to see children cry or be in pain. So I wanted to see how the judges were going to deal with these children as far as it being a competition.

What is so nice to watch is how the judges are so helpful and encouraging to the children and it’s amazing to watch how they wipe these children’s tears away when they feel like they are failing or making a mistake while making a dish. I watched as they added ten minutes of more time for one girl to remake her dish instead of disqualifying her. Then you get to watch as the children who are so tickled to death for being praised by the judges for making such amazing perfect dishes.

Master Chef

Master Chef (Photo credit: 60mls)

I love this show because although it is a competition, there are no losers. It’s so sweet to see as the judges encourage healthy competition amongst the kids while at the same time helping to make them all feel like winners. It is so amazing! This is an awesome show to watch.

Star Plus

Star Plus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2 Responses to Junior Master Chef “Swaad Ke Ustad” Show: Star Plus

  1. words4jp says:

    Hi – my son loves to cook – he is addicted to the Food Network. A matter of fact he and I are staring a blog together – we begin the ‘work’ next weekend – it has a little something to do with cooking:)

    by the way – http://words4jp.wordpress.com/2013/09/01/lots-lots-lots-of-loads-of-thanks/

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